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Situated on the Olympic Peninsula, this park ranges from Pacific shoreline with tide pools to temperate rainforests to Mount Olympus. The glaciated Olympic Mountains overlook the Hoh Rain Forest and Quinault Rain Forest, the wettest area of the continental United States.

Loves this loop!

5 hours ago

I left Port Angeles early and was first into the trail. Lots of mule dear and chipmunks. It was an easy and beautiful hike.

Great trail! Still a fair amount of snow and I only saw two goats. Definitely bring a stick or hiking poles and shoes with good grip. The road was not paved and I was glad to have a rental car with 30 minutes of driving on gravel. Sliding down the snow was fun and I recommend gloves and an ice axe if you plan to try this.

Excellent trail, light traffic, beautiful scenery both directions.

Such a great hike. Beautiful scenery along the way and a great view at the end. ❤️

Great 2 hour hike with 4,8,10 year olds. Lake view, 3 waterfalls and the largest spruce tree en route

14 hours ago

1 day ago

1 day ago

So beautiful!

One of the most beautiful day hikes in the area. The water's cold but there's some great swimming spots!

2 days ago

I did this trail clockwise so I could get the tough part out of the way first. You get on top after about 2.3 miles of climbing, but from then on it is fantastic! Incredible views and I had lunch at Jasmine's Meadow, overlooking the valley with a view of Lake Crescent. The trail is well marked and I saw no places where the trail had slid away (as someone previously reported), so they obviously have fixed it. So many variations of wild flowers that I kept stopping to take pictures! Awesome place.

I've done this trail a couple of times and totally love it. Nice and cool in the summer with constant access to the river. Pretty flat up until Nine Stream, but there's snow past there up until July.

2 days ago

The trail was recently cleared so I only had to deal with two snags that had since fallen. The Barnes Creek trail is well used and easy to follow. The Upper Barnes Creek trail begins at the junction with the Aurora Divide Trail. The first creek crossing one tenth of a mile past the junction was fairly easy. Big logs had fallen into the creek so there were several choices. The only problem was that some of the logs required a big step for a person with short legs and a full backpack. The next crossing at Lizard Head Creek had lots of logs that had fallen into the creek but none were suitable for crossing. The rocks proved too slippery to use safely so a ford was in order. The next creek, Happy Lake Creek located at N48° 01.808' W123° 42.359' has a choice of two footlogs. Happy Lake Creek also provides a campsite with room for at least two tents. From Happy Lake Creek the trail continues its upwards climb. Sections of the trail are totally covered with moss and other low growing plants but the trail is easily discernable. The next creek crossing at Barnes Creek located at N48° 01.846' W123° 41.398' has blowdowns which can be used to cross the creek without fording. A trail junction occurs at N48° 01.964' W123° 40.687'. The right fork travels another 400 feet and dead ends at the ridge crest with the view blocked by trees. The left fork continues up the hill to Lookout Dome at N48° 02.035' W123° 40.648'. From the Dome Lake Crescent can be seen through the trees to the west, the Hughes river valley and the Elwha River to the east and Baldy Ridge to the north. At this time of year, water was still seeping out of the ground so several section of Upper Barnes Creek trail were quite muddy. A note regarding AllTrails map – I’m not sure why the red trail indicator goes where it does for Upper Barnes Creek other than that is where Garmin thinks the trail is. The actual trail is the black line to the south of the red line. “Lookout Dome” is not located on Baldy Ridge.

2 days ago

This is a wonderful trail! I spent 6 days, 5 nights hiking up to the Low Divide, with intentions to go on to Lake Quinalt. The Elwha trail is great for beginner backpacking, with plenty of water and easy camping. Views of the river and the surrounding snow capped peaks are incredible, but don't expect any great vistas. It's just too low before the Low Divide to see any distance.
If you plan to hike through the Low Divide and on to the North Fork of the Quinalt in spring, DO YOUR RESEARCH. I planned for snow, talked with rangers, read up on reports and was still taken aback by the conditions at the Low Divide. It was quite an adventure and I ended up turning around at Lake Margaret and went back up the Elwha. Had I gone through, I wouldn't have been able to cross the North Fork of the Quinalt anyways. It was absolutely beautiful up there though **sigh.

Happy trails!

My 14 year old daughter asked me to take her backpacking this summer. There's no better first trip than then valley. My 2 best friends, myself and my awesome kid had a great 5 days off the grid going in and out with a layover day for rest and exploration. Memory making for sure...this was one for the books!

This was a beautiful waterfall. Super easy hike and not that many people there. I was the only one there for a half hour before a few others showed up. Definitely would go back