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Situated on the Olympic Peninsula, this park ranges from Pacific shoreline with tide pools to temperate rainforests to Mount Olympus. The glaciated Olympic Mountains overlook the Hoh Rain Forest and Quinault Rain Forest, the wettest area of the continental United States.

Great trail but a little muddy in places.

Great little easy hike, lots of greenery and huge trees to look at. No major hills. Very quiet and peaceful- only met two other groups on the trail. The trail ends at a fallen tree- we went a little further down the trail (about 50 feet) in which the trail really ends at the river

2 days ago

I liked the trail, though I didn’t summit. The forest was dark after crossing the river/ bridge- felt like I was going to have a animal encounter. But didn’t see any animals.

Initially, went to the wrong start at grey wolf which was disconnected due to a broken bridge. This start is at slab camp #838, which is correct.

Grey Wolf trail is close after a couple miles due to the bridge. Apparently there are no plans to replace. No access to the full trail and sign says go to slab camp #838.

horseback riding
8 days ago

Beautiful well maintained trail, did it with horses clockwise to get the hard part out of the way.
Took 4 1/ hours round trip, excellent ride!!

horseback riding
8 days ago

Awsome trail, very well maintained. Rode with my 2 horses and had a great time.
Trail was in very good condition.

This is a great trail to just take in views of the surrounding areas. Although there were definitely others when we went around mid morning on a Sunday, it didn’t really feel too crowded. You are definitely climbing a little but there is nothing too steep. The path is wide and even, which makes it easier. The views of the surrounding mountains and of the water are spectacular. You have many opportunities along the trail to see so many beautiful things. Would definitely do this again and definitely do it mid morning or earlier since it looked like it got cloudier as the day progressed.

the roots and rope climbing sections here are definitely a highlight

Hiked the Sand Point trail as an out and back. Wanted to do the entire loop but it was raining pretty heavily, high tide had come in and the presence of a mama bear and her cubs down the beach where we were going to go also made us reconsider. No matter. This trail is absolutely gorgeous and has everything. Majestic forests with towering trees, ferns blanketing the forest floor, ocean views. It is an extremely easy trail as it is an improved path and/or boardwalks all throughout. In the rain though, the boardwalk gets slick so use caution when walking (I even fell once walking slightly too fast). We definitely want to come back and do the Cape Alava Trail and then explore the beach at low tide. It’s kind of hard to get to as the roads are windy and there’s pretty much nothing else out that way but I recommend anyone to make the special trip.

11 days ago

Good most of the year, close in to drive to.

Great trail, even after several days of heavy rain. Well maintained. Beautiful impressive old growth trees as the trail follows the river. Several small, but pretty stream crossings, didn’t get wet. Great for kids.

trail running
12 days ago

Pretty clear - just a couple of small trees down - a little wet, not muddy - nice trail

14 days ago

Awesome trail. One of my favorites in Washington.. last trip we took the Sandpoint trail and then headed south along the beach towards yellow Banks and spent two nights there. When planning on hiking down the beach (past the end of sandpoint trail) be sure to check the tides, or two of the point roundabouts can be tough crossings (wet feet?)

Nice easy stroll. Beautiful scenery. We were short on time as it was getting dark but you could easily make this trail longer by following other trails or connecting.

Nice easy trail. Loved the waterfall. Seeing it up close lets your really feel the magnitude of it.

Well maintained easy trail with some steep steps nearing the top of the waterfall, signs say no dogs allowed but the ranger seemed happy to look the other way when we walked by with our dog on leash.

17 days ago

I’m sure it would have been amazing but the road is closed to get there!

17 days ago

Backpacked out here on 10/26, hiked in on the Cape Alava trail, then South along the beach. This is much easier to do at low tide! Be aware as of that day there is a mother black bear with two cubs who doesn't seem to be terribly afraid of humans. It's a beautiful flat trail with wonderful views of rock formations and the opportunity to see Petroglyphs. I'll definitely be back.

Perfect beginners hike (I’m soooo out of shape and it was just enough to get my heart rate up), good for all age groups, GORGEOUS views and deliciously mystical in the rain. If you’re lucky (like we were) you might even see a herd of Roosevelt Elk on your drive in.

great easy hike.

nature trips
20 days ago

Beautiful, romantic scenery. Great place to watch the sunset. Nice walk. The hike in is a bit easier and flatter than the one leading to Cape Alava but similarly constructed.

Terrific views of majestic mountain ranges along most of the trail. Worth the 17-mile winding road up.

This hike was my first introduction to the Olympics - WOW! So much to see all the way to the falls. Easy to extend your hike by taking one of the three trails that start just past the falls, which are far less crowded.

Walked the first mile to Devil’s Punchbowl. Gorgeous when you get there and well worth the walk, but otherwise a lackluster hike on gravel.

off road driving
24 days ago

Nice drive, narrow road at times and lots of sharp rocks on road. Saw someone changing flat tire along narrow road. 2 trails along the way and some trails at the end with a pit toilet and lots of parking. Will be back to explore the trails we discovered. Will take truck next time vs. car due to road conditions.

I personally didn’t like this trail that much. You have good views all the way along and there’s no better view when going to the top. The last bit of the track is tiny and very slippery because of loose stones. We didn’t find the right track in the end and also didn’t had a view from the top.

24 days ago

Trail was super quite on a beautiful late October day. It was “ on our way” while we were driving across the peninsula, but still several miles down a gravel road making for slow driving. From the ranger station, you can follow the trail north and go along the river. We went this way initially and lost the map at the road (1.25 miles) as others have mentioned. There are no blazes and the trail was clear only by the worn foot path in the ankle high plants for much of it. Taking the path back the way we came, from the rangers station we crossed the road and picked up the trail maybe 50 feet south. There was a different feel to this part of the path, with creeks running under log bridges. In retrospect, I think the trail picks down in the campground to continue along the river, but even looking at the maps now it is confusing. Do your research and download maps while you are still in civilization (on US 101 at least).

Excellent hike, moderate to hard, especially around the washout area, view at the end worth it. Easy to get to trailhead and parking.

Wonderful hike. Not hard. Took us old folk five hours round trip with an hour for lunch and lots of photo stops. The dogs loved it. Gorgeous woods, pristine river, two foot bridges and open creek bed and meadows at Camp Handy,

25 days ago

The middle section of this spectacular trail hugs the coastline and is dotted with hundreds of tide pools. There’s so much to explore that the hike ended up taking longer than anticipated.

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