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Definitely a snowshoeing Trail right now! The winter gate is closed, it probably adds about a mile and a half round trip to the hike. Beautiful winter hike! Trees protect you from wind the entire way to the lake!

Hold on to the chain!

12 hours ago

Loved the view! Quick and easy hike with a great view. The trail was snowy and icy at points but completely walk-able with just our hiking boots (no poles or shoe grips).

Loved the hike, easy, with great views. It was a bit difficult at times to see the cairns but we were able to get back on the trail. Icy and snowy at parts but we were fine with our hiking boots (no trek poles or shoe grips).

Packed snow so no snowshoes necessary. Microspikes were helpful but probably could have managed without since it was mostly level. Beautiful day for a great hike!

off road driving
13 hours ago

great beginners trail, but do not go alone. A few spots can be difficult depending on what trail you take and vehicle you drive. 4wd no problem. 2wd can be challenging for some.

got there about 1pm and finished about 5 with stops along the way, trail was good river was at max and we saw as we passed the skok river on our way back into town a warning of flood danger in skok river area.

Completed this on 12/15/18. Spikes will get you at least halfway at which point snowshoes become necessary. Trail can be tough to follow at times so GPS was very helpful.

Great hike even in gloomy conditions. The rocks are super slippery when they are wet. Will have to hike it again on a clear day.

on Fern and Spruce Lakes

15 hours ago

Great hike to beautiful campsite on Spruce Lake. Last mile or so of trail can be tough to follow.

Awesome short hike in Zion. View of Zion Canyon was nice. Took less than 30 minutes to reach the overlook. Not ADA accessible though. Limited parking. There are overflow parking down the road. You can also park alongside the Hwy that permits.

Be warned! This trail is EXTREMELY busy. If the weather is good expect LOTS of hikers. Even backed up traffic on parts of the trail, especially the last .5 mile. If you're not fond of heavily trafficked trails then I suggest you go really early to beat the crowd. Otherwise dont be a jerk trying to rush people on narrow parts of the trail. Everyone hikes at a different skill level and I hate seeing punks bullying others to hurry up. It's better to be safe and go slow then pushing your way through narrow parts of the trail.

Anyways! I hiked Angel's Landing 12/15/18. Weather was perfect. No snow, no ice on the trail. The trail was nicely maintained and paved almost all the way which made it that much easier to hike. Not gonna lie, the view was nice but not the greatest. That's just my opinion. Although definitely worth seeing once in a lifetime. If you're in Zion, spare 4-5 hours for Angel's Landing. Happy Hiking and be safe.

15 hours ago

Easy to navigate this trail on the Hana side of the Haleakala National Park. Halfway through, the trail turns into a man made board walk. When we were there in November 2018, they had dropped new boards at various places along the trail to widen or lengthen it. The bamboo forest is amazing!! The waterfall at the end is much larger and higher than you would ever expect! Wear bug spray.

16 hours ago

Interesting boulders and rock faces, plenty of little creeks and mossy trees to make a pretty hike. Trail goes up and down and around enough to make the hike energizing.

Well marked trail with a great hill and gradual elevation changes. Some scenic parts, but nothing too memorable. The noise from the turnpike is unpleasant.

17 hours ago

Super nice hike from bathhouse row up to sunset trail and back. Very peaceful once you are on the opposite ridge...no more city noise. Some fantastic grades...nice and long too! Could get in some nice running on some sections. Lunched perched on Balance Rock...clear and bright sky, perfect temp, nice wind.....very cathartic. It’s a great way to spend a relaxing day on the trail and be back to the hotel for dinner!

Nice quick hike! Great in winter....

One of my faves!

Great hike with some challenging climbs.

19 hours ago

The road to the trailhead was closed when we attempted on 12/15/18.
I believe you can get to this trail by starting on the Rainbow Falls trailhead and branching off to the left for the Grotto Falls trail, but it’ll tack on another couple miles to your hike.
We ended up taking the Rainbow Falls trail instead since it was the same distance.

Beautiful the whole way through, with the river running parallel for the first bit of the hike and several smaller falls along the way. Loved the wooden and rock bridges and saw a few deer as well. It was raining during our ascent, and because it’s highly trafficked, it resulted in a muddy mess on the way down. This trail is very rocky and I highly recommend proper footwear, especially with the rain and mud. Great trail but would be better once it dries out in a couple days. The waterfalls were huge though because of the rain!

Great hike, awesome views with every turn. Took about 3 hours going up, and 2 coming down. Coming from sea level, itll get the ole ticker a ticking. A little rough on the knees coming down, nothing too bad.

I absolutely love this park and this trail! Ive done it both directions now and while clockwise is “easier,” I find counter-clockwise to be more rewarding because the peaks are kind of the highlight after the long ascent then you have the reservoir and caves as icing on the top, making the trek feel “worth it.” Can’t go wrong either way - it’s a great leg workout & challenging cardiovascularly, but very doable even if you need frequent breathers. Yesterday we were strapped for time to get back to the shuttle by 4pm so if you’re in a hurry, you can finish in 2hr30mins but I recommend to take it slower. Like everyone else said, take plenty of water & a snack if you wish to hangout at the beautiful peaks. There a bathroom, lots of places to sit and chill, and a ranger toward the evenings to make sure you end on the correct side of the park. I highly recommend this trail! But if you want a shorter trail that also gets the peaks, the Juniper Canyon Loop from the west entrance is a nice option, about 4 miles.

20 hours ago

We completed this hike 12/15. We started at 9:30am and there was plenty of parking at the TH. First one third of the hike is mostly clear of snow. We used microspikes the remainder, although they were not necessary. The trail has a good number of switchbacks and breaks up the elevation. We took 1.5 hours to summit— my recording had the summit at 3.0 miles, my total recording was 5.9 miles. Trail is well marked and well trafficked.

This is a scenic trail with lots of great views. However, it is extremely muddy and slick. I would not recommend it as a trail run.

It takes some leg work and much climbing. Overall good hike!

22 hours ago

Went up yesterday lower trail snow free and hit a good amount at the top. Very beautiful. We used micro spikes then snowshoes.

just lovely and mystical. the scenery is breathtaking, the sheer amount of greenery is unbelievable. few waterfalls, pools, ocean views.... the vegetation also changes from sort of a rainforest at the bottom to bamboo forest about halfway through. we strongly recommend it. it's nice, easy and refreshing hike.

great hike. had a little waterfall 2 lakes and pretty easy. I will be doing it again.

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