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We’ve done this trip on the Harley in late summer and it was beautiful throughout the whole loop!

Road closed can’t get there

We went up and crossed over the falls and returned via the road to the hot springs resort. There were very few other people out on a Friday—the weather was lovely and there were some great views. Be prepared to cross some shallow rapids—a little dicey but just enough to feel like it was a serious hike ;)

This trail name, tags and it’s reviews are misleading. There’s is no hot spring along it. Don’t waste your time if looking for a hot spring.

2 months ago

Late review, but was a great hike in October, 2017. Brisk but you get a workout. I wouldn’t call it super easy with the hills. The two suspension bridges were amazing. Hot springs are small and always occupied. Also clothing optional — with users expressing ZERO modesty — so watch with kids. Alcohol was definitely being imbibed out there.

To call it a loop is misleading. It does connect, you just have to use some critical thinking skills. Also, it is more than 5.5 miles. That being said, it was worth the aggravation on the way back. The trail goes through a drive in camp site that has a hard top road. You will pass two toilet facilities on the return trip almost back to the resort.

There were some minor falls all along the trail and the main falls were amazing! The old growth and mossy trees reminded me of where Tree Beard would live if we were in Middle Earth. Some wash out areas and tree falls made it slightly difficult to navigate. Overall, worth it. Make sure you have water proof boots.

All these tags are completely fake. Do not expect anything they advertise, I don't know how this isn't illegal. Total waste of time, one of the worst trails I've ever been on

You have to hike 10 miles of road just to access the official Olympic Hot Springs Trailhead. A couple miles in, the road is washed out and uncrossable (deep water). There are several re-routes around the washout. The first is a ~1/4 a mile before the bridge on the Elwha River Trail. Second is right before crossing bridge, though route is rough (steep/flooded/not official trail). The third re-route is a log crossing on the left, in between bridge and road washout. There are red/pink flags marking routes, but these can be confusing. May be difficult with heavy bikes, but doable if you’re adventurous. There were cyclists who did it while we were there. Past the reroute, the road is gradual up to the old Elwha dam. Beyond that it gets steeper and winding, with lots of trees and debris to cross over/around. When you reach the official Trailhead, the snow goes from a couple inches to up to 12’ deep in areas. Hot springs are filled with green algae, and the first 4-5 are Luke warm and shallow (less than knee deep). Get there early to get the deeper pools. Boulder Creek Campground is right there, less than .5 miles from springs, with bear wires and pit toilets. Permits required to camp and no fires/dogs allowed.

Feb 2018 - Inaccessible at the moment due to flooding in November that wiped out the trail and both campsites.

Beautiful old growth forest. Went off the beaten path along the river, what a magical experience.

scenic driving
8 months ago

Beautiful drive. It took me three nights to drive it with no specific goals in mind. If you're going to visit I would say cape flattery is definitely a must see. I also went to lake ozette and hoh rain forest and both were very beautiful. Port angeles is really cool place if you need a break from wilderness. I will be back to check out everything I missed the first time around

9 months ago

We hiked in slight drizzle which turned to rain. Lovely forest hike, we started at Sol Duc Falls and then continued on the Lovers Lane trail. We walked back along the road after Sol Duc Resort, that was much quicker in the rain.

scenic driving
9 months ago

Great way to explore the Olympic Peninsula. Road is narrow and winding in many places. Lots of logging trucks driving on the road. Sometimes a tree can fall on the road and the traffic stops until they clear the fallen tree off the road. Many places to stop and take magnificent senic pictures. Hoodsport, Sequim, Port Angeles, Forks are good places to stop to eat and rest. Many hiking trails to choose from along the way. Lake Crescent is a great place to take a detour to. Sequim is a lovely town with quaint boutiques and lavender farms. Forks is very small but well known for its timber museum, the Twilight saga and being the rainiest town in the continental US. Across the Strait of Juan de Fuca you can see Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, Canada.

Cool springs. Not literally of course. One was too hot for me to put feet in. The others were a little cooler but the Sulfur smell was strong so I didn't anyways.

Decent trail, well maintained and easy to hike on. A heads up, most of the hot springs are pretty shallow and only 1 out of the 5 is large enough for more than 3 people to comfortably use. If you want to protect your feet walking between hot springs, bring sandals with ankle straps, NO FLIP FLOPS

***Just went as far as Mink Lake***

This is probably my favorite hike I've done on the north side of the park. Beautiful dense forest the whole way up. Waterfalls below you a few times on the way up. No bugs bothered us at all. The lake was crystal clear. We watched the small (looked like) trout jump as they caught insects while we ate our lunch.

It's a steady climb the whole way up. Very little variation in ascent rate. Which is great for setting a steady pace.

Nothing I would have changed!

Good trail a bit overgrown at the top, but most are this time of year.

Was grueling for an intro WA hike but the fiance and I made it! tough for us flat land Floridians ;) hot springs were very warm indeed.

Tough hike from Sul Duc Falls to Deer Lake. Made the hike in late July. Pretty rugged trail. Uphill most of the way. Easy walk around Deer Lake with some nice views.

11 months ago

The forest is lush and the trail was beautiful, but the whole hike was just a little underwhelming. My boyfriend and I finished the trail with kind of a "well.. that was it" kind of a feeling. For us I guess we just like more of the "wow" moment after a long hike!

11 months ago

Great experience. There are some logs to climb over and a stream to cross. Very beautiful trail. Starts from the far end of the parking lot.

Great trail. Beautiful waterfall.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

An enjoyable hike, not overly difficult and pretty flat. The woods are beautiful and the trail has some rocks, but is very tolerable for basically any skill level of hiker. There are not a ton of people on this trail, which is nice in the summer when Olympic National Park is otherwise so packed. The overlooks aren't the most epic views you will see in the park but there is a beautiful waterfall and the forest is lush and lovely, giving ample shade to the sun avoidant.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

The trail AND hot springs are CLOSED until late summer. Check NPS website or with a ranger. There is extensive repair work underway.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

the trail is currently washed out due to flooding and is closed. the park ranger told me it would be reopened some time at the end of august.

Monday, June 05, 2017

A surprisingly fun trail that starts at a campground, typically I've found those to be rather calm. But thanks to a wet winter this was filled with downed trees to climb over, and a 10' wide river/small waterfall that needed to be crossed on the return trip. Outside of that the trail was well maintained. We did spot a bear coming back, but as soon as it noticed us it ran off into the woods. I suspect it's the same one that has been hanging around the campground itself lately.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Easy hike, the springs are nice. When I went in August 2015, there were several groups besides ours. Would definitely recommend for an easy overnight trip or day trip.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

We've done this loop twice and there is plenty to do to spend at least an overnight or two. Don't miss Dungeness Spit, Olympic National Park Hurricane Hill, Sol Duc Falls, Lake Crescent, Hoh Rain Forest, Mt. Walker Observation area, Lime Kiln State Park, Neah Bay, Cape Flattery, La Push, Rialto, and Ruby beaches, Forks and Quinault. Take the Hole-in-the-wall beach walk and check out some of the biggest trees you'll ever see. Take the ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria or San Juan Island. Awesome adventures!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Nice trail, and the falls are huge. They had a big storm there in early November I think and it knocked down a lot of trees. I think we spent as much time climbing and crawling as we did walking.

scenic driving
Saturday, January 28, 2017

Beautiful drive! overtime we do this, we make sure to stop by Ruby Beach. The summer months is better because the tide is not as high and you can walk out further. Also the HOH Rain Forest is a nice place to stop as well.

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