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1 day ago

Lots of downed trees on the trail. Encountered a black bear sow and two cubs about 40 yards away where the trail starts to reach the clearing.

One of the best falls I have seen! Super easy trail

Short and easy. Beautiful falls. Make it part of a full day of mini-hikes and plan on living wet.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Beautiful lake, nice trail, but closed at 3 mile point. First mile is a gravel road. Last mile has a couple rock slides. Was REALLY looking forward to this trail. Big disappointment

Push a bike to trailhead!Good water
entire way up.Stay to left of creek.9th
time up.Advise SLOW ascent to save Quads coming down.Lake half thawed
very little snow.

easy and beautiful.

Very strenuous. Trail never lets up, it just keeps getting steeper and steeper. The lake was still half frozen over, which made for a cool view but all in all this trail is for the workout. Will do again.

5 days ago

Nice day hike trail. The path through the landslide was not difficult in dry conditions. Two hours up but missed view due to cloud cover. Water was available in two places. Great hike.

it's a beautiful and relatively easy hike. we'll worth the stop if you have an hour or two to spare.

6 days ago

I loved it! Beautiful.

Great first hike to start out the season. Definitely kid friendly and lots of incredible sites. Will definitely be going again but maybe trying out a hike attached to it like wagon wheel lake. The mud slide on the road is cleaned up and can park at the ranger station but the bridge across the creek washed out on the right side of the trail so have to wade through the cold glacier water.

Arrived at 0930 on Monday to see very few other hikers! Once you take the turn at the big rock for the trail your hike (climb) truly begins! Trail was in good condition and glad to find a hike I love with no snow!

For my average condition it was a brutal climb & descent. The ropes weren't too bad but the second one is definitely the sketchy section! More so on the descent. The incredible views were worth it & we spent about 45 minutes on top undisturbed before heading back down!

This is a short and easy hike. It is worth traveling you. you get to enjoy the drive by Cresent Lake and the lush greenery of the woods up to the falls. Enjoy!

A fun trail to run when it isn't raining. if hiking, pack a lunch and have a picnic at 5 mile island.

Couldn’t cross the slide area, its quite dangerous. Rest is fine. Was able to go up and come back in 2 hours.

There is no snow on the trail except for the last few meters. The lake is partially frozen.

12 days ago

Incredible views! Not too long, but the grade definitely makes it challenging. I carried my son up in a carrier backpack so it is by no means unbearably difficult. It’s worth planning ahead and going on a clear day.

Nice short loop near the famous Quinault Lodge, featuring the "World's Largest Spruce Tree." Nice area, nice lodge, great for kids.

12 days ago

Lower half of trail is easy, family and dog friendly. Upper half of trail is steep, narrow, and huge drop off on one side. Made me very nervous with my dog, and would not recommend for nervous mothers of small children. Awesome views and a great work out though!!

Loved it! Excited to go back

Magnificent nature at its best. Feels wonderful to be among all those beautiful trees and the views of the river are so peaceful and amazing.

I just talked to the national parks people and they said you can park and hike in at the construction but that they can not guarantee that you can pass the current construction they are doing at that time. It all depends on what they are doing that day and there is no way to know without going all the way up.

17 days ago

Very easy, a bit long and uphill but nothing worth being concerned about.

Marvelous, peaceful. Beautiful nature.

18 days ago

Stunning views and one heck of a workout! Don't let the distance fool you, this trail makes you earn that view. Last section with the ropes was more disconcerting than I thought it would be. An element of danger present for sure. As others have said, bring plenty of water and sturdy shoes. Both will be needed.

amazing hike!

19 days ago

Nice relaxing walk with great weather and reasonable traffic. The trails are in good condition. Great for family.

20 days ago

Hiked on May 4, 2018. Fun, moderate trail! Snow starts about three-quarters of the way up in patches and it’s basically a snowy wonderland by the time you reach the lake. Make sure you bring warm layers! The snow is easy enough to get through as long as you have decent hiking boots and an extra pair of socks. The third Canyon Creek Camping Site is still snowed in.

22 days ago

The view is definitely worth it! Bring lots of water and wear proper shoes. There’s a lot of loose dirt and rocks, which makes the descent almost as difficult as the ascent. Once you finish the ropes section, the view is off to your left. Don’t continue the trail to the right unless you’re a serious rock climber (with your own ropes and gear).

super fun! make sure you bring a swim suit and take a jump off the cliff or bridge! great summer day hike!

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