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Beacon Rock State Park is a 5,100-acre year-round camping park with historic significance dating back hundreds of years. The park includes 9,500 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Columbia River.

23 hours ago

Super easy quick trail. Lived in the pnw all my life and have been on many hikes but just never managed to come here. Finally did it and it was a piece of cake.
I would understand if someone afraid of heights had a hard time but it’s very much worth it!

Great views, easy hike

Unless you have Discover Pass parking will cost $10.00 per day. We did the Hamilton Mtn. trail. It was a pretty decent hike. It was challenging but you can squeeze in a nice break when you reach Rodney Falls. Not quite the halfway mark to the Hamilton Summit but a good 1.8 mi. from the falls to the Hamilton Summit.

Great views! A bit frightening for someone that doesn’t like heights but the payoff was well worth it.

This was a decent hike to get something in close by Vancouver WA, but the views were nothing special. Especially from the top, where it is so overgrown it is impossible to see anything at all.

This was my 1st hike in Oregon and I couldn't be happier! This hike had gorgeous views of the gorge, forest, and wildflowers!

great hike and once you make it to the top all you see is beauty from god

I’m not sure if my phone tracked the mileage incorrectly but I don’t think the hike is 7+ miles (I think it’s shorter). That said, this is still a beautiful hike. After doing several hikes in the Gorge the views end up looking similar but Hamilton Mountain still has a breathtaking view. The waterfall along the way is also picturesque. We climbed up next to it and it was really nice!

24 days ago

Decent hike. We went on a weekday but it was still pretty busy. It was quite the climb to get to the top and the view is obstructed by all the bushes. There is a beautiful waterfall which is where most people hike to and then turn around. While the view was pretty, it was the same as any other Gorge hike view. I'm glad I did this hike but I won't be doing it again.

Great hike with so many wildflowers! Our 10-year-old and 8-year-old did an amazing job and loved eating all the huckleberries, salmon berries and wild strawberries. Views of Mt Hood, Adams and Rainier, as well as Bonneville dam from the top. And we only passed 4 people on the entire trail; not bad for a Wednesday in June.

This is another nice hike in the gorge. Fairly close to Portland area and has the typical beautiful views on the way up. Hike up is challenging enough to provide a good workout. The top is slightly disappointing as the over grown bushes prevents clear views to the gorge and Bonneville dam. However if you continue on the hike about a quarter of a mile, you come upon a nice open area where everybody stops to rest and eat and take in beautiful views. Will try Beacon Rock next time I come by this area.

Gets a little confusing towards the top, the trail is marked well for the first 3 miles but lacks in the middle!! Lots of sun exposure!!

Went on a cold, rainy day and it was really a beautiful hike. Good distance. Nice challenge. Beautiful viewpoints. One of our favorites.

Easy trail but perfect for my 3 year old and my 6 years old.

amazing views

Solid trail, better to go up the back end and come back the river side. Water fall was cool, views are great, well worth going up there, leave early, parking lots are small.

Great hike!!! It’s moderately very challenging! Differently recommend Trekking Poles. Won’t need them till you get to the summit kinda treacherous without them. The view once you get there is sooo worth it!!!!

Nice moderately challenging hike with beautiful views of the gorge! The summit is a bit underwhelming, but the views on the ascent and from the saddle more than make up for it. Much of the hike is shady, which is nice on a hot day.

1 month ago

This hike is beautiful for a misty and rainy day. I would definitely recommend heading out this way to take advantage of some incredible Gorge views. This can be very busy, and hiking footwear is not needed, since the trails are paved.

Arrived at 8:30 on a weekday and had the trail to myself. Not a difficult climb but will get your heart pumping a bit. Be sure to enjoy the view from the trail, as there is somewhat limited viewing from the top. Well worth it!!

Absolutely gorgeous view of the gorge, only problem is the best view is halfway. The top has little payout because it is so overgrown.

Quick, fun little hike. Our pups and 7 year old visitor had no issues. Great views at the top even though it was pretty cloudy and rainy. Some parts on the trail are wooden and they were pretty slippery.

If you’re out of shape and unused to steeper inclines (like me) there are sections of this trail that are absolutely brutal. Going up my lungs and legs were on fire; going down my knees and toes were getting murdered; but the views were beyond worth it.

The saddle up top is one of my favorite spots in the Gorge. There are more impressive views to be had elsewhere, but the high plateau has a surreal feel to it that I just love.

Did only little Hamilton Thurs 6/7. It is a very steep incline after Hardy Falls. I wanted to reach the summit but once at little Hamilton, the trail to get there was right at a cliff edge and I guess, as I get older, I have more fear of heights and vertigo :( I enjoyed reaching little Hamilton and the view was spectacular. I started at 8AM right when it opened so I had lunch at the semi-top by myself. If you go in the early morning, pack a light jacket if you want to rest at the top, it is very windy and cold. Recommend this hike as it is very beautiful all the way up! If you come down the same way, I highly recommend poles...my knees were very thankful!

Forestry pass needed and park opens at 8am. Get there early to avoid crowds. Depending on season (now) there is a lot of sun exposure even at the early hours. Lots of inclines, I'd say the entire hike is almost uphill so going down can be quick. Hardy falls and Pool of the winds is a sweet cool treat halfway up. The top of the mountain is a nice view but very obstructed by brush..there is however a nice rock lookout to the right on the way up to the top about 1 mile before hitting the top. Nice wildflowers during this time and views of Mt Hood and Mt Adams were awesome.

Just did this on Sunday 6-3-2018. Beautiful area with amazing viewpoints along the way. Took the counterclockwise direction loop and included the Hardy Creek trail. The summit is not signed but then has limited views due to brush growth. If you continue down the trail, you'll come up to a wide open area with better views and an opportunity to rest and eat while sitting down on rocky spots. It's definitely steeper going this route. If you want to go easier initially, take the Hardy Creek Trail route first and do the loop clockwise, but I don't recommend that as coming down will be steep on the Hamilton Trail. Another beautiful hike with views in the gorge.

Easy hike on a well maintained trail. Great views of the Columbia river. Parking can get crowded. This trail is is short, but it serves its purpose.

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