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Beacon Rock State Park is a 5,100-acre year-round camping park with historic significance dating back hundreds of years. The park includes 9,500 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Columbia River.

great hike. awesome views

8 days ago

I called this morning and the trail is open again.

Really beautiful alternative with all the Oregon trail closures. The climb is not as bad as dog mountain

Great views! Trail is reopen for hiking. Rock isn't open for climbing though.

I was literally stupefied by some of the views on this trail! It was well worth the effort to climb all the way to the top of the mountain- and it WAS effort. I’m pretty sure this trail deserves a ‘hard’ rating- but SO worth it.

What a beautiful hike! A bit muddy but otherwise it was perfect.

***CLOSED*** This trail is currently closed due to damage caused by a fallen rock.

Nice rainy Sunday hike with family. Medium traffic, lots of dogs and friendly folks. The first stretch is a bit of a climb. Absolutely beautiful.

Lots of bridges and great waterfall views. Well maintained. Very popular trail. Many hikers with dogs.

1 month ago

Slightly taxing on leisure explorers yet had spectacular views once the overlook was reached. Narrow switchbacks with wide shoulders for photo opportunities or resting provided. Great for canine companions as well as children!
Note: Part of the guard rail damaged with other areas feeling loose.

1 month ago

My go to when I don’t have much time. Always breathtaking going up the switchbacks

Great trail. Beautiful waterfall and stream system partway up the trail, which is definitely worth a few minutes pause. Quite a burner going up. Trail winds up the mountain between some major (and beautiful) rock formations. There are a couple great spots for a view prior to reaching the summit, but there's not much in the way of a vista once you're up top. Pretty easy coming back down once you make it to the equestrian trail. Be forewarned, though -- it's a mud fest right now, which adds an extra challenge.

1 month ago

Great hike, great views, saw people making the hike from older (70s) to young children. Great family hike. Awesome views.

Did this hike on December 30th which was perfect. There was not large crowds and you had time to relax at the top. Definitely would check it out.

on Beacon Rock Trail

1 month ago

Wouldn’t really consider this a hike, but more of a climb up the side of a monolith using stairs and a rough path. We did this climb during the eagle creek fire when the rest of the gorge wasn’t accessible. Even with the smoke the views are incredible. Worth the detour and climb up for sure.

Was muddy at the start and at the summit today. But beautiful views!!

Great hike.

Love this hike. I go when I want a good workout but I always leave with so much more...

No snow at the top, a little bit muddy but not too slick! Incredible views

Pretty views even on a rainy day.

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