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Squak Mountain State Park is a 1,545-acre, day-use park just outside of Issaquah and a short 15-minute drive from Seattle. The forested park features miles of trails in wilderness solitude for both equestrians and hikers alike.

Disregard all of the negative reviews about this hike, I loved it! Trail was very easy to follow, beautiful scenery, and best of all......very light foot traffic!! I would like to come back on a day that follows a few days of rainfall. There were a few dry creek beds along the way, I'd like to see them flowing.

10 days ago

This hike was ok. The incline was great and gave a great work out, but the scenery remains the same and there isn't really a 'view' anywhere, unless you count the radio tower at the top of the central peak trail (which is a deceptive name because its not really much of a peak).

Lovely trails, we were out there for hours just getting lost!

Despite the lack of view at the summit, this undulating trail nonetheless offers an enjoyable hike through the lush woods.

Nice shaded trail that is well signposted. Beautiful forest with a glimpse of Mt Rainier, but no other outstanding views.

Trail was in great shape. Low traffic, nice weather. The way back is beautiful!

As many others have expressed, this hike is not about the view at the top but the journey there. The top is actually home to a microwave tower, trees blocking a view, and a port-o-potty.

That being said, the journey up is wooded and beautiful - it's great exercise. The main trail outlined in this app does include quite a bit of gravel road, keep that in mind. There are also so many different paths you could take it's quite easy to get turned around.

I do not believe I would return again but it's nice to cross of the list.

1 month ago

A great, easy summer hike. Spiderweb of trails to explore.