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Squak Mountain State Park is a 1,545-acre, day-use park just outside of Issaquah and a short 15-minute drive from Seattle. The forested park features miles of trails in wilderness solitude for both equestrians and hikers alike.

Trail is very clean an well maintained even in mid January. Beautiful growth and man made bridges along the way.

It’s a nice hike close to town. No viewpoints but nice and wild nature

Nice hike in general. Like other reviewers said, in the beginning it’s confusing with the signs. But it also gives you a chance on learning maps! You can pick up a paper one at the beginning. Beautiful forest, waterfall is pretty chill, good place to relax and meditate. Recommend.
P.s Discover pass needed!

Hmmm...great little trail but the signs are confusing. For the first mile or so you get tons of them then there's nothing so you have no idea if you're on the right trail. Wish they kept the signs consistent.

This is a good hike if you are liking solitude without driving forever to get there. Although be warned, the actual parking area for this trailhead is very tricky. There is basically room for one compact car, maybe two if you don’t mind being snug and it is right off of Hwy 900, just beyond the driveway to Pacific Topsoils as you’re headed toward Issaquah. A good year round trail (as are most in this area) to help keep you in shape throughout the offseason.

Well kept trails, very pretty hike, I believe the trail name to actually be called central peak and we found the trail markings to be pretty confusing and not marked well. We always take a paper map and I use a couple apps to help navigate through trails. Also this specific trail head charges
$10 for parking, which is fine we just haven’t seen that at most other trail heads we’ve parked at.

ok woodsy trail, constant incline on way up but not strenuous. No great views but lovely woods. Light traffic, plenty of parking, well marked.

Well kept trail, easy hike. No view but the fireplace is a milestone anyhow.

This hIke is pretty good. It’s a little hard at the top but overall it’s just a pretty good workout. I only saw two people on the trail which is great. Can’t stand being around people. Make sure you have a Discover pass to park here

Great rainy day hike. No views on top. Watch out for slick rocky paths.

Love the trail up to Central Peak. Phil's Creek trail is overgrown and the trail is a little slick for downhill hiking and I recommend long pants. No views at the top but a great trail for a workout. I recommend maps,compass and GPS. There are plenty of connecting trails and one can easily get lost. Lots of horse poop along Bullitt Gorge trail. Don't forget to visit the Bullitt Fireplace!

It’s a good workout, not many views but lots of beautiful natural to look at ☺️. No “gratifying top” if that makes sense

It was a wonderful forest-nature walk with little traffic over a sunny Saturday morning. Pathways are wide and easy. I hiked past many joggers and including a runner. The trail is inclined throughout the way up but be careful of the slippery slopes from the moisture because of the vegetation/forest. Also to note, there was no restrooms or trash bins.

Nice and easy trail close to Bellevue. The bottom part shares with Horses and the coming down trail is small. Make sure you have discover pass for parking

3 months ago

Steady climb the whole way up. Nicely shaded. Fireplace is interesting. No views but the trees are the view. Slow steady hike up and a fast trail run down.

This was my first hike with my boyfriend last month and my dog who loves going on hikes a lot!! We had a wonderful time hiking, but unfortunately someone broke his window and stole his gym back that fortunately only had workout clothes. Luckily there was nothing else gone but definitely NO security cameras like the signs say. If this hiking trail was safe for cars to park I would definitely do it again!!

I normally love this hike but here is currently a wasp/yellow jacket on the trail (Gumbo Cliff side). Hiking with a party of 4, the vibration of our feet were enough to aggravate them. Multiple people got stung and the bee followed us for about a mile. I would recommend staying on Whittaker (left side) and just do up and back for the time being.

It was a nice walking trail. Super empty and peaceful. The fireplace was neat. Highly recommend if you wake up on a Saturday at 12 and need a quick hike that's close to Seattle.

4 months ago

This is a good choice for a serious workout. Most the way to the peak is up and returning via Gombu Cliffs brings the total to about 5 miles. Many giant erratics made the hike interesting. Surprisingly enough for a weekday afternoon on a fairly steep trail, I ran into several trail runners getting their exercise. Care is needed on descent since steep slopes plus sand on rocks makes for a few slippery places - take your poles.. Returning via Gombu Cliffs, continue West at its end to return to the Whittaker Peak loop. Don't forget to sign the log at the top.

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