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Squak Mountain State Park is a 1,545-acre, day-use park just outside of Issaquah and a short 15-minute drive from Seattle. The forested park features miles of trails in wilderness solitude for both equestrians and hikers alike.

2 days ago

3/20/2018 (Tuesday) - The eastern route of the loop is quite different from what the AllTrails map shows, and OCM is more accurate. It becomes substantially longer, but more gently grading with switchbacks for horses. I moved very slow up, had lunch at the chair at the eastern tip of the switchback, missed the right fork to Phil's Connector after crossing the bridge.

Not bad, just okay.

Awesome hike. Beautiful trails that are very well taken care of and very clearly marked. Would definitely hike this spot again!

Mostly incline, but manageable. Nice tranquil hike, well maintained, well marked, no bathroom facilities. Parking off road.

My friends and myself reached at the Squak Mountain State Park around 8:00am. Had little difficulty in finding the Parking Lot as there were 2 roads leading to the State Park, but only one of them had the Parking Lot. The Parking Lot had only 1 couple of vehicles. There was a 0.1 mile hike from the Parking Lot to the May Valley Loop Trailhead.

The initial part of the Trail was much flatter and we doubted whether there was any elevation gain at all. Then the trail split to 2 paths and we chose the left hoping to cover the loop in clockwise direction. This was unlike the Loop described but we took it anyways. We met many people hiking down the trail when we were hiking up. Then there was a steep elevation gain for less than 0.1 mile, but that was the steepest along the entire trail, which gave us a relief that we didn't hike it down rather we were hiking up at the steep (as it is a loop trail). There are many diverging paths from this trail, but the trails were properly marked to guide in the right direction. We reached the Bullitt George Trail and then we saw the Bullitt Fireplace. We lost some elevation after that, and there was another ascend to the Central Peak.

The Central Peak didn't have any view, which was a little upset. There were some Communication Antenna Towers and it was surrounded by Pine trees which blocked the view. We started our descend which started on the Access Road.

After 0.2 mile, we had a board which took we took to join back the trail rather than continuing on the Access Road. This side of the Loop was suitable for trail running which made our descend a little more faster. After sometime, we reached a stop where there was a right turn to a bridge which would take You to the Squak Valley Park, but we continued left. We reached the Access Road again. There were 2 other boards which led back to the other trail, and we took the second one which took us to the first deviation we which took during our ascend. And finally we made it back to the Parking Lot by 12:00 noon.

Now the Parking Lot was almost full compared to morning. Now there were other people who were just getting ready to start their hike. Its a good warmup hike, but nothing much of a view. Even the Park had green bushes and trees with mosses, but nothing staggering for a second time hike. Not sure about the other trails which was getting deviated from the Loop Trail though and the other 2 peaks - West Peak & SouthEast Peak.

Nice trail in the wilderness, very pleasant and challenging. No view at the top, only of the trees with a bench while you see nature come to life before your eyes. Enjoy

It's definitely an easy maybe medium trail (but probably easy). The loop was nice, well signed and easy to follow. Lots of little children doing it. Leisurely!

Was challenging and fun. Next time I’ll do the loop in reverse. Snow was slippery near the summit, without poles I wouldn’t have made it up. Watch out for horse poop.

19 days ago

Trail in great shape - a little old snow at top, but nothing that required special footwear. Some off-leash dogs on trail.

Not sure what the actual miles on this loop , watch is showing 10.3

Trail runner friendly! Meandering route for sure smooth and mostly non technical and groomed

Great loop run. Trail in good shape for this time of year.

Trail in good condition for February. A couple down trees.

Great year round hike on a cloudy day. Not too far from the city and easy to get to. Good for all skill levels because of the connecting trails. You can make it as long or challenging as you want. Easy to follow signage, but helpful to bring a trial map with you. Not much to see for views. The trail was muddy in a few spots, but nothing more than to be expected this time of year. Saw 1 down tree over the trail, but easy to cross.

New May valley loop/Phill's creek connector? In great shape , new trail unnamed.

Went on this hike in a little bit of a drizzle and although the trails are a little hard to figure out from the signs. A little common sense and it’s pretty easy to navigate. There are lots of nice creek areas and little bridges and a beautiful fern forest. It was really nice for beginner hikers because it was not too long and although there were inclines it wasn’t excessive but it did get my heart rate up! I wish I had a nice trail like this close to me.

Trail is very clean an well maintained even in mid January. Beautiful growth and man made bridges along the way.

It’s a nice hike close to town. No viewpoints but nice and wild nature

Nice hike in general. Like other reviewers said, in the beginning it’s confusing with the signs. But it also gives you a chance on learning maps! You can pick up a paper one at the beginning. Beautiful forest, waterfall is pretty chill, good place to relax and meditate. Recommend.
P.s Discover pass needed!

Hmmm...great little trail but the signs are confusing. For the first mile or so you get tons of them then there's nothing so you have no idea if you're on the right trail. Wish they kept the signs consistent.

12/11/2017 (Monday) -- Sunny winter day, dry, chilly in the morning, warm in the afternoon around 45F, especially bask in the sun at Debbie's View. Take this root up to West Peak (rarely visited by hikers) and then to Debbie's View (most popular and most frequently visited place on the Squak Mountain). It got dark very early (around 4pm). A very pleasant trip.

This is a good hike if you are liking solitude without driving forever to get there. Although be warned, the actual parking area for this trailhead is very tricky. There is basically room for one compact car, maybe two if you don’t mind being snug and it is right off of Hwy 900, just beyond the driveway to Pacific Topsoils as you’re headed toward Issaquah. A good year round trail (as are most in this area) to help keep you in shape throughout the offseason.

Well kept trails, very pretty hike, I believe the trail name to actually be called central peak and we found the trail markings to be pretty confusing and not marked well. We always take a paper map and I use a couple apps to help navigate through trails. Also this specific trail head charges
$10 for parking, which is fine we just haven’t seen that at most other trail heads we’ve parked at.

ok woodsy trail, constant incline on way up but not strenuous. No great views but lovely woods. Light traffic, plenty of parking, well marked.

Well kept trail, easy hike. No view but the fireplace is a milestone anyhow.

This hIke is pretty good. It’s a little hard at the top but overall it’s just a pretty good workout. I only saw two people on the trail which is great. Can’t stand being around people. Make sure you have a Discover pass to park here

5 months ago

Great rainy day hike. No views on top. Watch out for slick rocky paths.

5 months ago

Love the trail up to Central Peak. Phil's Creek trail is overgrown and the trail is a little slick for downhill hiking and I recommend long pants. No views at the top but a great trail for a workout. I recommend maps,compass and GPS. There are plenty of connecting trails and one can easily get lost. Lots of horse poop along Bullitt Gorge trail. Don't forget to visit the Bullitt Fireplace!

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