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Squak Mountain State Park is a 1,545-acre, day-use park just outside of Issaquah and a short 15-minute drive from Seattle. The forested park features miles of trails in wilderness solitude for both equestrians and hikers alike.

Awesome Nature trail!

Short little trail. Great if you have little ones.

A lovely forest loop trail for Eastsiders looking for a quieter weekend alternative to Tiger 3 or Rattlesnake. We went on a Saturday and only saw a few other couples on the trail -- and there was even parking!

A couple of notes:

If you're doing the loop I'd recommend going up on the left hand side, which is a more gradual climb and more picturesque. The right hand side of the loop is pretty steep.

The "wilderness peak" at the top of the loop isn't just a clever name -- there's literally nothing at the peak except, well, wilderness. (And a bench.) Worth ducking off the trail for completists, but there's nothing to see. For real, it's a tiny patch of forest indistinguishable from all the other forest you've already seen. (Except for that bench.)

15 days ago

4/3/2017 (Monday) - This year, spring is chilly and wet. It is a rare sunny day, but windchill remains in the morning, so I have to wear gloves. Traffic is light on the trail, but I encounter three groups at the peak in less than 5 minutes. Mud has not dried up, but passable. This is a good trail for workout, and provides no view at all.

21 days ago

Did this on April 2nd 2017

Trail was very smooth over all. Recommended for beginners or runners. Not sure why they say there is a view point here. There isn't.. If you check out the pics I posted the very top had a big building with radio towers. Unless I went the wrong way.. Someone let me know if I missed something.. The signs are pretty clear untill you reach the third set of signs.. Just stay to the left and you'll reach the fireplace ( see pics). Great hike for newbies... Overall I'd do this again but onky if I wanted to practice running up a mountain. Decent trail.

Good hike. Although the mile markers seem to be off. (1.9, 1.6 & 1.3 ) At one point, they forget to mention the hike that we are on & change the name. But.. we enjoyed the hike & will most likely do it again during the summer.