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in 8 months

This hike has a pretty moderate incline and as a medium level hiker it wasn't too much of a challenge. I thought because of the mileage it might be a bit of a process for me but surprisingly it went smoothly. There are so many beautiful places to take breaks along the trail. There are many creeks, small waterfalls and beautiful trees and greenery along the trail. Honestly, this hike is so worth it. When you finally get to the top its just incredible. The color of Colchuck is hypnotizing. It is a tranquil teal blue and the ice caps and glaciers nearby on Asgard are pretty cool to check out as well. It is such a great place for photographs. An amazing hike for anyone in my opinion!

There are two trail heads. The bottom one will give you more miles and it’s worth the climb.

52 minutes ago

Beautiful frozen views

trail running
1 hour ago

dog friendly trail. watch for skunks along the river banks. quite a few feral cats. goose poo can be heavy at times.

easily completed within a few hours, great for the whole family.

2 hours ago

I did this hike in August 2018. I would recommend starting on this trail in the morning. During the summer there are lots of insects, so bring some repellent. Trail starts out easy, relatively flat, and becomes more difficult as you go. You’ll come across two beautiful bridges, go over some boulders, and climb vertically near the end. The views along the hike are beautiful, and lots of water to be seen. Once you reach the top - the blue alpine water view will take your breath away. Sat and soaked my feet for a bit and enjoyed the view. Some went swimming, although not for long. I clocked about 9.5 miles round trip, rather than the 7.7 listed. I wish I had brought a hiking stick, though!

very beautiful lake and not a lot of people. I did end up taking a side trail that I didn't mean to but it was still a good hike.

10 hours ago

This was one of my favorite hikes and I did it back in the early spring where the mailbox was still covered by snow. The trail takes no time to start heading up! But with all the switchbacks it made the accent a little easier. As we hit the rock field the snow was high enough that it covered the large boulders. Once we hit above the tree line I got some time to use my ice ace and enjoy the straight shot to the to. Once at the summit I took my photos enjoyed the sight but had to cut it short due to the high winds. One the way down I got some practice with self arrest and glissading. Overall one of the best hikes I've done. Recommend that every attempts this hike

good walk for the dogs

Nice peaceful walk. Not many on the trail. A flock of ducks landed in the river not far from me. Free state parks day. Will take my three year old granddaughter when it warms up a bit

15 hours ago

I took my dog hiked all the way to the main lookout yesterday. Started at 11:30 AM and back to the car at 3:30. Gorgeous day shared with quite few people on the main lookout. But I was so disappointed when I got back to the car. My back trunk window was shattered and my purse was stolen out of my car. This happened during daylight! My Orange Subaru Crosstrek was parked just a few cars away from the restaurant Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive. This is sucks!! So please don’t leave any valuable in your car. Take it with you!! I learned valuable lesson here. But other than that I still love hiking up to Oyster Dome.

Trail is great, but app sends you to Cove B which is private owned for guest only. Call Cove B to see if any parking options for trail. Trail has lovely views, water fall and caves.

The scenery is very pretty and I was able to follow the trail until there was a big fork and I had no clue which direction to take. Trail was pretty good, just a few mucky spots.

This is a great easy hike for anyone. My kids love it and I I enjoy on my own. There are multiple trails that connect so make sure you stick to your trail or better yet, take a photo of the map. Trails are clear and maintained.

My own negative comment is the amount of people who ignore the “dogs must be leashed at all times” sign. Every time I’m here I have multiple dogs run up to me. I haven’t been hurt by one yet, but it’s not enjoyable having a large dog run at you and the owner yelling at it to stop.

Beautiful trail, peaceful surroundings and a beach at the bottom. I can't wait to come back in summer.

Great trail, though I wish I'd brought my hiking poles. Beautiful, peaceful and my dog loves the lake for a swim (even in January).

22 hours ago

Very nice trail, mostly flat and paved. Everyone I met along the way was very friendly. There is a bit of trash on the sides, I wish they had a few more trash cans along the way.

Great trail, simple out and back. I wish I'd brought my hiking poles as it's a bit steep in some areas. The beach is a great reward at the bottom.

Very rewarding view for such a short walk. Trail is easy so all ages can do this one.

Big hill to start but then it is pretty flat.
the beach is very rocky on the second half of the hike. Amazing views. we had a great time.

on Fletcher Canyon Trail

washed out
1 day ago

Moderate to slightly hard single track trail. Multiple sections with trees down required scouting to rejoin trail. Eventually unable to continue due to length of blockage; did not make it across the rapidly flowing creek. Should be a fun and challenging trail once it reopens.

Easy and flat.

Great, easy to get to trail in Seattle. Amazing views

not too bad for a metropolitan area trail... there are a few moderate areas, not too many though and they're not too long - there is a long paved trail around the lake, and dirt trails that veer off from the main paved trail

We really enjoyed this trail. First hike of 2019 and we needed an easy trail to start out with. Great picture opportunity along the way.

Its a beautiful hike, short, steep great views. Really nice at the top. My only negative is all of the off leash dogs; they aren’t cute, please leash your dog or leave them at home.

This is a neat hike, all up hill to the lake but worth it! .9 miles to the Puget Sound view point, 2 miles up to the lake, .75 mile loop around the lake, and toward the back of the lake there's a trail leading back to a waterfall, I'd say about .5 mile downhill to that. I recommend doing it all! About 5-5.5 total. On Chuckanut drive there's a small pull off directly across from the Larrabee camping area, you can park in either, discover pass required. Remember it's tough getting up, but all downhill from the lake to the car! We did it with a 4 year old mini hiker :)

we did this hike on New Years Eve and again this past Sunday. One of our favorites for sure. NYE there was allot of snow, obviously fresh and super cold. This past weekend, much of the snow was gone and the lake wasnt as frozen. Two very different hikes and very different views along the way with and without the snow. Cant wait to come back in the summer to camp! Easy in and out very little elevation. Just enough to get your heart rate up a bit and then your there. LOTS of dogs off their leashes would be my only negative comment. We brought 3 dogs both times and kept them leashed for caution both times.

I hike this trail twice as a kid with girl scout camp. So beautiful! Time to go again

I would definitely not recommend this hike right now until the snow melts. The logging road was terrible- you absolutely will not make it if you aren’t in an suv or truck with some clearance. The snow is very deep close to the trail head, decided to turn back before reaching the trail head because the snow was so deep (subaru outback) A gentleman in a lifted f150 with massive tires was also turning around due to loss of traction. There was a pull out about 1 mile before the trail head, if you parked there and walked then you would have been fine (i just didnt have the time before work). Again, even in summer unless this road is constructed before, do not take it in a regular car.

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