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Washington Map
2 hours ago

steep in spots. we parked at a
hotel and started there. beautiful!

3 hours ago

Really enjoyed the trail. Very easy to follow. There was spots in the trail that had snow to cross. Was tricky with out any type of trail spikes or crampons. When we got to the top where it overlooked snow lake it was still covered in snow. We tried to scale down the hill towards the lake but we decided not too. It was very steep without any type of spikes and a thunderstorm was rolling in. Still got a very good view of the lake. Unfortunately it was still frozen. Still enjoyed the hike and was worth it!

3 hours ago

Did it on Wednesday afternoon. Met a few people on the way to Mason lake but once the trail broke off and I took the Bandera route there wasn’t a single route. That last mile is a straight-up climbing so
you better be prepared for that. When I reached the top, there wasn’t a single other soul. I had the entire mountain to myself and my only companions were the squirrels and 2 hawks that were enjoying the day. I just sat there for almost 40 minutes before heading back to the lake and no one disturbed me. Perfect!

Absolutely love this hike. No idea why it’s rated as hard though. Unless you are doing the adjoining hike to Bander mountain as well, this is a very moderate hike. I did both - climbed Bandera and then hiked down to the lake on a Wednesday afternoon and it was absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t have a single soul to share the views with in Bandera and even by the lake there was hardly anyone else. Do this on a weekday and your experience will be richer.

on Panjab Trail

3 hours ago

Great hike! Extremely rewarding!

Great hike many trails and loops. Maintained trails and many benches to sit on for a break or just two take in the beautiful views.

road to parking lot still snowed under for about a mile.
snow up til you hit the trees and climb at which point it gets patchy, but once out of the trees there is snow underfoot the whole way. snow is consolidated though. went about 3/4 of the way, you could make it to the top but weather was crap so decided to head back for a clear day attempt!

This was a great family hike... I think we had about 25 kids in our group today and they all did great. Like others have said it’s pretty steep on the way back but we all made it with the youngest being 2 years old. The trail is very well kept and there is bathrooms at the beginning and the end which is nice. There isn’t very much parking but we were able to find parking on a nearby street.

6 hours ago

Great trail for wildflowers when they are in bloom!

6 hours ago

Nice little trail. Hike this almost every time I’m at the mountain. Look for the tree a beaver took some bites out of!

6 hours ago

I’ve hiked this twice. It begins off the trail of the shadows at Longmire and starts off with A LOT of switchbacks. I enjoyed the hike a lot more once we reached the top and worked our way down. A pole is going to make the way down a bit easier on the knees. (There are rather large steps down). Great view of the mountain and of Longmire area. Found some blueberry bushes too!

Easy walk to share with your friends!

6 hours ago

They have the trails well marked at the moment which is nice. Hopefully no one moves the markers this time

Homeless camps made me a little hesitant to run with headphones on. Besides that decent trail that is a viable option for a quick run but not a location I’ll be dying to get back to.

Awesome easy hike. The views of the river are beautiful and make it easy for a few hours to pass unnoticed! A good day's jaunt from the Puyallup area makes it easy to plan a day away from home to relax & enjoy nature. The drive there & back is enjoyable as well...nice to get away from freeways!

8 hours ago

Hiked this in mid-June. No snow. Trail starts pretty mild with lots of thick overgrowth and progresses into a steep ascent with no breaks. There's a few views of distant snow capped peaks through some trees along the way. Why the 2 stars? The trail isn't very scenic, until you reach Scatter Lake at the very end of the ascent. The trail itself is in poor shape, no wildlife, and with frequent widowmakers and stretches of loose rock to keep weary of. The only reason I would do this trail is to ascend Abernathy Mtn.


10 hours ago

Great hike but be warned there's tons of mosquitos-just bring bug spray and you'll be fine. The waterfall and view of Mt. Rainer was well worth the hike which was flat until you reached the incline to the waterfall (maybe a mile of moderate climb). Once at the American River you can 1) forge through the river ( max 4' deep) or follow the river down about 100 yards to cross the at a log jam. Our dog did this great!

11 hours ago

Did an overnight trek with my dog and got back yesterday. Incredible views! The lake has a few spots that are dry so camping is doable and the cooler temperatures from the snow melt helped keep the bugs from being out of control. Snow free mostly but once you hit the first scramble section there’s a good 3-5 feet of packed snow the rest of the way up. We ran into 6 other groups of lost hikers at this part and I was the only one to get up top. Snow is melting quickly and streams are rushing so be careful of smaller dogs and make sure you have extra socks (you will get wet). I Intended to camp at Lila lake but was near impossible to get passed Rachel lake. Simply breathtaking - including jumping into the frigid lake with large chunks of ice still on the water. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without the all trails pro membership showing me my location on the trail. Definitely worth the $30 annually and potentially can save your life.. Be safe, and don’t do this hike this time of year unless you have navigation. MAKE SURE TO NOT GO TO THE BATHROOM WITHIN A FEW HUNDRED FEET OF CAMPSITES OR LAKE. It’s not sanitary and is common courtesy...

12 hours ago

Difficult at times, and really discouraging when you get to the top and see cars and a lot of people.

hardest hike I've done in a long time. although my kids made it. Its not a kid friendly hike.

very beautiful trail, well maintained.

13 hours ago

Lake was beautiful. Still a lot of snow near mirror lake that makes footing a bit sketch but the view near the camping area makes it all worth it. Not a ton of parking so get there early.

13 hours ago

A nice, easy hike with many gorgeous views! A relatively long drive to the trail itself but beautiful scenery along the way.

Beautiful, easy hike, with direct access to the waterfall. Made many stops along the trail and it only took two hours.

Clean trail but to many bags of dog poo please take it with you

14 hours ago

Good hike around the perimeter And through the park.

Water is high so there is no beach to speak of right now. River trail is also quite overgrown (closing in from sides). That time of year! Nettles and mosquitos as you get close to water. Climb was greater than I expected but dogs and I enjoyed it! Will return for the lake loop and the river later in the summer.

15 hours ago

We did this short paved walk (along with Hurricane Ridge trail - it’s basically the same trail) at 7 pm and it was BEAutiful! Deer are everywhere and they’re not afraid of humans at all. The lighting was fantastic for pictures and the landscape was unbeatable for almost no effort. If you have a quick half hour to waste, do it up here.

There’s still a couple of yards on the Cirque rim trail that are closed due to snow, but there are other paths diverting from that one that it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Tried to take my sister here but the road ended up being closed due to some construction! So we went around the lake a different direction and still had fun. Will try to come back later this summer hopefully

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