Olallie State Park is a day-use park in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It features dramatic Twin Falls, cliff formations, riverbanks and living old-growth trees up to 14 feet in diameter.

I love this hike. Personally I think it is harder than mt. Si, but that is up for debate. There are a few look outs. It was a great hike! A good work out but not as hard as people say. I made the mistake of taking my friend on it, who has never hiked before, but even he made it eventually. The view is great as well. We made it right when the clouds cleared.

This is a great hike. What I love most about it is the fact that not very many people go on it. The trail is not maintained very well however you can certainly find your way. Pretty much all covered with snow for the rest of the year.

closed down access road, dnr land.

5 months ago

Beautiful hike. It gained about 3200 feet in elevation, and it was around 8.5 miles round trip. We hiked it on a clear day, so we were able to see Mt. Rainer in the distance, and lakes at the bottom. However, we heard that most of the time summit is above the clouds.

5 months ago

The trail is not well marked. Suggest to follow the AllTrails tracker at least at the start. You can easily miss it.

My apple phone registered ~10.5 miles out and back.

A lot of loose rock on the trail requires caution and proper shoes.

Discovery pass for parking.

I did this trail this weekend with my dog. The trail is very easy to walk and there are some great views in certain parts. The trail is heavily used by bicyclist so you need to be aware to move aside for them as protocol calls. The trail is mostly gravel so wear quality shoes or your feel will feel the impact. I actually wouldn't consider this a "hike" but more of a path to walk on for exercise. It was cool to see the groups of people out doing rock climbing and there are some great options for side trails if you want more of a hike (Cedar Butte and Twin Falls for example).

the trail is not marked but when you get to the fork go right (towards twin falls) and you'll see a little gravel trail for Mt Washington on your left. Once you get to another clearing after about 2.8 miles, go left and the trail continues on your right. The views are magnificent and it was steep and then smooth in all of the right places.

Great views at the top! Would say the first and last miles are the hardest. The first mile is full of very slippery rocks making it a good work out, so patience and caution is needed.