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13 days ago

Just amazing.

16 days ago

Gorgeous beach. Beautiful views of the ocean and the sea stacks. A very short walk down from the parking lot, and then across the driftwood and onto the beach. A very pleasant walk. In low tide a lot of by-the-wind sailor jellyfish were washed out onto the sand.

19 days ago

route is very well defined which was great because I had to do the first leg in the dark.hike is nice and camps have great views of the mighty pacific this was a lot of fun.

20 days ago

Great easy hike. Go at low tide to see starfish in tide pools.

23 days ago

Nice place to check out some tidepools.

24 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous backpacking trip. My son and I hiked from la push road/3rd beach south and back, spending 3 nights camping on the beach. Left our rental car there along La Push roadside with no problems. Its just an amazing coastline. Very humid so a campfire feels great to dry out by every evening. One of the most relaxing hikes we have undertaken. The overland passes with ropes/ladders were fun, and the variety of beach plus maritime forest made for interesting days. We opted for hammock camping on this one instead of our tent and that was a great choice. Saw very little if any wildlife but the tidal pools and scenery made up for it.

Stunning views. Beautiful place. The parking lot at the trailhead is convenient, has restrooms, easy to find. The road leading to it is paved all the way. There is a small restaurant on the way. The sand on the beach is black and there are a lot of pebbles. Amazing walk. Seagulls and even an eagle.

1 month ago

Amazing beach with beautiful views. Dark sand and pebbles. Lots of great picture opportunities. In low tide there are lots of by-the-wind sailors washed out onto the beach. Great beach walk. The wind was quite strong. The sound of the waves was very soothing. Trailhead is easy to find and parking is convenient.

1 month ago

I was fortunate enough to spend 3 months last summer in the Olympic Peninsula experiencing the beauty of Washington. Every place I went was a new experience, seeing something different than before. So many choices, numerous beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, glacier fed rivers and lakes and so many majestic mountain ranges. Not to mention the wildlife, sea life, wildflowers, massive trees and sea stacks. Incredible beauty in every direction. I fell hard for the Olympic Peninsula and missed it so much when I returned home to Wisconsin, I’ve decided to move to Forks Washington this July. I am so excited!!
I really can’t choose a favorite place, because I loved every place I traveled, but one of my favs was Rialto Beach and Hole In The Wall.
There are two parking lots right off the beach, one paved and the other gravel. Either one are a short walk to get to the beach. Once you get to the beach you will see massive trees that have washed up on shore from storms. All this driftwood just adds to the mystique of the beach. Most of the beach is rocky, but does get sandier by the water. Sometimes walking is easier closer to the water.
You can find all kinds of beautiful rocks and sea glass on the beach. About 2 miles down the beach is Hole In The Wall, it’s a pretty easy walk, I’m 67 and had no problems. If you need to sit a minute, there’s always plenty of large driftwood to sit on. You do have to check tide times. There is so much to explore on your way to Hole In The Wall, you won’t realize you walked 2 miles. Hole In The Wall is an awesome place, an abundance of tidal pools to explore, or just find a place to sit and listen to the waves crashing against the sea stacks Chances are you will see bald eagles too! I loved going there for the peace and tranquillity. Oh and did I mention the incredible sunsets!!
So if you are headed to the PNW, enjoy all it has to offer...you won’t want to leave ❤️

On April 1st through the 2nd I hiked the Ozette loop, I made it along the video along the way you can find it here: Cape Alava, Sand Point, Ozette Loop Hike 2018https://youtu.be/Y6Ep3_yVMdk From the trailhead at the Ozette Ranger Station I hiked South to Sand Point where we set up camp and then continued south along the beach towards Yellow Banks. I reached the southernmost cape before yellow banks and turned around due to a high tide and I didn’t want to go over the top. That night there was a few rain showers and then it cleared up. I got up early on Monday the 2nd low tide was at around 8:30 I made a quick hike to Cape Alava that morning with a beautiful sunrise and made it back to Sand Point just in time for breakfast. After Breakfast I just hung around Sand Point and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Shortly after dinner I Left for the vehicles and a long drive home. Again here is the video I made along the way: Cape Alava, Sand Point, Ozette Loop Hike 2018https://youtu.be/Y6Ep3_yVMdk
Overall it was an AMAZING hike there where only 2 trees over the boardwalk.

Be safe out there,
NW Adventures

1 month ago

Nice walk along the beach! We crossed the little river and went to the rocks which was cool because no one else was there. Very beautiful view of the ocean and there was a bald eagle so that was a plus.

Super fun to climb/trek over the rocks and beach wood along the beach. The sea stars and anemones in the tide pools were so cool!

1 month ago

awesome place to hike and see seastacks and water life. A MUST

La Push is beautiful. Beachwood, tide pools, and relaxing sound of the oceans wave. This is a must!

Beautiful day to hike the beach. A lot tougher then it looks when your sinking in soft sand, dodging the waves and sliding on small rocks. Check the tide schedule before you head to Rialto.

nature trips
2 months ago

Like the others, watch for the tide schedule! It’s truly a beautiful scene and definitely worthwhile. I went with my grandfather who had no trouble walking down to the water! It’s a fairly easy trail and a popular one as well - we went on the weekend) and it was somewhat difficult to find parking. Definitely would return whenever i have the time to!

Quiet quick.08 walk through the rustic moss filled woods. Beautiful scenery.

2 months ago

Beautiful stroll / hike!! So many beautiful boardwalks. Camp Alva is a wonderful, well maintained campground. I think I saw 3 sites total. There is a creek for water if you need. Hung out with a couple local deer and bald eagles. The hike on the beach and rocks went well since I timed it with low tide. It's a quick backpacking trip. Would definitely do it again!

2 months ago

I backpacked this trail from Rialto Beach to Cedar Creek and back again over three days. The trail as indicated on the map is misleading as there is very few places where there is an actual trail. This is almost exclusively a beach hike. There are numerous places where access is limited or not possible at high tides and it is critical to learn these spots in advance and be in possession of a tide table prior to beginning your trip. Some locations have headland bypass trails that get you past during high tides, but generally require navigation of extremely steep slopes with the use of ropes left in place for that purpose.

Rialto Beach to a little past Hole-in-the-Wall is flat beach and pretty easy hiking. From that point to about 7 miles north of Rialto Beach (a point marked on Olympic Park maps as beach route impassible, regardless of tide) is largely a mix of large boulders, broken rock, tide pools and ankle turning round stone. Its a very strenuous hike through this area. After the impassible point at 7 miles, the beach opens back up to mostly small rock and sand and is a relatively easy hike to Cedar Creek and past. I didn't go further up the trail.

The Olympic Park maps indicate inland campsites at regular intervals up the coast. In my scouting I was able to find only the overgrown remains of the Chilean Memorial camp. There are camp sites at Cedar Creek, a few feet off the beach, but they are further north of Cedar Creek from where the Olympic Park map indicates. The backcountry toilets indicated by the park maps are nonexistent or unusable.

This trail is in the Olympic Wilderness Area and, as a result, ONP rules apply. Permits are required for overnight stays. They can be filled out and submitted at the trail head and paid for via mail afterwards. Bear proof food canisters are required. Parking for overnight stays is in a separate, gravel lot to the south of the Rialto Beach day area and no parking pass is required.

Because of the rockiness of the trail, the tidal danger points and the rope assisted climbs, this trail, past Hole-in-the-Wall, should only be hiked by those who prefer a challenging experience over a comfortable walk on the beach. That said, it was one of the most beautiful trails I have ever backpacked and I look forward to returning when I can go further up the coast.

this Trail is very long. the way down is a boardwalk till you get to the beach the beach across to the next Boardwalk is the difficult part walking through the sand and over rocks but being able to see the Petra Clift is amazing you do have to look for it to be able to see it because some of them are slightly worn away. but definitely an amazing experience

Loved this beach hike. Truthfully I enjoyed the shark fin shaped rocks more than the hole in the wall. Beautiful and worth slip sliding in the beach rocks. If you go at high tide you will need to find a way around the water that runs into the ocean. There are a lot of fallin trees that you can use to get across.

3 months ago

Hiked this trail two weeks ago. Carried 50lb packs and camped about 5 miles out. Now maybe things are much different in the summer when the weather is a little more forgiving, but I definitely wouldn’t rate this trail as easy! Once you get out past “Hole in the Wall” the hiking terrain is constantly changing between different wet rock scrambles...some very slippery. It’s a lot of fun! But not something you can speed through, or ever want to do in the dark (my partner really didn’t understand why I wanted to get started so early, so our timeline was poor)

Tides are no joke. Get a tide chart along with a map from the ranger station. We did this in the winter, when the tides are their worst. There are points that are impassible during high tide if the sea level is high enough. Us being ignorant, we’re sure that we could take detour routes at these impassable spots. No. The rangers aren’t lying when they say impassible. We hiked straight up a mountain side probably steeper then a 45 degree angle for 20 minutes, slipping and sliding through thick temperate rainforest growth and still couldn’t find any passage way to come out around our road block. Waited 2 hours for the tide to lower just enough to make it by, and on the other side of our attempted detour was a straight cliff. So it’s a good thing we gave up on our detour climb.

Set up camp in a small cove on a soft sand beach about a mile past Chile shipwreck memorial. Ocean was hundreds of yards away. 2:30 in the morning I’m waking my buddy up because the tide is about to reach his tent. At high tide of 9.5’ that night, the entire cove that we camped in turned into the ocean. We had plenty of time to get to safe ground, but the situation easily could have turned bad if something like bad weather was in play too.

Don’t be the dummies like us, and prepare accordingly! We expected this to literally be a walk on the beach, and Mother Nature swiftly reminded us the price of ignorance.
Otherwise beautiful hike. The overcast wild beach scenery is something like off of a movie. Drift wood tree trunks everywhere that are larger then any trees I’ve seen before, and they just get tossed inland by the ocean like toothpicks.

3 months ago

Loved this little hike! Unfortunately, we couldn’t camp because there was a lot of washed up debris, but we enjoyed our campsite at La Push!

4 months ago

Awesome hiking spot.

wow! fun to watch waves crashing the beach here.

Excellent condition

5 months ago

Sea Otters and a lot of star fish.

sweet views

6 months ago

what an experience! the trail is well constructed and maintained. The beauty of the forest never ceases to amaze.

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