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Snow covered path uo top still and there are some hole in the snow, use extream caution. path is very steep, I found out real quick this hike is not for a faint of heart. beautiful summer day with panoramic view on submit. Did glisssading down the snow a bit, wish we had ice axe for some extra fun. Had lunch there with the family of curious mountain goat. there are so many stairs! Knees legs and the bottom hurts afterwards but 100 well worth it.

Short hike to the falls, but beautiful and well worth it!

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1 day ago

Super short trail with a paved path so even someone in a wheelchair could enjoy the beautiful views. The waterfall was very pretty!

Super easy trafficked trail for all skill levels. While the falls were small it’s the overall beauty of the trail that was mesmerizing! .While the signs state no dogs, it was disappointing to see a large amount dogs on the trail.

We got to the upper parking lot around 0830 and it was already filling up. That being said, it was nice to have a few people go up before us because there were plenty of footholds in the remaining snow on the summer trail. If you have them, bring crampons and poles, but we made it ok without both. The trail is plenty steep, but definitely worth the work. Also bring waterproof pants for sliding down in the snow. Overall, this was a really fun hike with a gorgeous view even if it smells like farts at the top.

Short trail, good for all level of hikers.

Nice quick hike with some great views of the Olympic range. A must if you have never been to the area before. Extremely well maintained, and can get quite crowded. It's worth the madness though, at least once.

2 days ago

Lots of downed trees on the loop. This was above my capacity. Definitely the mother of all staircase climbers. Really no breaks.

Beautiful. Highly recommend. I also recommend starting 9am or earlier as the trail seemed to get very busy around 10 on a weekday. Luckily we we're heading down when the trail became congested but the solitude on the trail in the early morning made the experience that much better. We saw a few marmots, deer, and chipmunks along the way. Someone on the way down informed us to spread the word to keep your packs on your backs because the marmots know the humans have food and will go for your packs if they are put on the ground.

Favorite views consisted of the lake through the trees at the beginning of the trail and the amazingly large trees that we saw throughout the trail. There were many great items to view along the way to the falls.

Although many may go for the view of the falls at the end, don't forget to take in the views on the way there. There are alot of neat sights to see such as the trees and moss on your way to the falls. I would consider this trail heavily trafficked.

My second time up this trail, this time with my 10th month baby. Trail is relatively crowded up until Beaver Flats then it starts to thin out. Trail maintenance after that point also goes down.

Very steep! The view is worth the climb, but it is a “burner” for sure.

2 days ago

It’s very steep but worth the climb.

3 days ago

This is one of the prettiest falls I’ve seen up here, and is nestled deep in the woods. It is a bit of a drive on a windy dirt road to the trailhead, but totally worth it! I just wish the hike up was longer because it was so pretty.
You could even swim at the base in warm enough weather.
Try to go during early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowd, but I would recommend this to everyone!

3 days ago

A good work-out of a hike, like a never-ending stair-master, but you end with absolutely stunning views! We brought our two pups and they really enjoyed it. Some obstacles like downed trees that we had to lift them over. A lot of rocky areas so recommend booties for your pups if they have sensitive feet. Start in a lush mossy fern forest and travel through sub alpine landscapes. Beautiful views of Mt. Olympus and the ranges, as well as Lake Quinalt. Recommend getting to the trailhead before 9 to beat the crowd, but overall not a popular hike like in other areas of the Olympics. Only passed a handful of people on the way down in the afternoon . Bring lots of water! Still small sections of snow around the last 800ft. Trekking poles worked well for us, as well as others.

Beautiful trail, great day hike! It is for sure a workout so bring plenty of water also it’s pretty heavily trafficked, so if you’re trying to avoid the crowds go early or late. The trek up is well worth it for the view!

6/16/18: Husband and I hiked up carrying our 4 mth old and it was very beautiful. Became very crowded around 11am but had to turn around half way through when too much snow made it difficult with the baby.

Never hiked this area before but it was a wonderful trail to take my kids! My 3 year old hiked the entire trail by himself but he was wiped out by the end! An easy walk through the woods with limited elevation challenge. Started on south side of loop and the views of the rapids were exhilarating! The north side had a washout but it was still navigable if you take the time to look for an easy crossing.

Will be back yo do with the kids again!

Amazing trail we did it in January and it was perfect not a lot of snow and cold weather which felt good for hiking

Beautiful and perfect

Still alot if snow 25 percent of the trail fast getting down though slide a good part of the snow field. 3 Mt goats up top 1 circled around on us and came up from behind a teenager who was not aware. We warned him and the rest of the people.

Road conditions are in good condition just be a little cautious of the narrow road. The hike was beautiful and had plenty of views including a black tail only 5 feet from me which was pretty cool. Will definitely come back for the other trails.

Peaceful waterfalls that you can scramble around and relax by.

3 days ago

This is definitely a harder hike, very consistently up hill on the way up without really any break. It took us a while, but I had our 25 pound toddler on my back and we took quite a few breaks. The view at the end was beautiful, well worth it.

Update as of 16 June 18 part of trail is still heavily snow covered was able to glisade safely down snow covered portions though.

On a sunny views from the top are as good as they come! You have to earn it though as the trail is steep and rugged. At the first dry wash head straight across and a little to the right to rejoin the trail. Fletcher creek is currently too wide to cross without getting your feet a little wet. We encountered a non-trivial amount of snow between Moonshine Flats and the summit. We were happy to have micro spikes but saw other groups that had nothing and made it just fine. Post holing was not an issue.

nice hike, decided to backpack in and stay a while. amazing sea stacks and whales spouting just off the beach. little steep at the beach head, use the ropes for stability

4 days ago

beautifully maintained boardwalk trails, easy beach hiking (watch your high tides). amazing sunsets

Steep but the view was worth it! Love the ropes and cliffs near the top

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