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Mount Rainier National Park is located in west-central Washington and is ideal for hiking, mountain climbing and scenic drives. Most roads are open from late May to early October, which allow for both stunning views and access to a wide range of hiking trails and other sites. Hikers will find forests with cedar, hemlock, and fir trees as well as streams and wildflower meadows. On Rainier's alpine slopes, visitors will find firs, glaciers, and tundra. Mount Rainier, an active volcano, is the most prominent peak in the Cascades, and it is covered by 26 named glaciers including Carbon Glacier and Emmons Glacier, the largest in the continental United States. The mountain is popular for climbing, and more than half of the park is covered by subalpine and alpine forests. Paradise on the south slope is one of the snowiest places in the world, and the Longmire visitor center is the start of the Wonderland Trail, which encircles the mountain.

my favorite hike so far! it was amazing beginning to end! & it's not a hard hike! it does get your heart pumping. pass Eunice lake though lol. bring bug spray!! misquito invasion!!! I didn't get one bite because I was covered from head to toe including my face. and I sprayed my clothes with bug spray. also, Google recorded the last 15 miles or a little less of gravel road up to Mowich Lake which is where you start your hike to tolmie. but our Honda Odyssey made it up and down just fine and slow lol have fun and enjoy the scenery! we went past the lookout and that was my favorite part of the entire hike!

1 day ago

Monday was a beautiful day for a hike. We started out about 1pm. There was not a lot of traffic going up the gravel road, and the trail was pretty sparse as well. As everyone else has mentioned...the bugs were out of control. Buzzing in my ear since I opened the card door at the trailhead. DEET seemed to prevent them from attacking/biting (mostly), but you will be sorry if you don't bring any spray!

BUG SPRAY BUG SPRAY BUG SPRAY .. did I mention bug spray? Massive horse flies, mosquitos, bees, and gnats so get used to the buzz in your ear. Hopefully I can spare some of you since we came across people with 20+ bites who forgot spray! If you get passed the bugs and the 12 mile gravel road, the hike is absolutely amazing. It starts off fairly easy around a gorgeous turquoise lake. After 2 miles or so you'll reach Eunice lake before hiking to the look out. The look out makes this whole hike absolutely worth it. The last .9 miles are steep but not as challenging as we anticipated from looking up at it. The pictures we took will last a life time! Truly stunning and the view is worth it. Last note... BUG SPRAY

2 days ago

Probably my new favorite hike! It was a perfectly clear day and had amazing views of Mt Rainier. The last 1/2 mile up to the peak is pretty brutal but def worth it. I got eaten alive by mosquitos though.

We are just getting into hiking, walking paths are nice but I wanted to see more.. it was a challenge but very much worth it. Beautiful is an understatement. Looking forward to exploring more of this area in the future. Have a pass or being $25 cash or check.

Absolutely a must do for hikers of all levels. It was about 6.25 miles out and back according to my Garmin. The drive out is about 8 miles of dirt/gravel so be prepared. The hike was beautiful from beginning to end. You start at Mowich Lake, which is the clearest, cleanest lake I've ever seen. About 2 miles in, it opens up into a valley with another clear, clean lake (although they ask that you don't swim in this one). At this lake there is a sign that says "Tolmie Peak 0.9 miles." You look up and see the fire lookout on top of the peak and go "there is no way we are hiking straight up that mountain." I got laughed at when I pointed at the lookout. But seriously, it was much easier than it looked. And the view on the way up helps. Magical!! Also, DON'T FORGET THE BUG SPRAY! Even if you don't normally wear it you will definitely want it for this hike. You will get eaten alive.

The only reason it is not a five is because of the swarms of mosquitos and people. Very heavily traffic by people that don't treat nature with respect. Even big spray could not deter the amount of mosquitoes on this trail.

9 miles of gravel road to get to the trailhead and way too many flies/mosquitos (at least in July), but otherwise absolutely phenomenal! Lots of diversity in spectacular scenery/views/trails and a few places you can camp for the night. You'll have to get a special permit for wilderness hiking but the camp sites are great. Would highly recommend, just bring bug spray

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2 days ago

We only walked as far as Carter Falls, as it was evening and we'd already hiked up to Panorama Point earlier in the day. The first part of the trail was the most interesting, following along the Nisqually River. Most of the time was spent hiking in the woods. Carter Falls is a little hidden in the woods, but all in all a lovely hike.