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This complex includes the two units of the National Park and the Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas. There are numerous glaciers, and popular hiking and climbing areas are Cascade Pass, Mount Shuksan, Mount Triumph, and Eldorado Peak.

Amazing views there is a side of a mountain with 5 large waterfalls as you hike up. Also, I made it to Sourdough campground but there was a lot of snow still so I couldn't find the trail. In a couple of weeks you should be able to get to the top no problem.

5 days ago

Well maintained trails with some cool wooden bridges. Mild up and down elevation changes the first 6 miles. (Only recorded part of the hike) We camped at a campsite near the river - had a fire pit with a steel cooking surface, which certainly saved us because our propane cooker failed. Plenty of fallen firewood to be gathered. A few mosquitos evening and mornings, not a problem but suggest you bring long pants and something with long sleeves to wear in the evenings. Our dog loved it too!

Didn't make it to the lookout, too slick without snowshoes. Will try again for sure.

Short easy trail with views of the river and small waterfall.

Today it was done! Realy hard elevation in the first part of trail. About 1000 m for 2,5 hour with the water pauses. We made just a half of trail and come back. No snow. Some good views on the top.

First part of the trail is pretty simple, maybe wet a little bit, but is's ok. Second part is more interesting - a lot of snow! I've lost the trail when snow started, because map in my phone did't work for some reason and I thought to turn back, but then I found somebody's footprints and decided to follow. Thanks previous hiker, he did know where the trail is. I started to cross snowfields, long and steep snowfields. Snow was pretty solid, minimum postholes, but avalanches below me did't make me feel comfortable, so I put on my crampons and ice axe. All the way I enjoyed beautiful views around me, I've never seen cascades so clear like today (I can consider myself new in Seattle area). Step by step I reached the summit where you can see Hidden lake. The only dissapointment I have is that I din't get to the lookout. Final ridge looks too steep and not safe so I deciced do not try it. It looks like you need climb by rocks to get to the lookout. Maybe there is another way to the top, but I did't see it. I ate my lunch with gorgeous mountains views around me and went back. Will come back here late summer to try it again.
Thank you!

Lots of snow still, had to hike a mile or so to get to the actual trailhead. Made it to Anderson lake, didn't try to get up to Watson due to the snow and how tired we already were. I would wait a few more weeks before hiking this one.

19 days ago

Such an awesome hike!! Hiked 6 miles in 6 miles back on a beautiful day and took a little over 5 1/2 hours. Completely worth the day!! The path is very narrow at points so if you bring a pet be sure to make space for others that may be on the path too. All-in-all great hike :) will totally do it again!

19 days ago

Multi-night backpack
Trail in good condition
Road suitable for all vehicles
Bugs were not too bad
Snow free

5/25: Hiked into Neve Campground with 7 year old. Had an outdoor latrine, easy stream access, plenty of dry firewood. Just before arriving to neve campground there is a stream across the trail, about 10ft wide ankle deep.

5/26: Left gear at Neve and hiked up 2,000 feet (2.5 miles) to fourth of July Campground for the day. Took almost 4 hours due to the 7yr old. Less than 2 hours coming down. patches of snow were on ground just past the campground. Campground had a latrine and fresh water stream.

5/27: Hiked out. 

Excellent choice for young children, great mountain views, and abundant resources

19 days ago

Nice hike, lots of switchbacks, and a bit of snow at the top and some water on the trail but you can find it and go through and down the other side.

Snowed in right now and essentially impassable due to heavy avalanche activity at the trail head. Suggest you take an ice axe with you when snow shoeing in.