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This complex includes the two units of the National Park and the Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas. There are numerous glaciers, and popular hiking and climbing areas are Cascade Pass, Mount Shuksan, Mount Triumph, and Eldorado Peak.

Right now the majority of trail is covered with snow. Would suggest high boots and be sure to follow fellow footsteps. Two river crossings. We'd go again, but the warning of snow would've been great too!

This trail was no joke! The entire trail is uphill with absolutely no flat areas. Very difficult but worth every bit of pain. The view from the top is great, and the feeling of accomplishment that I got when I finished was one of the best feelings I've gotten from hiking. Take extra water! ;D

20 days ago

The trail was a really nice one! This is a great hike earlier in the year (less snow) or later on in summer as hikers choose more aggressive terrain. The first portion is a gentle incline, nothing serious. Trail is very navigable but there are trees down from time to time. Camped at Neve this time around and had a lot of privacy. There were downed trees everywhere but that just made an extra challenge!

25 days ago

Only went 2.5 miles up (~1 hour in) since snow made the trail impossible to find after that point, but it was still a good (and tough) hike with my backpacking gear. A few notes here:
- At no point was the trail level...definitely not a walk in the park
- There were no real trail markers (other than at the beginning), a topographic map would have been helpful to find the trail
- Come back in August when the snow melts and you should have no problem day hiking this
- From the start of the parking lot to the lookout house is 5.2 miles according to the trailhead, so a total of 10.4 miles rather than 8.2

Quite a trail! After crossing the bridge, the trail goes on and on through the moss covered forest with ocasional glimpses of the incredible Cascades. Once you get up into Thunder Basin itself, the scenery is astounding. Mounts Logan and Buckner dominate the basin on the south and glaciers descend into the valley on the west side.

Be aware that you need a permit (free) to camp. There are a number of designated areas to camp along the trail. And in the morning, the trail is crowded with wet bushes and plants. Your pants and shoes will be soaked.

Did not make it to the top, got to about 4500ft, but still got some amazing views from there. Got mountain, lake, and wildlife. The trail is switchback for the first part and then just a straight, steady incline from there. All steep.

stunning views

Little snowy in October. Want to come back in August! Larches were beautiful though.

6 months ago

Always a great time at this loop trail. One of my favorites--the views are incredible. Can't beat the North Cascades! Plan on 3-4 hours (depending on how many photos you take the along the way....) This trail doesn't disappoint.

6 months ago