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This complex includes the two units of the National Park and the Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas. There are numerous glaciers, and popular hiking and climbing areas are Cascade Pass, Mount Shuksan, Mount Triumph, and Eldorado Peak.

Did the whole thing up to the glacier and didn't think the views were worth that extra steep climb. Coming down I would have much rather just gone to Doubtful Lake and then headed back. The trail up until the pass was fantastic.

1 day ago

Firstly, there are NO signs marking the trailhead. It's off a cul-de-sac in a "neighborhood" at the Seattle City Light generation complex. The directions from the app take you right to it though. You just have to walk into the trees, along the river to find it. It's about 200 yards from the Sourdough trailhead which is well marked.

Sadly, the trail is washed out less than half a mile in. The river and area are great but you can't go far.

Stunningly beautiful!

1 day ago

What an amazing 3 day trip, spectacular views, great weather, wonderful alpine flowers and next to no bugs. It does not get any better than this hike.

It was one of the best hikes I've done with beautiful views of mountains and wild flowers all the way up top. It is a bit of a tough hike but it is definitely more than worth it!

Perfect little hike, great for beginners. Blue Lake was PERFECT! will do this one again for sure!!

3 days ago

Most incredible, gorgeous trail and views I've seen yet! The alpine meadows were in full wildflower bloom and Diablo Lake was a turquoise jewel. Ross Lake and soo many peaks are viewable in 360 fashion from the peak. We came within 20-50ft of 3 bears so make noise and bring spray. I recommend taking poles for the walk back. The last 2 miles down felt awful on the knees and I would have likely had some real pain without them! Other than knee misery otw down, loved this hike, would do it many times over. Plus you can swim the next day in the pristine lakes!

4 days ago

Absolutely stunning! Definitely take the time to walk to the second lake of Watson Lakes; a quick hike from the first lake and well worth it. The entire hike is just fabulous!

My new favorite

Amazing 360 views from the top. And every corner you turn on the way up something new to see

7 days ago

This was a struggle for me for sure - though I started out clockwise going up the steeper side (as everyone that passed me felt the need to point out!). Provided the most beautiful outlooks. I agree with other posters that the hike was closer to 8 miles. The wildflowers were in full bloom along the entire trail once you got up past the heavily wooded ascend. The horse flies and mosquitoes were only bad at the very, absolute top for about a 10 foot radius; otherwise I didn't come across any bugs at all (though, most don't like me).

Definitely recommend this hike!

Beautiful hike the whole way up! There were no bugs and well groomed trails.

7 days ago

What a ride! Steep as hell, rocky, sandy and narrow but so fullfilling when you hit the peak and have a beautifull clear view of the area! It was magical! We were lucky the smoke rained down the 2 days before the hike. Defenitely recommend this hike. Bring enough water/food supplies with you because refilling isn't really possible, maybe at 1/2 places. And I would bring hiking poles, they make it rasier for you.

8 days ago