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This trail was great, it gets you awake from the crowds of the NP, and allows for a quieter experience on the trail. The path is very wide and some areas are even good for a jogging stroller, I saw dogs on leash, and several bikers. Very multi purposeful. There were some areas where large rocks had fallen or a tree that hadn't been maintenanced yet, but it wasn't impossible to move around. When you get to the tunnel, go to the trail on the left that goes around, to view the bridge. Gorgeous views of the lake! The bathroom at the trailhead was pretty dank and nasty (maybe go elsewhere).

great trail. dogs are definitly allowed (they're actually allowed off leash if they're responsive).

Hike was decent but the best part is the Devil’s Punchbowl! Go left on the trail instead of through the tunnel and you can jump of the bridge and swim in crystal clear water! Even though it was very cold we had a blast and stayed just at that part for almost an hour!

Fantastic hike through all kinds of landscapes: forest, meadow, sub-alpine, and alpine. I started at the visitor center parking lot and stopped about a 1/2 mile past the junction with Heather Park trail due to excessive snow fields. After the first 3/4 of a mile from the visitor center lot, (when there aren’t fog or clouds) is one of the best “bang for the buck” hikes I’ve taken. Panoramic views of the Olympics to the South and the Sound to the North. Also, stunning views when you get to the junction with Heather Park trail, but that’s when the fog rolled in. So, I’m sure I didn’t even see the best of it. Trail is in good condition for the most part, but there is one 1/4 mile stretch about a mile from the visitor center trailhead that still has substantial snow. Crossing was ok with boot stomping and poles, but finding the switchback trail that descends to the valley was somewhat challenging. Should be better soon.

15 days ago

This was a great day hike, you can go as far as you like depending on your time & stamina, but I highly recommend going at least 2.5 miles in to get the best views. Also when you get to the train tunnel, opt to go around to the left on the trail, instead of through, you get AMAZING views!

19 days ago

nice trail, mostly through the woods, with breakout views of the mountains and lake.

Had to turn around due to snow 5 miles up Heather Park Trail. Will do the whole loop, late summer or early fall. Heavenly views were still enjoyed around 4.5 to 5 miles in with an elevation gain of 4000 ft.

Wonder trail, although part of it was snow covered in May last week.

Great walk with beautiful views. We stopped at the Rankin tunnel to eat lunch. A doe walked by on the trail during that time.

1 month ago

This trail was not very busy for a Saturday. I did the clockwise loop today and it didn't disappoint up to the summit. The east side of the mountain had a good amount of fallen trees and branches on the trail possibly due to a wind storm since the branches ranged from 2" to full sized trees. I completed the hike in six hours on the nose stopping twice one for lunch and once at the summit. I did notice that none of the birds were singing. I was happy to see plenty of yellow jackets, other than the bees I didn't hear much at all and it was a very nice hike. 5/5/19

bridge out
1 month ago

Turned around when I came to the bridge that was out. Beautiful hike, just with a few obstacles that were tricky to cross with a doggo. The creek where I turned around demands wading through about a foot of water to cross right now. I just wasn’t feeling it, and figured the trail after crossing would be quite difficult to navigate. Amazing old growth forest though!

1 month ago

Fantastic Trail and Beautiful Camp sites!

1 month ago

No closures this weekend 4/27. The weather was great. A little breezy but the sun was out. Did 10 miles out and back. The trail is dry, maybe a few wet spots but nothing significant. I grew up doing this trail as a kid and it shocked me how much it has changed and I'm kind of sad about it. Not alot of traffic as I started at 9am and was the only car in the parking lot. Over half full when I returned at 1pm. Remember people when starting at East beach go to the left at the 1st tunnel so you don't miss the bridge. Opposite if you start at the other end. I was stopped several times asking where it was lol Overall a great day on this hike since they changed it all

2 months ago

Definitely recommed this trail. We started at 0730 and it was cold and windy. Clouds broke as we were coming down the mountain. Took 6 hour to complete all 12 miles. Would have taken longer in good weather because we would have been able to take more photos. Snow still at the higher elevations. had to go around a patch of snow that blocked the trail. But other than that it was fun and definitely a work out.

From East trail head off East Beach Road we hiked 9 miles out and back. Did not see any closed signs. Trail in good condition. Tunnel at 1.5 miles in was well lit and did not need a flashlight. Walking around the tunnel along the lake is very scenic with a cool bridge to walk around. Tunnel at 2.7 miles in, is covered with rocks. We took the trail around on the lake side. Cyclist would need to dismount and walk their bikes. Children might have difficulty walking their bikes around. Is a short walk around so you could easily park your bike and go back to get your child’s bike

Beautiful sights all along the way. Mostly flat, it's been worked on recently so you can take strollers and whatever easily now. If you want to actually see the last and the bridge that used to be the main features, you have to take a much smaller trail off to the side of the new huge tunnel. I'd suggest bringing a flash light, if you go through the tunnel but it's ok without too. (During daylight)

Tried to do this hike today (March 9 2019) but the trail was closed. Quite disappointing..

This may be my favorite trail in ONP thus far. There is just so much to see....I have done both the Switchback trail and hiked across to Klahane from the Hurricane Ridge Viisitor's Center because switchback was closed. I have to say the former was much preferred. Though more challenging grade-wise, the Switchback trail takes half of the time. I also encountered more widlife; including a substantial herd of goats and their kids going this route. In the summer, the flowers and meadows will take your breath away on the way up. I kept stopping to take in the views! You see the Olympics, Baker, Rainier, down below to Port Angeles and the water....simply incredible. Feeding the whiskey jacks is always fun, as is running the ridgeline. I have never descended completely to the lake, others have warned that unless you plan on camping or start very early not to attempt it. I have never had too much of an issue with bugs here. Goats were not aggressive, but very aware of our presence and wary. They were lying right on the trail. My last trip up (October 2018): Switchback trail closed, new signage warning of cougar sightings at the top. Socked in by fog with no views. Love love love this area.

A link to our trip is below— enjoy! https://vimeo.com/301384701

7 months ago

We didn’t go all the way to the lake based on feedback from various other hikers that it wasn’t worth the trek down but we hiked the full ridge and quite enjoyed it. Very quiet hike with a couple marmot sightings.

horseback riding
7 months ago

Beautiful well maintained trail, did it with horses clockwise to get the hard part out of the way. Took 4 1/ hours round trip, excellent ride!!

Walked the first mile to Devil’s Punchbowl. Gorgeous when you get there and well worth the walk, but otherwise a lackluster hike on gravel.

This trail is absolutely incredible. It will challenge you greatly, but it will be so worth it.

So gorgeous. Try to go on a sunny day to see just how crystal blue the water is!

If you want to hike some ridges, then this is your trail. I hiked this trail in early October. The weather was dynamic that day, it started off with foggy clouds and low visibility. Then there was light snow, but it didn’t stick to the ground. Eventually it started to snow harder and wind gusts picked up at the beginning of the hike. Throughout the hike the weather would clear up then go back to cloudiness and snowfall, and then clear up again, and repeat. The temperature was right around 30 degree Fahrenheit not including wind chill. I took the trail to Lake Angeles trail and attempted to have a late lunch, but the wind chill and the cooling effect from the lake made relaxing there somewhat bitter. The hike is definitely moderate. There is a switchback section, and the trail that leads from the ridge to the lake involves an estimated 2000ft descent/ascent. There are several lookout points along the route, but you may miss some depending on visibility and clouds. The trail is mostly rock and dirt, and can be slick if the trail is wet. I did not see much wildlife except for a bunny and some birds, but the views and lake made the hike well worth it. Definitely recommend this trail during spring and summer months.

9 months ago

This was our last hike on our trip to Washington and the landscape was gorgeous. You can access this trail right from the visitors' center. I loved how the trail carved into the steep mountain side and the constant view of Hurricane Ridge. I remember lots of bees, steep and exhausting switchbacks, and the best rock on which I ever ate a peanut butter sandwich. Highly recommend this rewarding hike.

Great hike 9/8/18. Well maintained trail alongside beautiful blue water. This easy trail provides stunning views, old growth forest and even a few opportunities to swim in the clean, clear lake. Can’t wait to return!

We hiked this trail on a gorgeous sunny day (not much coverage so don’t forget your SPF + bug spray). Narrow pathways in some parts but nothing too scary. Beautiful panoramic views on both sides! We only hiked out about 2 miles before turning around as we felt like we had seen most of what we wanted to see. Upon return we encountered a black bear walking along the path (specifically the long stretch of steep, exposed trail), thanks to a few others that had seen and called out the bear moments before, we stayed back and let the bear cross out of the path and on his way. Safe to say it made this hike even more exciting!

This hike is not hard. Perhaps negotiating the downed tree would cause some to pause. I love this hike for its simplicity, quick venture and ease of access. The river is divine to listen to as you stroll along. Perfect for kids as it has variety to keep them entertained. I love that it’s not crowded. Only saw two families today on the way back to the trailhead.

I did this on a Thursday it was an amazing hike the views were unbelievable, Got to see 9 mountain goats better then a 5/5 star, either way you start its a massive up hill were you gain 4000 feet with out any decent until you hit 4000 feet gain.

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