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Deception Pass State Park is a 4,134-acre marine and camping park with 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline, and 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on three lakes. Rugged cliffs drop to meet the turbulent waters of Deception Pass. The park is outstanding for breath-taking views, old-growth forests and abundant wildlife.

definitely worth doing for the views - best is in winter to avoid the crowds - there is some elevation so if you have physical limitations best to drive down through the main park entrance

8 days ago

Didn’t want to waste this warm, sunny day. With young kids in tow, we did the Goose Rock perimeter and summit. Lovely day to be outside.

The summit has some good switchbacks but this was an easy hike and a well maintained trail. We were lucky enough to get a parking spot in the lot when we arrived.

Lots of seals. Great spot to photograph the bride

great hike. would have given 5 stars if the north side of the loop was not so I'll maintained and difficult to find the right path.

love this hike. moderatly busy. even for a cloudy day still had some great views. its nice to see deception bridge from a different angle. looking over the cliffs able to see otters/seals/ducks lots of cool sea life

Nice and easy. The free air show was a bonus but it ruined the tranquil sound of the water crashing on the rocks. Don't skip the view from the bridge, it was amazing. If you're patient you will spot a handful of sea lions hunting.

nature trips
1 month ago

great year round walk

A nice, easy hike with beautiful views of the water. We saw bald eagles nesting in the cliffs and even did a little skinny dipping!

Gorgeous hike! Walked up the south west side first - a bit rocky and muddy, but doable. Sometimes there were a lot of slippery leaves, but we took our time and didn’t have any casualties. Excited to do this one again!

beautiful hike with great views and lookouts. although very easy to lose the trail and get lost. don't recommend without a GPS if you are doing it for the first time.

I would rate this hike 5 stars, however; I could not find the 2nd half of the trail. Ended up climbing down a rock cliff only to find that it dead ended at the beach. Had to backtrack and take another route to get back to the parking lot. Other than that, it was a great hike. Fairly easy, well maintained trails, gorgeous views and abundant wildlife.

3 months ago

Lovely trail with one off trail excursion because we missed our turn. (Ingress trek)

Great sites all along this hike .

Took 2 small kids on this trek, did not do full red circle, we cut through dotted line and while there is a clearly marked trail, it is not often travelled enough to keep it wide. Too much tall brush that kids were put into carriers. Semi challenging hike with rocks and inclines but it was fun!

Easy walk (I wouldn’t call it a hike). Great views, got to see some sea otters and some birds. Easy for all levels. Make sure to arrive early to get a parking spot

I agree with the previous reviews. Poorly marked after the 3/4 (lighthouse)mark. Turn around there and go back the way you came. Pretty scenery and views.

4 months ago

Love D-Pass Bridge views! But “hike” as described is more of a walk. We take all out of town visitors to this landmark...a challenge to find parking on the weekends.

Dont take all loop, you lost your way. I recommend you to go through the lighthouse point loop.

4 months ago

Nice easy hike - with a couple of uphill sections that would be difficult for a small dog. Great views of beaches and deception pass.

Gorgeous trail, great for dogs. Saw no one else until I was near the parking lot. Found the best tasting blackberry bushes as well!

Nice hike and views for 3/4 of trail. The last 1/4 the trail disappeared and was very difficult to find a way out. This app helped! Next time I would do 3/4 to the point and backtrack.

5 months ago

Did this hike a few days ago and it was fantastic! We got there around 830ish and there was only one other car. There was fog so the summit wasn't anything impressive for us, but going down from the summit to the perimeter trail was a steep down hill! Would have to be part goat to climb up haha but I fell in love with this trail with the views of the ocean and the great diversity!

Parked just on the south end of the bridge. Pleasant walk over the bridge spans and great views in both directions. Returned to the parking area and took the short walk down the hill to the beach area. Lots of people fishing and just looking at the water. Very peaceful during the week.

Great little hike. Nice views of the bridge. We had read the previous reviews and did not attempt to hike around the perimeter. For families, you still need to watch little hikers near a few points along the edges.

Beautiful casual hike but I don’t recommend trying to loop it. Next time we’ll stay on the main trail and hike it as an out and back. Everyone is right. It’s a poorly marked trail and can be frustrating if trying to loop.
Still worth it though!

easy hike. been a few times. once when I was 7 months pregnant. beautiful views. saw seals once and otters. not too crowded during the weekdays. very crowded on weekends

Pretty. short walk around and over bridge. Not really a hike but beautiful.

Hike really beautiful but a portion of trail overgrown, full if bandit trails which you can easily to get lost and some parts are dangerous. This hike made me almost uninstall this app.

Beautiful views but terrible trail marking. We went clockwise around the loop, and somehow ended up going an extra mile up and down some rock scrambles that brought us to water and a cliff face about 3/4 around the loop. Oops. We had to back track. Would love if the park could mark the trail a bit better.

6 months ago

Fantastic hike. Great views, easy parts combined with some nice, but strenuous uphills. Loved it!

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