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2 hours ago

dirt road to the top but worth the views. parking area is a gravel lot on the right that is unmarked but shows up on Google maps. there is a yellow gate just before the hike to keep cars off the trail, if u go that far you'll be backing down the narrow road


I enjoyed this trail because of its different terains and great views. Also because of the history of Star King! This was his favorite vacation spot :)
*If staying in the area try the Applebrook B&B.

2 hours ago

drive through the highschool to the parking lot, could not find a clearly marked trail head. there are some "holes" that looked like people walked in through there, but I'd be concerned about safety.

good variation and scenic walk with my dog.

Really nice hike up to Pinnacle Mountain. A few rock scrambles and steep near the top. The first two miles runs along Carrick Creek with some really nice waterfalls and stream crossings. We hiked really early and there was hardly anyone on the trail. It can be crowded later in the day. Carry plenty of water!

Nice easy walk or jog. Arrive early to take advantage of the cooler mornings and fewer people. Nice scenery on the longer trails.

3 hours ago

This is an easy loop utilizing parts of the Table Mountain and Pinnacle Mountain trails. Hiking clockwise follows Carrick Creek with some beautiful waterfalls and stream crossings. We hiked early and traffic was light. Mountain Laurels were still blooming in Mid June.

Parts of the first two miles of the trail, hiking clockwise,including the beaver dam trail was an easy hike but somewhat overgrown and in need of some maintenance. The last two miles included several waterfalls and stream crossings which makes for a nice finish. The trail is well marked and easy to find.

My Saturday run
Plenty of canopy cover

Super fun hike! Great views and a good workout. We did it with our dogs and we all had an awesome time.

Really enjoyed this hike and was very challenging!! Once I reached the base of Andrews it was hard to find the trail!! I went up the middle which was not the best route but it was tracked by others. Many boulders and very difficult to find the beaten path so pick a line and go!! Made it to the Glacier it was pretty amazing and thank god there were a few experienced hikers of this trail on top top show me the best way down. Would like to try again and summit Ottis!!

Great hike to discover bryce canyon. Lot of ups and downs so you have to be in good condition.

Nice single track run. I enjoyed it. Very few other users. It was perfect for a lunch break run. Saw a deer. The photo that is posted with the "exercise trail" board is not this trail. The photo posted is part of a short walking trail on the UNG campus that starts near the running track. The two trails can be connected to make for a longer hike/run/bike. The College Bike Trail information on this page is only for the bike trail, called Tumbling Creek Trail, and doesn't include the 'exercise trail' The dire" sign. There is a nice parking lot next to the police station on campus at the trail head.

Love this trail for hiking. NOTE: it has mountain biking incorrectly listed as an option for this trail. You cannot bike this trail, but there are other trails in Umstead Park for biking.

This was a fun trail, completed with our 5,7, and 11 year olds. Note, if you are following this recording, the Marbleyard is about the halfway point, we did not spend much time on the boulders and headed to the ridge for a snack break.

Nice hike. Perfect for beginners, kids, dogs. It's pretty quiet for Acadia, only saw 2 others using the trail. There's also some options to make it longer if you want more.

4 hours ago

Excellent trail. The views at the end of some of the best Ive seen. There is a very narrow knife ridge with 2,500 foot drops on either side that is super cool to go out on. My 9 yo girl and 16 yo son were so stoked! Climbing back to the road was a bit tough since we can had done the Nu’alolo Trail and the cliffs connector trail for a total of 13 miles. Well worth it.

4 hours ago

Amazing trail. Well maintained. A little muddy the first two miles or so but then perfect. We connected it with Cliffs connector trail and onto the Awaawapuhi trail and did an epic 13 mile hike with 4,000 feet of elevation gain. My 9 year old daughter and 16 year old son loved every minute of it. We hiked the last 2 easy miles on the road to get the full 13 miles. You can easily hitch hike too.

4 hours ago

great views

5 hours ago

Very fun quick hike, no stars guns off of ice house rd so it can be hard to find. The turn off is after the silver creek bridge. Stay to the right. There are two parking areas off the gravel road. The first is easy and best for regular cars, the second lot to the right and down farther is washed out.

went on a Wednesday morning around 830and it was very busy, hike not easy as you are going up the whole way on rough stairlike steps. tremendous views at top for sure.

6 hours ago

Nice views from the ridgeline. Lots of volcanic rock to navigate and high winds. Went from the west trailhead to about half way down the ridge approximately 8.6 miles out and back. The ridgeline was narrow in spots but I'm not big on heights so it might've just seen me. Lots of columbines growing along the trail.

I loved this trail, because it was easy (even with kids on our back) and every turn was stunning! This was our first hike in Boulder and it was a great view of this beautiful town!

Puppy was scared of the bridge, but what a great view!

Beautiful views! My husband and I chose the steep and long path up to the summit while carrying our children on our back and it was quite the workout but was so worth it! Going down the valley side was a little tricky and slippery in some spots but very doable just need to take it slow and carefully. Next time I think we will go valley side up and take the stairs down if we take the children on our backs again.

Well marked, easy trail. Dune is stunning—as they all are in Betsie and Leelanau counties. Such grand beauty with so little effort. And though the dune at trail’s end is the main attraction, the forest along the way features large beech and maple, many with unusual shapes and contortions. Bonus!

7 hours ago

view is better in the middle.

view nice but very crowded. decent hike.

beautiful that is all

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