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    We believe that nature is what unites us all. Wherever we go — from lush forests to rolling hillsides to city greenways — we’re all seeking the same vibes. Breathing in the fresh air. Feeling the sun on our cheeks. Reveling in the sound of branches in the breeze. That’s what inspired us from the beginning, and it’s what keeps us exploring today.

    Words we live by

    Our mission: To kindle the spirit of adventure

    AllTrails is here to foster happy, healthy communities by connecting people to the outdoors and to each other.

    Our Values
    • Spread the stoke. Sharing great trails with like-minded nature lovers is what we live for.
    • Lead by example. The trails we love are the legacy we leave for future generations.
    • Embrace change. From fallen trees to sudden rain, obstacles are what we make of them.
    • Stay down to earth. Our love of the trail is at the heart of everything we do.
    • All are welcome. Hikers, bikers, roamers, strollers — if you’re out there, we’re with you.

    Our commitment to health

    Adventuring our way to wellness

    Recent studies are proving what we all kinda already knew: spending time in nature is — wait for it — good for us! We’re not doctors, so we work with a team of medical advisors who help us act as a resource for healthy living.

    Meet our medical advisors
    • Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller OB-Gyn, Integrative Medicine physician, and author

      “I’m very excited and passionate about connecting the dots between nature and wellness, whether it’s adventure, which I love, or quiet time in nature, which I love.”

    • Dr. David Sabgir Cardiologist and founder of Walk With a Doc

      “In reality, exercise is the best thing we can do for ourselves, even if it’s going for a walk for 10 minutes, 20 minutes at a time.”

    • Dr. Morgan Green Pediatrician

      “Healthcare providers have the unique voice to uplift exercise, time outdoors and connect families to their local, regional and state park system.”

    1% for the Planet

    Putting our money where the trails are

    At AllTrails, we believe everyone has a right to the outdoors — including future generations. Which means we don’t just show you trails — we also help keep them available, protected, and accessible to all. That’s why we pledge 1% of our annual sales to nonprofit organizations who protect the wild places we all cherish.

    • Student Conservation Association

      Empowering the next generation of conservationist leaders is how we keep the trails we love — and build new ones. We support SCA in uniting young people with hands-on environmental challenges and cultivating tomorrow’s nature geeks.

    • SHIFT

      When we spend time in nature, it strengthens our bodies and our minds. That’s why we’re proud to support SHIFT (Shaping How We Invest For Tomorrow) in connecting the impact of nature on public health.

    • The Trust for Public Land

      Imagine a world with limited access to parks, green spaces, trails, and the outdoor playground that keeps us happy, healthy, and inspired. Not cool. We work directly with TPL to keep public spaces open, clean, and accessible to all.

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    Calling all nature lovers

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