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Done as a day hike, but their are plenty of campsites at the top. Absolutely beautiful scenery the whole way up. Discover pass isn't accepted here, so make sure you get a day or national pass at the ranger station.

1 day ago

Great hike, beautiful lake, definitely coming back soon

By far my favorite day in ONP! These falls are a site to see. Don’t miss this one!

I enjoyed this one! I made it to the bridge with the waterfall and turned back so a total of 5.8 miles round trip. Very scenic and magical.

2 days ago

With the intention of hiking Marmot Pass and Buckhorn mountain, we made last minute changes due to weather and chose Gladys Divide as our overnight destination. Seeing Flapjack Lakes rated as moderate, having finished the trail we would definitely say it should be rated as hard(ish), especially if you have the intention of bringing gear to sleep the night and travel the extra 3 miles rt to Gladys Divide. Around 3.5 miles in (cake walk), the trail junction for Flapjack Lakes is on the right hand side and immediately forces you to gain plenty of elevation over 3.7 miles. The last half mile is brutal and we got lost at the Black and White Lakes junction that splits off to Flapjack. On our way back we saw the sign post face down on the ground so I think that’s why we initially got lost haha. Make sure to turn off right before the last Creek you encounter that drains off Flapjack Lakes. We ended up crossing the creek and then cutting right and bushwhacked through terrible Alderwood until we met the trail. A few blown down trees obscure the trail, but it’s not too long until you reach the lakes. It’s beautiful with Olympic Sawtooth mountains overlooking the lakes. However the 8.2 miles clocked in didn’t feel “worth it” in all honesty since those 8.2 miles are without any views until you make it to the lakes. I injured my LCL on the way up and our plans to daypack up to Gladys Divide the following morning was thrown out. By the looks of it, Gladys Divide would of made the trip worth it, those jagged peaks and marvelous meadows past the forest have got to be beautiful this time of year and probably will continue getting more and more pretty. We met a few groups that saw a Bear in the forest towards the Divide so be cautious. Plenty of bear wire around to hang scented items or just bring a bear canister to be safe, that’s what we did. A group next to us said they think they were stalked by mountain lion the previous night after seeing reflecting eyes everywhere they went as they wandered back to camp in the dark. Overall, this place is true Olympic Backcountry and I enjoyed it. However, not completing Gladys Divide made the trip decent at best! Those looking for a moderate overnight hike should know that this “moderate” hike is physically demanding for backpacking.

I did this trail on 6/14 to 6/16. Awesome scenery, full of green and water sources (the hike follows Quinalt River), so you don't have to take any water with you just the bottle with your filtration system. Bear canisters were required but available for free at the Ranger Station. We did 10 miles in the first day and
camped at Pyrite Campsite, by the river. Very pleasant site. It had a rock-fire-pit and some "tree-benches" to sit on. following day we hiked 4 miles to get to the valley. At the valley there are 2 very raw outpost restrooms around the chalet. didn't rain at all despite weather forecast saying it would. I really enjoyed this hike and recommend it

Short hike to the falls, but beautiful and well worth it!

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5 days ago

Super short trail with a paved path so even someone in a wheelchair could enjoy the beautiful views. The waterfall was very pretty!

Super easy trafficked trail for all skill levels. While the falls were small it’s the overall beauty of the trail that was mesmerizing! .While the signs state no dogs, it was disappointing to see a large amount dogs on the trail.

Short trail, good for all level of hikers.

Favorite views consisted of the lake through the trees at the beginning of the trail and the amazingly large trees that we saw throughout the trail. There were many great items to view along the way to the falls.

Although many may go for the view of the falls at the end, don't forget to take in the views on the way there. There are alot of neat sights to see such as the trees and moss on your way to the falls. I would consider this trail heavily trafficked.

After doing this hike from the bottom many times have never gotten up much further than the 9th bridge due to time and or snow, ice conditions. This time made it quite a way up but was thwarted due to trail simply disappearing in a boggy area where several rivers meet. For the last half mile I went the trail was barely discernable but tracked with my GPS. However it simply stopped in a area of very dense brush, mud and difficult stream crossing. We still had about a 1000' of gain to make but could clearly see much of it would be bushwacking. So glad I did not do this as a key swap. Next time, will start at the upper and see if it's clearer from other side. either way this section will always be a monster to maintain.

14 days ago

Easy hike! Nice waterfall at the end.

The short trip is so worth the beauty but it does have its difficulty for those less experienced or out of shape. I did see people with their kids though. Views can be spectacular even if you know that the main attraction is a bridge over a waterfall. It still ends up being so much more.

17 days ago

Hiked to 5 mile island a very easy 10 mile out and back. Super populated trail that leads all the way to Mt Olympus.

This is a strenuous hike and well worth the trip. While there was snow over the lake, it is a beautiful bowl area with soaring peaks. At this time of the year the lake and two smaller ponds feed a creek that heads into a waterfall. Spectacular. Having hiking poles made a big difference as it is quite steep going up and yes, going down. Only 5 other hikers on the trail all day so it is beautiful and quiet. One of the steeper hikes on this side of the Olympics but well worth it. Excellent hike.

It's amazing and worth the sweat:). Great workout so be prepared and pace your selves. Did not make it to the lake to much snow and no markers. I will do it again soon loved it!

20 days ago

We hiked only to the first stop, Tim Creek. Which is actually a gorgeous waterfall! Not too bad, a few up hill sections, but has ‘stairs’ built in to help. Would love to go farther some time, but had a two year old in tow. Definitely a beautiful scene!

Recommended! A bit crowded over Memorial Day weekend. Beautiful waterfall at the end. Trails are well maintained. Easy hike, took us approximately an hour.

21 days ago

Great little hike and the falls were beautiful!

23 days ago

Hike on May 30th. Was able to make it to Deer Lake, but lots of snow past that and had to turn around.

Super easy and a great view

Beautiful trail and awesome fall.

27 days ago

Beautiful trail with plenty to see including beautiful waterfalls and plenty of flowers. I would rate it a bit more than moderate however. Based on the length and elevation gain alone. I've climbed Mount ellinor several times and it's rated hard but I found this Trail to be more taxing. nearly all of the elevation Gain is in the second half. According to the signs the round-trip is 16 Mi not 13.9 and it certainly felt that way. We started up the trail at quarter till 1 in the afternoon which we knew was a late start, but we got back to the car at 10:30 at night. Thank goodness for headlamps. Beautiful views at the lake and it would certainly be worth an overnight camp which is how we will do it next time. it took us 5 hours to get up including some tops for photography and rest and 4 hours to get down.

Beautiful stroll.

Easy stroll. Hard to find.

I've done this hike twice. It's an amazing backpacking trip, especially if you just sit at the Chalet and either enjoy a meal there or stay overnight. Beautiful views!

29 days ago

Easy quick hike from the lodge asst lake Crescent

One of the best falls I have seen! Super easy trail

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