Spent approximately five hours here with a friend. Love the views!!! Lake, waterfall, various terrain, view of Mt. baker when you're at the top, castle and more. You can do all or some of coarse according to your ability and preference. Either way, I recommend and vote it as worth your time:)

A very enjoyable hike. Walking through the forest was beautiful, and I loved watching the vegetation change with the altitude.
We went anti-clockwise around the loop: started out walking along Mt Lake to Twin Lakes, then up to the summit. From carpark to summit took us about 1 hour 30 minutes. I’m not a hiker, so I was worried about the steep hill, but it was manageable, as the steep section is only about 1.5 miles.
The summit was quite crowded for memorial day weekend. The stone tower is closed for restoration, but you can still enjoy the amazing view. I found the people standing around smoking to be particularly offensive.
From there, we walked about 45 minutes to Little Summit. I think the view from here was almost as good, and we were the only people there!
From there, it took us another 40 minutes or so to walk back down to the car park.

30 days ago

Great walk around a beautiful body of water. The up and down make it a moderate hike, but it wasn't too difficult.

1 month ago

Easy trail around this peaceful lake. You'll come to a gorgeous bridge and we just took in the silence. So gorgeous. Picnic tables are on one side where Trail begins. Worth the hike for sure.

We loved this easy hike. It's 3.9 mile loop through lush forest right around this gorgeous and quiet lake. Not much parking ( around 8 spots! ) so get there early. We went off season- only one fisherman on entire lake. It was magnificent and terrain easy. Many spots to stand or sit and take in the beauty of it all

on Cascade Lake Trail

1 month ago

very pretty hike with trek thru green forest, beautiful lakes and a great view, long history at the top. It's a bit frustrating seeing all the people driving to the top but the trail itself isn't very crowded even during 4th of July weekend.

2 months ago

Great trail 4 falls!

Easy trail to go thru the deep forest, definitely much more fun than driving up

Absolutely beautiful, could stay here all day. Quick walk to the falls from the road. Several different trail to venture on if you wanted to hike.

Walked mountain lake trail on 3/4/17
Was amazing to follow the trail and see the lake.
It had snowed earlier that day.

A very pretty hike. It starts off somewhat tough right away but actually eases out the closer you get to the peak. If you're not used to hiking then it will be a good workout but even fitter people will find a challenge to it. Currently (Feb. 2017) there's a few downed trees with a couple that aren't easy to climb over/under and will force you to probably have to leave the trail temporarily. There's probably great views along the way but, unfortunately, a cloud was directly on top of the mountain when I went so I saw nothing but mist.

In order to reach the trailhead from your car, you'll need to follow signs for Mt. Lake. There's a small parking lot (room enough for about 6 cars) along the lake. To the left of the shelter with the cooking stove is a trail to Little Summit. Follow the trail for 1 mile until you reach the crossroads where you can continue the 0.2 miles to Little Summit (might as well!) or veer right for another 2 miles to the top of Mt. Constitution. On the way back, you can opt to either return the way you came or cross the parking lot and road and take the trail leading to Twin Lakes. Further sites along the route involve the Twin Lakes and Cascade Falls. From September to May, be cautious of mountain bikers!

A little muddy, great views of the lake

Beautiful Lake and well manicured trail