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Riverside State Park is a 10,000-acre camping park along the Spokane and Little Spokane rivers in Eastern Washington. The park supports a wide variety of recreational activities and is rich in history. Freshwater marshes, running rivers and beautiful countryside make up the terrain. The park also includes the Nine Mile Recreation Area, which is available for camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing and boating.

Sooo beautiful. Went in spring and early summer. Great views. If you want to get to the bridge quicker you park at the lot further from spokane.

This already favorite area around Spokane was made all that much better by a super rare visit from my sister and family. No way to not give it 5 stars with that ultimate combo. This hike is a must-see for visitors to the area, one of the nicest spots along the Spokane River. Most people probably just do a short hike around Bowl & Pitcher like we did today. Further exploration, as I have been doing, reveals seemingly endless miles and connections with countless other trails in the area. Hopefully Spokane preserves this as a natural area for generations to come instead of caving into developer pressure or budget concerns.


Great hike, with fabulous views. Easy to get to and thus pretty popular.

I did a longer version of this loop today, an awesome find. I followed the river up past the gun club, around the bend again, then looped back on trails 201 and 210 up a ridge. You get to be close to the river on the way out, and up above in a very scenic area on the way back. Very nice indeed. I'm glad it started getting dark when it did, otherwise I might have kept going along the river and missed this cool experience.

28 days ago

Didn't see a single person the hour I spent here. Some pretty neat views from some ridge points and in the dry river bed. Mostly followed the trail but wandered off here and there. Pretty easy hike, shoes were sandy with burrs after this trail, probably mostly from hiking the river bed and off the trail. Is right next to the road which was disappointing. Well maintained and clean though.