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Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) in north-central Colorado contains some of the most popular hiking trails in North America. Situated between the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake, the park hosts 76 mountains over 10 thousand feet high within its 412 square miles. The national park service runs five visitor centers with the headquarters at Beaver Meadows Visitor Center— just off highway 36 in Estes Park. In addition to amazing hikes, the park has some great scenic drives, including Trail Ridge Road, which takes visitors along the continental divide on the highest paved road in the country, and Old Fall River Road, a challenging dirt road that takes you to the Alpine Visitor Center at Fall River Pass - the highest national park visitor center in the United States at almost 11,800 ft. The park has four distinct ecosystems: montane, subalpine, alpine tundra, and riparian where lucky visitors can see wildlife such as mule deer, bighorn sheep and cougars. The high country of the park features many crystal clear alpine lakes, fantastic summits, and stunning views. The Estes Park Shuttle provides service from Denver International Airport to downtown Estes Park, and many shuttles run between the various trailheads, the Moraine Park Visitor Center and even the Glacier Basin Campgrounds. Many visitors use Bear Lake or Glacier Gorge as their starting point into the park.

This was a great physical workout. Beautiful views, for sure. Wore micro-spikes, but I probably could've fared without. Didn't make it to the top due to the trail being blown over and difficult to find, plus I was short on time. However I know others did summit. I would do this trail again and add Hallet with it.

I went two weeks ago. The trail was icy and/or snowy in most sections. I wore micro spikes and had no difficulty. It’s a very beautiful hike especially going down glacier gorge to Mill and Jewel lakes. I turned back after Jewel due to time constraints. It was one of the nicest hikes I’ve done at the park.

1 day ago

Excellent day out! Great hike be prepared needed spikes for traction icy in many spots but for this time of year no snow to speak of and that’s amazing. Excellent views of Longs Peak and RMNP trail was in great shape !!

Beautiful. Micro spikes, yak traks, and/or boots with great traction will make the hike much more enjoyable.

beautiful hike. views are amazing. trail is packed snow and a bit icy, yack tracks did the trick for me. the last part up is some what sketchy. a little icy and a sort or rock scramble but really not that bad. deffinetly recommend doing this hike now. great experience in the winter! enjoy

Great trail - one of my favorites in RMNP. There was a lot of snow on the trail and a few patches of ice, but nothing unbearable. I didn’t need to use my spikes until the descent as there were a few areas that were icy on the way down. Overall, great hike! Expect strong winds when you get to the lake.

We just hiked this trail and it took us about 3 hours to complete. There was ice starting about half way up. Although we made it up without them, we wished we would have had either poles or micro spikes. Definitely worth the hike!

As of today, conditions were great. The first half of the trail is definitely moderate. A bit rocky in places so if you have a hard time with that you may want to use trekking poles. Once you get to the top it levels out. It was a bit icy and snow covered around the lake. Snowshoes weren’t necessary but traction would be recommended in spots. Beautiful views along the entire trail. Worth the climb!

It was a beautiful day to hike. Did this hike w/o crampons but can come in handy once you pass Loch. Here is snow but manageable. It’s definitely worth trying now! It looks great w/ snow w/ breathtaking views!

Very easy with some microspikes/crampons. A beautiful, wintery wonderland!

4 days ago

Pretty easy hike. The last 3/4 mile are the toughest and its not even that bad. I wish I could have seen this area before the fire, I bet it was gorgeous. The trail was clear except for a couple ice spots which are easy to maneuver around. The lake is frozen solid, still beautiful.

So gorgeous. Made the extra 0.7 miles to the top of Hallett and it was definitely worth it! I was fine with just microspikes and the trail is a mix of ice, deeper snow, hard pack, and rock. Found a lone yaktrak contact me at rachelsaggau@gmail.com if you lost one!

5 days ago