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Summer is winding down into a fantastic fall! Renew your spirit and connect with the outdoors while the weather is still warm on a summer camping trip at the newest State Park campground. Enjoy hiking, wildlife viewing, or biking on our 20 miles of trails waiting just for you. You don't have to go far to get away. Colorados newest state park is nestled in the landscape that inspired the song, America the Beautiful. Enter this park and marvel at the mountains above and the Colorado Springs skyline below. Meander and explore amidst natures diversity with prairie-to-peak eco-systems and 20 miles of hiking and biking trails. Stop by the visitor center for information, a little shopping, and educational exhibits or just to relax by the stone fireplace and the wall of windows. We have an amazing 1680 acres to explore. Years of thoughtful planning went into the park and visitors can now enjoy recreational opportunities year round. The park offers top-notch environmental education programs, trail exploration and picnicking. The campgrounds are open, as well as the Prairie Skipper Group Event Facility.

2 days ago

I gave this a 1 due to the hike being stated as a Moderate hike, which it is NOT!. It is an easy hike in the open with only a few small inclines. Very muddy today due to the recent warm weather and sunshine.

Awesome trail. Wear good shoes as some areas are quite steep. Bring plenty of water. Takes approximately 8 hours.

Really enjoyed this trail. Did the Mountain Loop at the top and finished a little bit over 17 miles for the round trip distance. This trail is no joke so make sure to bring enough water and food. Snow at the top is knee deep in places right now. The views are incredible. Would absolutely recommend!

15 days ago

We participated in the "First Hike" this year on the Blackmer Loop Trail. It was a guided hike with about 12 participants. We took the Blackmer loop from the Limekiln trailhead for a ~5 mile hike. The volunteers and rangers provided hot chocolate, souvenir cups, and a fire for us before and after the hike. This trail was covered in ~2 inches of snow. There were 1-2 slippery spots with loose gravel or smooth rocks where my boots slipped. We saw three bucks, two doe, and several birds. The trail guide presented historical facts about Harry M. Blackmer. If you have some time, look up the "Teapot dome scandal" and "Blackmer v. United States" to better understand some historical background associated with the trail. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackmer_v._United_States https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teapot_Dome_scandal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_B._Fall

Great trail. Remember to bring cash for the entry fee.

The lower part of the trail is snow covered in shaded areas. The upper couple miles are pretty deep snow. I postholed to my knees in a few spots at the end of December.

I would avoid the Dragon Edge part of the upper loop until May. It has lots of exposure, was poorly marked, and was pretty icy. I regret not turning around on this loop. If you do Dragons Edge I would recommend starting it from the bottom at the first junction with this trail.

Mostly an easy trail with about a half mile of moderate hiking. The views are nothing to write home about and a lot of the trail is pretty chopped up from people hiking and riding in the mud.

3 months ago

My wife and I went on Zook a couple of days ago. She loves hiking, but has fibromyalgia which makes it hard for her to go on the more difficult trails. Zook was easy enough it didn't cause her to feel worn down after, and she still really enjoyed herself.

We headed south from the parking lot and followed signs to Talon Trail. At 2.35 miles we took the spur for the Talon North Trail and continue about another mile to the top of Dakota Hogback Ridge. At the top the Dixon Trail was on the right. The Dixon Trail is considered difficult to extreme. It was closed the day we hiked, but will open late September and October. We decided that next year, when the day is longer, we will hike it. We headed south and continued on the South Talon Trail, which intersects at the spur of the North Talon Trail. We then continued on the Sundance Trail to the parking lot. It was a scenic hike and not difficult.

Pretty hike, not too challenging. Was up and down the whole way as opposed to longer inclines. Path was quiet.

5 months ago

Nice family friendly trail with lots of wildlife. The views are beautiful. There is a nice picnicking area about half way through, though there are no tables, but plenty of boulders to sit on. I saw woodpeckers, deer, a weasel, and some bobcat tracks.

5 months ago

Lovely after work hike!

Fun, pretty

5 months ago

Have to pay to get into the park, NOT parking, unless you are disabled or have DV plates, you then get in for free. They also have a static and walk and shoot archery range. Lots of wildlife and great for birders. Awesome mountain views and enough trails to keep you busy for most of the day. Take LOTS of water and head gear as many of the trails are not shaded.

trail running
5 months ago

Great trail! Very well-maintained. I really liked the up and down nature of it, as opposed to all up one way and all down the other. Beautiful scenery as well.

Moderate to easy.. very nice trail, beautiful views from the foothills of the mountain.

6 months ago

I would definitely rate this as an easy trail. Lots of fun going through prairie land and scrub oak. Worth the $7 daily pass to enter the State Park. I'll be back to explore more!

7 months ago

Too easy and too many bikes. Great for young children.

easy well maintained great views

9 months ago

Excellent trail for all ages, but can be a very muddy sloppy mess in wet weather here

A good 6+ mike workout. Very muddy after wet weather.

9 months ago

Great for families. I have a 6 y/o and a 3 y/o who hiked the whole thing without any issues. There’s a section with a bunch of boulders that they jumped around on.

I love this area, so close to home. Challenging enough to get a decent workout, but not enough to wear you out for the rest of the day.

You MUST pay for a parking pass. 7$ for a day. But the hike is great. Maps scattered everywhere in case you get lost. Easy to read. Dogs not allowed. Only a few separate trails, dogs are allowed on.

10 months ago

Beautiful views, great workout. Took Blackmer Loop to Cougars Shadow, back to the loop. Definitely mountain lion territory! As of today (3/3/18) there were still some slick muddy areas, but nothing a little bushwacking along the trail couldn't avoid.

Great rolling trail, no significant inclines. Mix of small boulders and dirt (or in our case, mud!) for a little variety on the feet. Some decent views. Overall entertaining.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Beautiful scenery

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Just did Talon and South Talon which was 2.7 out on Talon with South Talon being just under a mile to add on before heading back. Good hike. Lots of sun on the beginning. Lots of mountain bikers.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

My husband and I each had a kid under 2 in backpacks. This was a great trail for that! Not busy, good amount of challenge for this distance. Completed in 1 hr 45 mins with a couple of kids stops of course. Beautiful. We've had a lot of rain recently so this did have some muddy spots but not too much at all surprisingly.

mountain biking
Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Very fun trails. I love how each trail connects to the next trail and is clearly marked. The system is so easy I was able to allow my 8 year old son navigate our adventure. The financial cost of the trip was unexpected. I neglected to notice the paid parking sign and was promptly slammed with a $27 parking fine for my 2 hour bike ride. Park officer McClark kindly explained that I was fortunate my fine was not $50 for my terrible crime of parking.

trail running
Sunday, July 02, 2017

I hiked this Park with my son last year, and all agreed it kills your vibe to be so close to the highway, while realizing there is no access to Cheyenne Mountain itself. I returned to run it and found it a good experience--the grade is "runnable" to the top, and once up Talon you can forget the highway--there are some very nice sections of single track flowing through trees and brush, and some great views up trail. Much of the trail is exposed to sun, so be prepared. With minimal planning you can connect any number of trails to set your distance and vertical gain, or make loops. The trails are well marked with map placards at most intersections. I left from the main parking lot, taking the equestrian trail up to Talon, Talon South and looped back to Talon via Talon North--the only trail approaching technical. Continuing back down Talon I turned onto Sundancer to Zoop Loop and back to the parking lot for 9 miles and a little over 1000' of vertical gain. Could easily have extended that linking trails heading back to the visitor center and camping areas or looping. No water points on trail. Other than Talon North, no technical surfaces. Very few hikers and MTB, all very courteous. A + for speed and ease of access.

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