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The ultimate in rugged Colorado, State Forest State Park offers visitors 71,000 acres of forest, jagged peaks, alpine lakes, wildlife and miles of trails. The park stretches along the west side of the Medicine Bow Mountains and into the north end of the Never Summer Range. Moose is our claim to fame. North Park is considered the moose viewing capital of Colorado, with over 600 moose to be observed year-round. The State Forest State Park has something for everyone in every season. With so much room and diversity, visitors can experience a bountiful array of outdoor recreational favorites such as camping, hiking, four-wheeling, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing, telemarking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, birding, wildlife viewing and geocaching.

3 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike! While there are parts of the trail that are harder I'd say it was more moderate than hard. My fitbit recorded the hike at 7.98 miles (from trailhead to lake and back to trailhead) and it generally is less than my GPS records when I hike, so I'm not sure about the all trails site saying it's only 6.8 miles. We were hoping to see moose but only saw one deer the whole time. Lots of beautiful wildflowers, we will definitely do this one again!
Oh, and wear sunscreen, that higher elevation sun is no joke!

5 days ago

Just spent 2 nights up here. Gorgeous in every direction. Tons of wildflowers!! Lots of fun exploring around the basin, Snow Lake and Thunder Pass. Lots of traffic coming in when we left Friday. For more solitude do mid week. Didn’t see area mama moose and baby, but did see a herd of elk moving through at dawn.

6 days ago

AllTrails would not allow me to sign in, said I was too far away from the trailhead? Beautiful and inspiring. Good trail , well maintained and marked. Bring bug spray and sun screen. There is a restroom at the trail head and it is clean. Would absolutely do this one again.

Awesome little trail. Short but steep.

10 days ago

Most incredible hike! So beautiful in every direction. I can’t wait to do it again.

13 days ago

Perfect short trail for beautiful views and wildflowers. Trail features switchbacks, increases steadily to the lake, and is well marked.

beautiful hike

This hike is amazing! Definitely was expecting it to be way harder than it was. Biggest incline is probably from Michigan to Snow Lake, but it’s a super quick scramble and worth it. Snow Lake was still probably 1/4 covered in snow and ice, but trail was clear! Saw no moose, but a lot of people I passed had seen a huge one and a momma and her baby. Sooo beautiful. Great one for backpacking

The park is very lush and wildflowers are blooming everywhere along the trail. ::heart eyes::

This review only pertains to the part of the hike from Thunder Pass to the Lulu Mountain summit. The trail mostly exists, though it disappears and forks in a few spots, but if you can keep on it, the rock is less loose. However, it's pretty clear you need to go up, and there is no sneaky way to get over the steep grade. The ground for most of the hike is a combo of pea-sized rock and embedded larger rock, which is pretty stable. The final ascent scramble is on looser rock between chest and boot-sized. It does get pretty windy, the path area is pretty wide so I didn't feel like I was going to get blown off. Better to summit early in the day. Chilly up there so bring at least a jacket (I had a wool base layer and a rain shell and was comfortable/cool on top).

I ended up touring the entire park area - the Americans, Snow Lake, and all marked trails. Was a really lovely day.

The log on the summit indicated that it is summited by 5-20 people per weekend. The lower trails were much busier.

As a note, I think that the only trials that deserve a "hard" label are Crystal Lake (just past the Americans but a very steep rocky trail and this one. I'd be comfortable doing the other trails in good shoes or tivas, but the summit with the bit of scree and that final scramble, it's safer to have a full boot.

18 days ago

Gorgeous wildflowers right now. Snow lake is amazing as it has some ice still remaining.

Cute little trail with moderate incline. There is no snow on the trail. Few switch backs and most of it in the trees. The lake itself was really beautiful. I walked around it which was no easy task but well worth it. Waterfalls, flowers, little streams, it was awesome.

Beautiful trail and magnificent lake, with bull moose in the area!

on Lake Agnes Trail

22 days ago

Crags Campground and the road to the trailhead are open. Snow is all gone. Make sure to bring cash. $7 day use per person and $18 for camping. Multiple switchbacks take you up to Lake Agnes. Short and fairly steep. Beautiful lake nestled at the bottom of the mountains with TONS of fishies! Saw a baby and mama moose together and then a male moose with huge antlers later on. We woke up numerous times in the night to my dog growling at moose at our campsite. They were so close to our tent that I could hear them breathing and eating grass!
Beware of fire restrictions. There were no signs posted anywhere and a cop pulled up to my campsite to tell us to put out our fire. We even spoke to a volunteer ranger earlier who said we could have fires. It was a huge bummer because we couldn't cook any of the food that we brought for dinner or breakfast. We were originally going to do the American Lakes trail (7miles) but couldn't because we were so starved!

Worth the effort just to see the wildflowers and trout!


The snow is gone, time for trail runners and shorts!

Hiked this three days ago. Crags campground is closed and so is the parking at the trailhead which adds an extra half mile or so of fairly steep hiking. Trail is packed with snow in parts and at times difficult to stay on track. Lake was beautiful, partially ice covered but definitely worth the trip. Overall still a fairly simple hike, took maybe an hour to get up to the lake.

1 month ago

I love this trail, but the current state of snow piling up on it makes it impossible to complete in a reasonable amount of time. A friend and I tried to complete it yesterday on June 10, 2018. There's deep unpacked snow that's partially melted covering at least the first three miles of the trail. We lost the trail under the snow several times and our shoes were soaked before we gave up and turned around after three hours. I wouldn't bother trying to do this trail until July, or until someone posts here that the snow is melted off of the trail. We did see deer and a moose while driving back to the main road, though. Lots of wildflowers currently as well. Be sure to bring $7 cash for the park permit.

1 month ago

Stunning views and a leisurely hike, just long. Made it to about 2000 feet short of the lake before we started post holing waste deep. Went for another 1500 feet and had to turn around, we were not prepared for this. Give it a little more time unless you plan on snowshoeing. Bathrooms at the trail head.

Mt. Richthofen was not what I expected. The views were to die for and the mountain almost makes that a literal statement.

We climbed at the beginning of June so there was significant snowpack. I brought crampons which became an obvious necessity. The snow around the lake was sliding into the lake and boulders were rolling off the crags, so just crossing to the side with the mountain was perilous.

The mountain itself has no marked trails so after you cross the lake you're on your own. Though the mountain would've been impossible to climb without crampons, when we got over/around the snowpack the rocks and scree slipped everywhere. The angle made the rocks dangerous. You will slip the hole way up and down.

We followed up the draw to the saddle and took up the ridge. If you make it to the first peak the final peak is across a thin ridge of more scree and has a technical rock climb to the top.

Previous reviews are absolute shit. Go over-prepared for this because you won't be prepared enough.

Hiked this today, the trail is basically a single lane dirt road. Very slight incline. Great scenic trail, I ended up taking the trail up to thunder pass which still had a lot of snow. I almost made it to the pass but started breaking through the snow and had to turn around. Next time I go back I'll hike the entire trail and stay on Michigan Gulch to Lake Agnes

3 months ago

One if my favorite hikes in Colorado so far. I’ve done only about 10 but this one was worth it. Lake was gorgeous and my less than a year old puppy liked it too.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Saw literally 5+ moose early last fall. One of the best- really not too bad.

3 months ago

Still a rewarding trek on snowshoes this week, but starting to get slushy down low. No bare spots by any means, but made for an icy trip back at the end of the day. Still parking at the HWY14 turn off for The Craggs at this point which adds some distance/time. Always love this hike!!

4 months ago

One of my most beloved hikes in the summertime. Short and somewhat steep, with beautiful views and good fishing at the top if you know where to go.

5 months ago

Gorgeous day on the Lake Agnes Trail today. This is one of our favorite snowshoe spots with the dogs. Full parking area on the side of the road, but it didn't feel too terribly crowded. Be sure you have gear for windy weather up at the lake--it's brutal but absolutely gorgeous.

7 months ago

Snowshoes or Cross-country skies are a must at this point. Only time we took off our snowshoes was on the frozen Michigan Lakes. The snow is very deep right now. Absolutely beautiful though with some great views of the surrounding mountains. Had to take the Michigan Ditch service road from the Cameron Pass parking lot so the trail was a little over 10 miles round trip which was exhausting.

8 months ago

Great short power hike to a beautiful lake.To be clear, the trail on the All trail map seems begin far up the road which was inaccessible by vehicle when we arrived. If this is the case when you arrive add another 2 miles to the 2.3 mile estimate indicated. Completed this hike over Indigenous peoples day weekend and it was cold and snowy but beautiful. The trail follows a road for the first mile or so and there was a good 8 inches of snow on the ground. After you pass a cabin, the trail is another mile or so to the lake. There are a good number of switchbacks as you make your way up, and the snow and ice made this even more challenging. Micro-spikes would have made for more pleasant travel. The lake itself is absolutely gorgeous so make sure to plan a good hour to hang out there if the weather is nice. The whole trip took us about 2.5 hours not counting the time spent at the lake.

Beautiful trail. You get glimpses of mountain views the whole way as you hike through a nice forest, but once you get to the top they are spectacular. Open, alpine environment with stunning mountains all around. It is definitely worth it to go the extra mile past the lakes to look over into Rocky Mountain national park. I encountered very few people along the way. Make sure to bring exact change as there is no ranger station, the fee was $7 in September 2017.

9 months ago

This is definitely my go to state park for Backpacking. Short but demanding hike. Was here twice this month about two weeks apart. 9/9 and I went back this Monday 9/27 again and went back to Snow Lake again. This time the trail is covered in snow. Some of the trail esp when the switchback started were covered in snow and difficult to see but if u downloaded the offline maps it’s a clear path to follow!
I’ve seen s few moose’s more than my past visit and was grazing near our tent.

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