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Castlewood Canyon State Park offers splendid opportunities for hiking, picnicking, rock climbing, sightseeing, photography and nature study. The park preserves 2,303 acres of the ecologically unique Black Forest region of Colorado. Visitors will also enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Front Range and Pikes Peak. Nature lovers and groups enjoy environmental diversity on several hiking trails ranging from mild to moderate. The trails range from .5 to 4 miles and can be combined for longer journeys. The winding Cherry Creek flowing along the canyon floor provides wonderful rest stops. Pets, on a leash, are welcome on most trails, except the East Canyon Preservation Area trail. The natural amphitheater and the Bridge Canyon Overlook gazebo perched on the edge of the canyon are unique places for weddings or other outdoor ceremonies. Casual groups and families enjoy the picnic areas at both entrances. Remnants of geologic and local history combine when the then Castlewood Dam burst in 1933, sending a 15-foot-high wave of water into Denver. Ruins of the original ill-fated dam and the historic homestead still exist for hikers to see.

Pretty scenic, moderate skill due to rock crossings and a few tricky elevations for very young children, but nothing so difficult to prevent them from having a great time. The views are amazing, as is the wild life, water, and terrain.

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5 days ago

I loved it!! Great views!! Perfect place to hike with a toddle on your back (in my opinion) But watch out for those rattlesnakes! I almost got bitten by one. And another one came out of nowhere when I was crossing over the river.

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10 days ago

$7 to get into the park! Bring a cooler and store in car. Definitely moderate due to having to cross the creek and there being several places where there are rocks to climb/ cross and no clear path. Signage not great but enough walkers to follow. Saw a few less agile people struggling over the creek. Pretty suitable for kids but not strollers. My

11 days ago