Hallett Peak

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Hallett Peak is a 9.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Estes Park, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, birding, and horses and is best used from March until November. Horses are also able to use this trail.

9.6 miles
3280 feet
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Great alpine hike with views galore, from wooded lake to mountain peak. Hike north around Bear Lake about 1/4 mile. Follow signs to Flattop Mountain. Enjoy the Dream Lake overlook on the way. On Flattop enjoy the views on the continental divide, when ready turn south and follow the ridge trail up to the peak. Watch out for rain/snow on the top. Return the way you came.

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If you're in RMNP, crave a summit hike, and don't want to wake up at 3am to tackle Long's Peak this is the perfect hike for you. Go early to avoid crowds and get a parking spot at Bear Lake trail head. The sunrise in the park is awesome in itself so that's reward enough. Bring a layer for wind/cold once you reach Flattop. The trek to Hallett's from Flattop is marked with cairns so just take your time and you'll love the view from up top.

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Very rewarding hike.

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I am a very inexperienced hiker, so this trail was probably more difficult for me than it would be for someone who hikes frequently. I didn't really know what to expect. I was blown away by the scenery on the way up. You get great views of Longs Peak, Emerald lake and Dream Lake. Once you make it to Flattop Mountain it's about a 15-20 minute climb to the top. The view is absolutely incredible. It's something I will never forget.

My tips for any new hikers attempting Hallet peak. Bring plenty of water. Eat a nice breakfast. Bring a protein bar, or two. Be prepared to need multiple layers, and be ready to take some of that off. By that I mean, it's cool in the morning when you start, you get warmed up as you make your way to the top, and then you'll be cold and it'll be windy when you reach the summit. Also, bring sunscreen.

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Summiting Hallett Peak is no minor feat. From the trailhead at Bear lake, follow the well designated Flattop Mountain trail, through a series of difficult switchbacks, as you run into some truly outstanding overlooks. This is a good trail to start early. If you have headlamps, a 4-5 AM arrival allows you a chance to park at the Bear Lake parking lot, and to go from there. I don't have a head lamp, so at first light-5:30 AM, I began my ascent. Some truly outstanding views the whole way. Watch for the trail markers, and split offs to other trails, as there are a few to stay on track to Flattop. Once you break the tree line, you're getting real close to Flattop. I walked through one of the glaciers that had already been heavily traveled that morning. By about 8AM, the clouds were rolling in, and it started to get cold and breezy. Be prepared with warmer/insulated gear, as it Will come in handy the higher you get in elevation. Also, start early and be comfortable going at your own pace. I made frequent stops, as the 3K+ ft. in elevation gain made me dizzy on multiple occasions. That combined with a bit of Summit fever, and I started to feel a little in over my head. Take snacks and stay hydrated. Once you get to Flattop Mountain, there will be a sign indicating going further to another trail (Not Hallett), and heading back 4+miles to Bear Lake, as Hallet does not have a designated trail Marker, except one plaque near Flattop saying how dangerous the mountain is (helpful!). "The Mountain doesn't care." From there you begin trekking Left, and over a series of small boulders. You'll notice a series of cairns (Large-medium-small size, man-made rock piles) that will be your true guide to the summit. Hiking this morning, I experienced multiple white-outs. Once you get to a cairn, find the next one, and keep going. Rest as needed. The cairns are your friends here. A little difficult to see them as you get closer to approaching the summit, but trust me, they're there, so keep looking, and if all else fails, just keep climbing, as long as you know relatively where you are. The summit is a true trek. I was scrambling a bit, and bouldering in some places. At 12,713 ft. you've finally made it. Two large cairns at the top, and beautiful views of Longs Peak, are such a beautiful reward for this truly difficult and long hike. Make sure you look for the Bureau of Reclamation bronze plaque (or) Geological Marker, that represents the true summit. Get your picture with it! Careful on the way back down. Shouldn't take to long, not nearly as long as it was to summit. Also, Don't Linger at the summit. Rain all morning, before the final approach, made the boulders incredibly slick. Get to the summit, take 10-15 minutes and get out of there. Afternoon storms should be expected, and per the warped and dead trees along the tree line, this mountain is known for its storms and lighting. Play it safe. Start early. Avoid being caught in a storm. Most importantly have fun out there taking in all the beauty that this hike has to offer! Safe travels!

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This is the best hike in the park!

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strenuous hike, get started early defiantly worth the extra hike to get here

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Phenomenal views. Short scramble.

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great hike with incredible views

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Well worth additional hike from Flattop. Views are spectacular in all directions. Lots of cairns to show you where 'path' is to top. Sometimes not real obvious from below. Well worth the extra effort with much more incline after easy top of Flattop. Noticeably cooler and windier than Flattop even though not huge elevation change. 50 y/o first time hiker so is doable just take your time and pace yourself.

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