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Welcome to Denvers natural and spacious backyard playground. Theres so much to see and enjoy. Summers are busy and action packed while off-peak times are quiet and laid back. Anchored around a 880 surface acre reservoir, the park offers a natural prairie environment of gentle, rolling hills and complete outdoor recreation facilities, including camping, picnicking and facilities for group events. Close and convenient, Cherry Creek is Denvers big back yard.

Beautiful setting for sure but difficult to navigate. There is no single trail that goes around the lake but several shorter trails that cut and pasted together get your around.. which would be fine if there were signs. I stopped at two posted maps along the way but neither indicated "You Are Here", so that wasn't terribly helpful. I ended up making it around the reservoir without having to back track but did have to weave through several parking lots and spend a portion on the road. By doing this I accidentally trimmed my expected loop from 8.8 miles to 6.5. All in all, great space for a leisurely stroll or once you learn your way around but a little tricky if you're just hoping focus on your run and get in a nice nearly 9 mile loop.

Great urban state park near SE Denver / Aurora. This loop hike is great for wildlife viewing in the morning and evening. Mixed trail of gravel, dirt and some paved. Look for birds of prey, waterfowl and deer.

Great urban state park located in SE Denver / Aurora. Perfect all year round for anyone looking to get outdoors and enjoy nature close to home.

Not paying $9 for a 2 hour walk, maybe I missed a spot where I can get in on it without having to pay but I just followed the apps directions...

trail running
2 months ago

Always nice to come back here, any season is enjoyable. If I were to follow the map, you ended up going on actual Dam Road instead of Dam Road Trail, so I didn't use the Dam Road since it's dangerous and you shouldn't be walking/running there. Cut about 2 miles by doing so. Someone mentioned that there's no sign for the trail but there are a bunch. This is a Cherry Creek Trail and you basically go LOOP on this that's why it called "Cherry Creek Resivour Loop Trail". Still good to download the map if you want to make sure which way you're going. The park is pretty big and if you're not used to this park, you'll get lost.

First visit to the park. I live here now, so I wanted to explore. One of the worst-marked parks I've ever visited. Even the signs for you to exit the entire park are poorly marked. There is no "Cherry Creek Reservoir Loop Trail". It's a series of bits of other trails, if that. I defy anyone to point out ANY signs noting this named trail or how to follow it clearly. I was on it for more than 3 hours without any markings. The maps I passed were also poorly labeled - how about something that says "you are here" - that would be a great start. Yes, there's a reservoir and you think you'll just follow the shoreline - good luck - I tried that. I ended up all over the place, cause part of the shoreline is wetlands and you can't wade into that area. And then the multiple available trail options all take you away from and out of view of the shoreline, so you hope your sense of direction is keen enough to find your way around.
There are parts of trails with forks in the road - nothing tells you which way to go for what you're seeking. I kept asking folks along the way, some could help, some couldn't. In some areas there simply is no trail, paved or gravel, so you travel the shoreline with its sandy beach area. But basically you're on your own. Pretty walk that should have taken me less time to traverse - that last hour I basically spent angry and wanting to be certain I wasn't walking in the wrong direction. Maybe I'm just spoiled by all the amazing national parks I've hiked, but really very unimpressed by this state park's level of clarity and assistance to the visitor.

trail running
3 months ago

This is definitely not for a hike but for running. It's a dog park, so watch out for running dogs (I love dogs!) if you're scared of them. Smells not present as horses are nearby, but beautiful skyline and great sunset view to enjoy.

Needs trees near the main entrance. The water is always enjoyed by my doggo. Go with a dog, or watch someone's dog play with other dogs.

The dogs love to play in the creek.

walked the while park and was very satified. the wild life there was hard to find execpt for birds.

Love this trail. Some hills, some flatness, great views, lots of wildlife and cyclists (watch out for them-most are very polite). Not much shade. Great trail to train on.

Super beautiful!!!!

6 months ago

beautiful trail leading to wetlands trail

Great hike on a Thursday afternoon.
Not many people on the trail.

We love the off leash dog park!

I love the Cherry Creek Ecological Park. It’s a beautiful place to take my dog on a walk.

8 months ago

Great, easy, winding path through a variety of landscapes. Lots of different trails/loops with plenty of signs and maps along the way.

If you want to be harassed by asshole cyclist, this is your place! I am a considerate trail walker with my dog and make sure she stays out of their way and I still get mumbles under the breath and rude comments while walking this trail. Honestly, I love the trail, when cyclist AREN’T on it!

It is a decent park. Looks like it would be fun to paddle board there, and they have lots of stations for grilling. I have been to better maintained parks in Colorado. Lots of bike riders. If you need to get outside, it is a decent outing.

9 months ago

I walk this trail (and include the wetlands loop) at least once a month, year round. Each season is beautiful in its own way and I love seeing the variety of animals and birds that come with each visit. I've snowshoed here in a foot of fresh powder! It's in the city, but feels far away. To add on to someone's previous post, I believe that no dogs are allowed to protect the wetlands and I have seen a coyote here (and heard many others).

trail running
11 months ago

It goes from residential area to Cherry Creek State Park. Nice clean hike, lots of bicyclers. Boring as a hike but nice trails for running.

Fun and easy trail to access

Thursday, January 04, 2018

This is an easy walk through the woods and wetlands in Cherry Creek State Park. We went in the winter so no green or colors on the trees but the naked trees have their own defined beauty. Unfortunately this trail is off limits to dogs, bikes, and horses, probably to protect the wetlands (?). In any case we still took our dog bc we had already parked and started walking and no one seemed to care. It was clear others ignored the signs as well due to the number of droppings we saw (pick up after your dog people!). In any case, it was a nice short walk and probably nicer in Spring-Fall but since dogs aren't allowed we probably won't be back.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Enjoyed the 60degree blue sky day December 9,2017. Saw a Bald Eagle and several deer. Nice easy stroll for 8 plus miles!!

trail running
Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lots of concrete and mostly flat. Some good dirt tracks into the trees and through the grass. Nice views of the “lake” and surrounding creeks & swamps. Perfect for locals. Not really worth driving out of the way.

road biking
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Easy road biking trail, nice views, not much traffic at certain times of the evening or certain times of the year out of peak season.

we love the dog park and trails...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This is a weekly stop for our family. Lots of explore on our way to the off leash dog park area.

Very beautiful and surprising find in my first trip to Denver. We only had enough time to make it about halfway around, but it was still enjoyable.

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