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Did this hike today and it was spectacular. Had spikes and poles from about half way around the Loch and up to Sky. Beautiful day on a beautiful trail. Snow melt is in full force.

It was difficult to find the trail with all the snow and not much traffic but once I found it it was well worth it. I did it in just hiking boots without spikes and was fine and saw a girl with tennis shoes do it without any issues. I would definitely recommend this trail.

This was the first stop on my hike today and it was really beautiful and had plenty of places to get a good view. Even on a Sunday it wasn’t too crowded & not a super challenging hike to get there.

A nice, flat hike that meanders along the Colorado river. Great views of the valley floor and the Never Summers. I enjoy this walk with the interpretive signage as a break from the more intensive hikes, and it’s usually accessible earlier than some of the other side hikes in the park. No moose in April, 2018, but we did spot fresh tracks and scat.

Attempted to hike Sky Pond yesterday and ended up only making it to The Loch due to some treacherous snow accumulation and stormy precipitation. Hiking poles and spikes would be essential to your cause. Though we couldn’t make it past The Loch, it was still a mesmerizing hike with countless whoa moments. Shout out to anyone who made it up there recently, you’re intense!

Loved this waterfall! It was flowing well 5/12, a treat to see. The trail was snowy in spots ~1/3 t/of it. We used poles and microspikes for parts of it and were glad we had them. The hard pack was becoming less hard and there were deep holes right along side or even in the hard pack where people fell through the snow. But lots of people went up in tennis shoes. Trail up was easy/moderate, will be easier once snow melts. We continued to Mill's lake which was a highlight for us. Highly recommend!

Nice easy short hike up to the falls. This time of year May 16, still had some snow on trail but no need for any special shoes to traverse the trail. it was sunny so the sky and falls contrast was pretty. Well travelled trail. Has resident chipmunks that vogues for the cameras with skill.

4 days ago

Well maintained, handicapped accessible trail around the lake. We were fortunate to locate parking since this is a very busy place! Also a good area to refill your water bottles and wind down on the way back from Bierstadt Lake Trail!

4 days ago

We hiked on 05/16/2018 in the mid-morning. We enjoyed the trail, we took the north part of the trail first and ended up in the meadow. The trail has a lot of rocks and not too much mud. There were a few spots that were wet. The sun was out and it was beautiful. We were able to see some elk and mule deer. The first part was awesome walking next to the stream. And if course Cub Lake was beautiful and a great place to stop and have a snack.

Beautiful hike! We didn’t know anything about the trail beforehand, so the 2 mile elevation gain from the pools up to the lake was a bit of a surprise, didn’t detract from the hike whatsoever though. There was still some snow between the last 1/4 mile and the lake, and the lake itself was partially iced over still. It was an afternoon well spent!

Great hike with a lot of diversity–you start our in a meadow with a river running through and then wind through the woods with scenic outlooks along the way. We spotted some moose, a marmot, a fresh bear track, (and droppings!) and lots of birds. The falls are impressive and there are some big rocks to sit on an rest before you head back. This trail took us 3 hours (1.5 to the falls and we sat for about 15 minutes).

Hiked to the falls on 5/15. Attempted Ouzel Lake but as of the 15th the trail was too snowpacked about 0.5 miles away from the lake so we weren’t able to get to the end. Beautiful views the whole trip though!

5/14/18 hiked early morning before the rain. the hike was absolutely beautiful. Was going to try to go to Finch Lake but decided to go the falls instead to beat the rain.

Gorgeous views. The switchback part is a pretty good climb. The path around the lake is incredibly peaceful. The trail was quite mushy due to the snowmelt. Worth every splatter!

I walked this trail in December and again today. The amount of scenery surrounding this trail is amazing no matter the season!

nice hike. lake still frozen mostly. not able to fly fish though. snowpacked in places. good hike

Beautiful trail. Hiked today and was fairly easy with some melting snow left. Waterfall was beautiful and very full due to the Spring melting. Great and easy trail.

7 days ago

Hiked 2 days ago. Make it to Fern Falls, then turned around. Great hike! No snow to the falls.

7 days ago

Thank you All Trails reviewers! My husband and I are novice hikers and wanted to take on a easy to moderate trail that would take us up into the Rockies and this was perfect. Because we read the user reviews we opted to rent micro spikes since about 1/2 of the trail was still covered in snow. While there were many folks not in spikes we found it made our hike a lot easier. This is an awesome trail with a great payoff at the falls.

7 days ago

We just hiked this trail today (5/13/18). It was absolutely gorgeous. The trailhead parking lot is open and *most* of the snow is gone. A good mix of terrain and challenging uphills. Do not just turn around when you get to the Ouzel Falls bridge, keep going just a little bit further to the lookout! Makes the whole thing worth it, IMO. Such a great time of year to be here - not too hot or cold, not too crowded or empty, no bugs. The river was raging and so beautiful.

Tried Sky Pond trail on the way to Utah. Slippery but doable with trekking poles and micro spike to Loch. Snowshoes or X Ski is a must beyond the Loch. Scrambling to the top of Glass lake but unable to go further to Sky Pond because 10 feet of deep snow by the lakes.

Love this place! Hiked it with my girl scout troop in 2006 and last week 5/7/18 easy hike and beautiful and if you want to do more there’s abt 5 trails in same area so you could easily make a whole day of it!!

Hiked this trail 5/8/18. Beautiful! The water is flowing fast and the waterfalls are beautiful with water flowing from everywhere! You can park at the trailhead now. There’s snow after the bridge from the second falls then off and on til you get to Ouzal Falls. Hiking poles were helpful as it’s slippery in spots. Easy hike that is absolutely beautiful! Jackie

Great trail! I hiked to the sky pond on the 05/10 and there was still a lot of snow. Therefore the trail is not very clear and more challenging. The yaktrax were very useful for the snow part (2/3 of the trail) snowshoe would have been better. We sank down in the snow knees dip several times and had our feet wet for most of the hike but the weather was so nice and warm that it didn’t bother us. Amazing view of the Loch, the lake of Glass and the Sky pond. Be prepare for the snow and for a pretty steep trail but definitely worth it!

Easy and fun trail! Lots of beautiful views along the way.

we would give the trail itself a 3 but the bathrooms at the start of the trail were easily the nicest and cleanest we've ever seen. so close to a 4. we had high expectations for the hike from previous reviews but were a bit disappointed. the trail in and out was pretty but not spectacular. the last bit after the horse tie-ups was a bit of scrambling needing careful attention . poles were helpful. I wouldn't have felt great with any ice but others seem to have done ok before melt (all clear today.) the waterfall was splashy but small to us. other people on the trail were calling it spectacular so there's definitely taste differences. it was a long walk for an ok waterfall. I wouldn't repeat if we came back but others loved it.

Such a great hike (maybe it's who you go with, shootout to GRACE)!! Road is still closed that adds a little extra to the hike. Being in the trees at the beginning is BEAUTIFUL. The middle part of the hike was snow packed, we were fine in just hiking boots occasionally sinking deep in the snow (it keeps ya on your toes) and we didn't think our spikes wound help with that. Yes, very windy at the top but beautiful views

P.S. this is my first review bc I read these all the time and thought I should contribute too, thanks to y'all!!!!

We did this hike in June of 2017. It was the first real hike we've done and it gave our family the hiking bug. I absolutely loved loved loved this hike. My kids did well with the hike- my then three year old rode on my husband's back and my then five year old did the whole hike without any complaint.

13 days ago

I would agree with some reviewers, it’s not quite an easy trail, especially as the snow season ends. There were a few struggling in tennis shoes as most of it was still covered with packed snow. It was absolutely beautiful though!

15 days ago

This trail is labeled easy but I’d call it just below moderate. Still about half or more is snow covered and we just wore tennis shoes and only slid a bit. No problem. It doesn’t take long to do this hike but it is well worth it. You get to walk thru the nice Forrest for most of it and then peek out for some great views. I wore shorts and was comfortable. The falls were loud and amazing!! Climb to the top of the falls and enjoy the big flat rock on top:)

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