Eldorado Canyon is a hidden treasure right in Boulders backyard! Whether its hiking amidst the towering sandstone cliffs, picnicking along scenic South Boulder Creek or climbing Eldo's sheer golden walls, Eldorado Canyon State Park truly has something for everyone! Discover this hidden jewel and take home memories that will last a lifetime. Eldorado Canyon State Park selected as one of Ten State Parks You Can't Miss by SmarterTravel.com Eldorado Canyon offers over five hundred technical rock climbing routes luring climbers from around the world to challenge their skills on Eldos golden cliffs. The beauty of this canyon engages all who visit. Hike or mountain bike our picturesque trails that vary from easy to difficult and connect with Boulder's trail systems. Enjoy a picnic by, or fish in, scenic South Boulder Creek. In the winter, Eldorado Canyon offers cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The quiet beauty of the park can be experienced best in the cooler months, and during summer weekdays. Please avoid the summer weekend crowds! Eldorado Canyon almost always reaches vehicle capacity on weekends and holidays from May through September, i.e. after filling the Park, vehicles are only admitted when space becomes available.

Easy hike with great views.

Amazing views! A little slick with snow but worth it.

Fun and challenging hike. First 1/3rd of the hike is the roughest but after that is a breeze. Fantastic views and even saw a few Golden Eagles.

Great hike, very steep to start and there was a lot of loose rock but once you gain the elevation it levels out and is very beautiful.

Fun trail to hike! Beautiful views all the way up. Steady incline from the get go but easy hike overall.

Absolutely beautiful hike with all types of terrain! Great workout too!

Beautiful hike in the summer.

love this hike as it is a quick getaway with beautiful views, steady Incline but surprised it is rated as moderate I would call this easy.

19 days ago

Wild mix of elements. We saw 6-8” of snowing heading out and most of it melted away by the end. Made for some slick spots with snow falling and then melting so quickly. Awesome views!

Great trail for the family, not too intense. The trail gives you great scenery of el dorado canyon.

Beautiful trail. Still pretty dry but I’m looking forward to going back this summer. Didn’t go all the way to the creek because we weren’t really up for the steep climb back, but there is a very pretty overlook just before heading into the canyon. You can see the snow capped peaks and it’s very beautiful.

Beautiful place and great hike. Went after a snowfall so it was a bit wet and slippery but well
Worth it. Would go again

29 days ago

Wildflowers are beginning to come out

$8 per car so bring friends. Beautiful hike. The top part of this trail is closed until July 15, 2018 but you can still hike to the continental divide view.

Did this hike 04/20/2018. Before getting to the entrance of the park, you drive very slowly through unpaved dirt road not leveled at all. The entrance to the park is $8 per vehicle. Once you enter the park the bathrooms are right at the entrance, no more bathrooms after that. The park is breathtaking. The hike is through canyons, steady incline going up, no climbing over rocks or difficult obstacles. I would rate this easy if you get tired just take more breaks. There is also a trail called Fowler Trail you can do after this hike. Fowler is a super easy trail, the views are amazing, plenty of places for pictures.

I loved all the different colors and scenery on this hike. Lots of different plants and flowers. The beginning of the trail was probably the hardest and strongest incline, after that it's fairly flat. There was some snow when I went and certain areas were kinda slippery so be mindful of the weather. Beautiful trail.

We ended up on this trail a little bit by accident. The parking lots at our first choice trail (Doudy Draw), just east of El Dorado Springs, were completely full. We arrived at the park around 10:30 am and parking was already tough. Remember to go all the way up to (or close to) the Visitor Center to start this hike. It’s very steep for the first mile and was annoyingly crowded, but the views get amazing quickly! We went up about two miles and the second mile was much more pleasant than the first. Definitely be careful on the way down as the gravel is very loose and I totally bit it. No snow, ice, or mud on the trail. It’s a great hike if you are in decent shape and the views are worth it but I wish we went earlier to avoid the crowds.

1 month ago

Easy walk with kids in tow and nowhere to go. Turned into a random scoot with pulsatilla, a falling down building, large irrigation pipes, climbing on boulders and eventual picnic at the end. Very pretty

Good gradual incline! Great views and not very heavy traffic!

Crowded today. Steady hike up to the ruins. The views were good. I guess one can easily be spoiled by Colorado's other scenic vistas, but neat none the less if this is your first time. Patches of snow and ice on the trail; quickly melted by the afternoon.

Wonderful hike great views along the way. Very dry not muddy at all! Enjoy

I was just glad to see the trail was open this time of year. A lot of places in this area are closed due to the mud. Some of this trail was closed off due to the season, but it was still worth going. We liked that there was snow sporadically along the trail which made it a little more challenging with just sneakers on. I read reviews talking about the limited parking, but the gate keeper said that they let people know when it’s full which was comforting. We got lucky and got to park by the trail we wanted to go on, but you may not get as lucky as we did. Overall, we will definitely will be doing this one again to experience the entire trail during season.

Fantastic hike! Challenging and fun hike! Trail is in great shape!

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail to run. Starts and ends steep, more hiking then running. Wasn’t that muddy, only a few snowy parts after the snow fall. Really nice overlook of the Denver skyline 2 miles in or so.

1 month ago

It is 8.00 to get into the park but a host is at the entrance so no meed to exact change. It starts of very pretty but then you walk on what seems to be this service road for the majority of it. Ended up splittinf off onto another trail which was much better on the views. Parking could be a little rough if you dont get there early enough.

Nice trail. Good trail to start the hiking season.

1 month ago

Really loved this trail! It’s a challenging hike that offers beautiful views.

1 month ago

Beautiful views all along the trail and the continental divide was gorgeous. A gradual incline all the way up, and a rocky trail which we loved.

TRAIL CLOSURE INFO: This trail is only open to the continental divide overlook and back. The top loop portion is closed thru July 15.

Only small sections of icy trail were tricky, primarily near the beginning of the hike. It was definitely doable without spikes or poles. $8 entry fee to the park. Only about 8 parking spaces at the TH, but more parking at the bottom and top of the canyon with occasional spots along the road.

Fun trail! Nice views looking east through the Gulch. I took the short trail from the Hotel Ruins to the Continental Divide Viewing area. Short hike between those two points. There was a nice, steady incline all the way up.

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