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From high grassy meadows at 8,100 feet to soaring granite cliffs over 10,000 feet, Staunton State Park's varied geology, soils, water features, and climate support rare and unexpected plant communities and a rich diversity of wildlife and provide a myriad of outdoor recreation opportunities. Colorado's newest state park opened to the public on May 18, 2013. The park is located approximately 40 miles southwest of downtown Denver, north of US Highway 285 and about six miles west of Conifer. The Park sits divided between Park and Jefferson counties, in Pine, Colorado. The first 1,720-acre parcel of land was donated to Colorado State Parks in 1986 by Frances Hornbrook Staunton. Subsequent parcels of land were added over the years to make up the now 3,828 acre park.

on Elk Falls Trail

1 day ago

What a great trail. Great views. The only thing park doesn't open until 7am, so no getting in earlier. Price is 7.00 if you don't have a state park pass. Took Staunton Ranch trail, Bugle Elk trail, Chimney Rock trail to Elk Creek Trail. 10 miles rt according to our Fitbit GPS

Took Staunton ranch, scout line, marmot, chimney and elk falls for a distance just short of 7 miles. It's a fairly hot hike with some shaded trees dispersed along the way. Filtered another liter of water from the falls and needed it. Moderate amount of mixed traffic.

7 days ago

Fun little hike...took Mason Creek to Bear Paw to all three Overlooks, then Old Mill back down. Neat forest scenery up too the lookouts with water crossings. The historic Old Mill site was interesting as well.

8 days ago

on Elk Falls Trail

9 days ago

Very misleading information. Trails in great shape, practically handicap accessible. Beautiful area. Good hike for families. However. There is only a few main parking lots at the bottom, then you'd have to hike about 4 miles to access the trail to get to chimney rock trail.

11 days ago

12 days ago

Great hike! not much traffic on a wednesday. Carry a lot of water this is a hot walk. The trail called "Elk Falls Trail" is only .35 miles long (not 9.5) but the 9.5 distance is probably accurate since you will need to hike at least 4 miles from the parking lot to get to the start of Elk falls trail. We took Staunton Ranch trail to Scout line trail (lots of elevation change this way, I am sure there is an easier way around) to Marmot passage trail and then once you get to Elk Falls Pond you can take Chimney Rock Trail to the head of Elk Falls Trail. But I think this was probably closer to 12 miles.

15 days ago