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Colorado Map

Really laid back hike with beautiful views the entire way. Heavy traffic to the falls, but if you keep heading to the lake, the number of people decreases a lot.

Totally awesome!!! Trail can be a little hard to follow right where it breaks off of seven bridges and up to the summit, but fairly easy to find your way. Definitely read the reviews below in regards to the last intersection. You’ll want to avoid the marked trails straight and to your left and head up the mountain where you can see a small trail peaking through the trees to your right. Started from the parking lot at 6:20am and was at the top by 7:45am. I was lucky enough to have the summit all to myself! Definitely recommend going early in the day to avoid both the heat and the crowds at seven bridges.

Quite a beautiful hike, with a little peak at the Rockies. You get a little bit of everything, including a beautiful meadow. My only complaints are the dams and electrical poles, which would momentarily contaminate my experience in nature. But this is Colorado and water is scarce, so I guess it's to be expected. Overall, would recommend!

Beautiful trail with flowers,views and the right amount of challenge. Get there early on weekends. Many trail runners, bikers and hikers.

3 hours ago

Jun 16, 2017 Started from the lower trailhead just past the Rifle Mountain Park. Trail is well used the first mile or so, but then becomes more overgrown. Watch for trail markers to stay on the trail. Dogs are allowed off leash (under voice control). First half mile is pretty flat, and then is a steady climb after that. Trail was free of snow, but had a few muddy spots. We didn't hike all the way to the end because of threatening weather and the scenery is really average. We enjoyed the first part of the trail more than the later part. Hiked about a total of 10 miles. We were the first ones at the trail head when we arrived at 10am and only saw one other hiker and his dog. Two other cars at the trailhead as we were leaving.

Not the to the peak trail we thought, but it was beautiful and the views are amazing! glad my hiking partner stuck with me, we were not expecting a 23 mi round trip, but it was amazing none the less.

3 hours ago

Pretty good trail for those who don't want to be at a trailhead first thing in the morning but still want distance. there were a few fallen trees toward the beginning of the trail. The muddy spots and water crossings are all within the 1st mile and aren't bad at all. Think more Ninja Warrior balance than dangerous to cross.

it is definotely lightly trafficked so some areas are a little overgrown. The weather was overcast so on a sunny day it would be warm since you are exposed on the ridge. I appreciated the note about the fork in the road (read earlier post) because we almost missed it. Additional note: This falls within open range area, and we did hear Shotgun shots.

Went backpacking in this area; we made it up to Harvey Lake but got rained out Saturday night and came back down to the TH on Sunday.

On paper this trail seems pretty moderate but after ascending to Harvey Lake, it was considerably more difficult than expected past Surprise Lake approximately. There is an astounding amount of deadfall on the trail as you go up and with the water still being high there are a few creek crossings that require care. After Reed's Meadow there is also a completely flooded section you will have to navigate without stepping in. The bugs are plentiful right now so finding a good windy campsite took time. If you are trying to go backpacking in this area right now I suggest go as high as you can manage to avoid mosquitoes. We did not encounter many at Harvey Lake at 11k and above.

Challenging hike! I did this with my husband last week and it was great. Climbed a lot more than I expected. I definitely would not take my 6 and 4 year olds on this trail. It wasn’t too crowded during the week which was nice. Gets your blood pumping!

Great scenic multi-trail. Conveniently located and surprisingly beautiful.

3 hours ago

I’m hooked! I went once a year ago for the first time and it was incredibly hard. I’m 39 years old and very active. It took me at least 90 minutes and was very humbling to say the least. Went up again twice last week-first time took 48 minutes, second time it took 43. Hoping to crack 40 minutes next time. Tips-don’t look up! Just press forward-looking up can crush you! Also-watch our for people coming down the incline. Most people take the trail down but there are some who run down the incline or end up turning around and going back down. I ran down the Barr Trail and it took me 35 minutes. Go early-it gets crowded very quickly so you want to beat the rush-and the heat! This is not for the faint of heart but is well worth it! Just reaching the top is an accomplishment.

Nice easy hike. It's definitely easy and not moderate, there's barely any incline. Too much noise from town in the first part and the lake is not very scenic. There are additional trails that can extend this one and that makes it worthwhile.

4 hours ago

Overall great hike, great view and decent camping for backpacking. Road was a little rough to get there and the trail had a little bit of water from the snow melt but no water shoes required. Absolutely sick

4 hours ago

I try to visit RMNP every time I'm in Denver and was looking for a dry trail since I didn't pack my waterproof boots this time. As a flatlander, I was worried I wouldn't fare very well, but most of the grade is gentle and there are plenty of places to rest. Start as early as possible because the trail gets hot and exposed to direct sun. Early to mid-June seems to be the perfect time to hit this trail if only for the wildflowers. Didn't see any wildlife of note, but greatly enjoyed the scenery. This trail was less traversed compared to St. Vrain, but there was a pretty steady trickle of hikers stopping at the lake after 11 a.m. on a Friday. Also, parking was filling up by 7:15 a.m. One hiking group recommended making the extra trip to Bluebird Lake, but my hiking companion wasn't enthused about tacking on the extra 2 miles, so maybe next time. Common sense prevails - make sure you have more than enough water, a hat, and plenty of sunscreen. This is a rocky trail and I highly recommend footwear with extra protection on the toes and thick soles to protect from stone bruising. Rating 4/5 because other trails in RMNP are a bit more stunning and offer easier photo opportunities of mountains at the final destination.

Nice trail. Even though the loop is about 4 miles, you can easily get from the trailhead to the top of the Pulpit Rock in about 30-40 minutes. The last 100 yards is a little challenging for kids but doable. Great views.

The lake was beautiful and worth taking the shuttle from the Park and Ride. However, it was very, very crowded.

The Cub Lake Trail Loop was a nice, easy hike. Cub Lake was very beautiful, and the bridge at the Pool over the river was also very scenic.

4 hours ago

A lot cooler than I thought they would be. Long loop trail is not really necessary as the views are mostly wind turbines and grass but we did them to stretch our legs and our time there. Got there early and beat the crowds but expect a lot of people in your shots if you get there later.

My first hike to that altitude and it did not disappoint. We hiked up from the west side of the park. There was quite a bit of snow around some of the switchbacks but nothing unmanageable. The views along the way were absolutely amazing. The top was a little barren but still a great view and we had a little lunch before hiking back down. It was astonishingly warm at the top. We hiked up rather late in the afternoon, probably not the smartest idea but we got to see the sunset at the top of the mountain and that was incredible. We made it down before it got dark, but I still wouldn't recommend unless you have headlamps and extra water! I recommend the trail overall, especially hiking up from the west.

a great hike via "the pool".

5 hours ago

This was so pretty! You can definitely make it too the lake now. The snow is mostly gone, just one large snow pack right before the lake. Lots of nice views on the way up. Pretty steep. Follows a waterfall for half of the way. Theres a pond on the right before the lake! I may have mistook that for the lake if someone hadn’t told me :)

Summited pikes peak for the first time on Saturday, June 16. I came from sea level 3 days before the hike and hiked it with 2 people from Co.

The trail is very well marked and easy to follow. The views are spectacular. Barr high camp is really great and the bathrooms are very clean. Overall this was an amazing first 14er.

Below is a detail of my experience, what I brought with me and how it went.

We started at 6 am and actually did the incline first and picked up the Barr trail at the top of the incline. The incline was very challenging, by we made it up to the top by 7:10 and picked up the Barr trail around mile 3.

Miles 3-6 were a comfortable increase incline. Nothing too strenuous and a welcome break after the incline. At mile 6 we reached the Barr High Camp. It was a very nice place to stop. We made it there by 9:15. The elevation there was around 10,000 and for me coming from sea level, to this point I was feeling fine.

We left Barr Camp around 9:45. The next three miles were slightly steeper than miles 3-6 but not too strenuous. My pace was slower than miles 3-6 as I wanted to control my breathing and not gas out before the last three miles.

We stopped at 12,000 feet for a short break as after that, you are above the tree line. At that point there is also a shelter if needed. We got there around 11:25. Then we started off for the last three miles. These were definitely the hardest. Everyone told us the last two were the hardest but for me, the third to last was the worst. Possibly because I was expecting the last 2 to be horrific. It took us 45 minutes to get to the 2 mile mark. At that point it got cold and started raining so we put on our rain jackets. We went slow and steady the rest of the way. The last mile, for me, was the easiest out of the last three. But I knew we were almost there. I very much paced myself steadied my breathing and we made it up by 2pm

There were plenty of people on the trail. Not crowded but you definitely see people. I agree that it is good to start early as you never know what the weather will be like.

We met a very nice girl on the trail who met her fiancé up top and they gave us a ride down. So getting a ride down is doable.

I never felt short of breath and never felt dizzy. But I also took it slow. I am not an extreme cardio person but I do train and I did my best to train for this, albeit at sea level.

I drank about a gallon and a half of water the two days before the hike and I think that helped. I only drank 2 liters while I’m the trail. Although I brought 3.5 with me.

It is cold up top. I would not do this without a rain coat, warm fleece and a clean shirt to change into.

Loved this trail for the scenery and length. Be aware that there are 2 different parking lots also when you connect from the Chavez trail back to the Beaver Brook there is a sign showing beaver brook going both ways. Left takes you to a parking lot. Sign wasn’t marked as such and causes confusion.

6 hours ago

Beautiful hike. The lake is gorgeous

6 hours ago

Hiked this trail clockwise and thought the best views were at the end; although It had a longer, steeper hike to reach these views. Also, was nice to have the six easy miles at the end. A lot of people were hiking in the opposite direction.

Ended up being closer to 29-30 miles for us. We didn’t see any wildlife. Water was a little harder to find, so we made sure to fill up when we came across water. We did this hike in two long days. Was amazing. Would totally recommend.

Nice lake-shore hike -- mostly ponderosa pine shaded, with cool breezes off the water. Under-rated at "Easy"...more like "Moderate" at 6.2 miles round-trip, with ups & downs and good steeps around the 6-7 coves. Can park on either end -- the southern end has an improved nice trail for 200 yards. But the rest is narrow and rocky. Definately a heads-down trail! $7 day-use fee.

mountain biking
7 hours ago

Really nice trail. Tons of hills and turns. It has bathrooms and playgrounds for the kids. I would recommend driving to the top and then start down. Chipmunks are all around the ponds. I had my kid on the back of my bike and did just fine. Heart rate peaked around 165.

Loved this trail. The drive in was gorgeous and the trail was pretty easy. My pup LOVED it, saw one moose today not too far up the trailhead. It rained for about half the hike but almost made it even better

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