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Roxborough State Park is a is a Colorado Natural Area and a National Natural Landmark and is only a brief drive southwest from Denver. With 3,339-acres of plants, animals, and beautiful views of iconic red-rock formations like Fountain Formation, Lyons Formation, and the Dakota Hogback, this park has something for everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for red fox, mule deer, golden eagles, and wildflowers.

Great hike but I wish I could bring my dog.

I wouldnt say this is a strenuous trail but it is a good amount for an enjoyable and challenging hike. Amazing views and a bit of a history lesson with all of the different Layers or rock. The best views are seen while going up and down and when you get to the top it’s a chill spot with trees and a bench! Not too crowded on a Thursday!


Good light trail. Busy after 10a.

I hiked Carpenters Peak Trail on Saturday, June 9th and thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me preface by saying in case you don't know, Roxborough State Park does not open until 7 a.m.so I had to wait 55 minutes until they opened. As hot as it is I would think they would open earlier because this is not a hike to do in the afternoon when it's in the 90's as there is very little protection (sporadically) from the sun.

I did the lollipop over to Powerline Trail into Pike National Forest down to Elk Valley Trail and back over to Carpenters Peak Trail.

Views on the way up (3.1 miles) are excellent and the view from the top of the peak is outstanding.

A couple trail notes follow the trail toward Waterton Canyon (signs) as you are leaving the Peak. It's about a half mile or so and Waterton Canyon breaks to the right (signs) but interestingly there is no sign that says Powerline goes to the left but indeed it does.
Take plenty of water and sunscreen but I am definitely coming back with my wife. Carpenters Peak is 3.1 UP and 3.1 DOWN and the sign says it is strenuous but it really is not that difficult at all.

No dogs? Why I thought Colorado was more dog friendly.

Wonderful park and a great trail. The Fountain Valley Trail has some great scenery and is easy for all ages. Some parts of the trail have trees that may provide a bit a shade in the morning or afternoon, but a lot of the trail has no cover, so be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen in the summer. We went in late afternoon and some clouds rolled in and cooled things off. Around sunset was absolutely wonderful, both in terms of the view and cool weather. There are four or five picnic tables near the visitors center and we used those, but they are pretty small and could fill up fast during peak time. We went on a Saturday afternoon (around 4:30 or 5:00) and the park was pretty quiet and not many other hikers. Highly recommend Roxborough State Park and the Fountain Valley Trail is a great place to get started.

21 days ago

A super easy trail as other have said. We reached here late in the afternoon and there were very few people in the park. This was the last trail of our visit to Colorado.

Easy trail- pretty flat and well maintained. Very little hills but just a good way to get outside

26 days ago

Not too strenuous for 60+ crowd. Wide path, but no going off the path. A little exercise, and gorgeous greenery in May. Beautiful vistas and rock formations. The birds were chirping. Persse home was not open, but you can peek in the window. Hiked 9-11am on a Tuesday. 10 cars there at 9am, Upper Lot full at 11. The Lyons Overlook is worth it and right off the Loop, but gains elevation quickly. Will be back.

Beautiful views. I've taken my 2 and 5 yr old here. Plenty to keep them entertained and moving. I did pack my 2 yr old on my back. stroller friendly path.

Good trail, well maintained, the trail is definitely not strenuous. great views and plenty of good stopping spots.

1 month ago

You do have to pay $7 for an all-day park pass, which would’ve been nice to know before going but if you don’t mind the fee, it’s worth it. The trail is described as strenuous but it’s not bad at all and the views are terrific.

1 month ago

Great hike on well-maintained trails. Not crowded on a Monday. Also the pay station was self-service so only cash accepted. I did the lollipop loop version of this hike and almost regretted the decision at the aptly named Powerline Trail but the portion in sight and sound of them was only half a mile. The rest of it was quite lovely and varied.

Easy, wide, well kept. Busy on the trail, lots of families, all ages present.

Wonderful hike, with a lot of wildflowers!

1 month ago

The views are phenomenal, the hike is strenuous. Work hard for more unique views.

I enjoyed the trail. Hardly any wait if you get there before ten, but when we left around 11 there was a massive line and I know there weren't parking spots for them all.

1 month ago

I arrived around 8 am on a Saturday morning, and did not have wait to get in to the park. The cost is $7, cash or card both accepted. I hiked the Carpenter Peak/Powerline/Elk Valley Loop. Originally, I intended to just hike the Carpenter Peak trail, however I ran into one of the park rangers and he convinced me to take on the loop by saying it was his favorite hike in the park. After completing it, I agree!

There were not many people on the loop once you cross over on to Powerline. In fact, Powerline runs out of Roxborough and into Pike National Forest, which is an added bonus.

I would bring water, sunscreen, and layers if you are hiking in the morning to peel off as the day heats up.

It took me around 3 hours to complete the 8 mile loop. When I left around 11:15, the top lot was full (where I was able to park with ease around 8), and there was a line of cars about 15-20 deep waiting to enter. Hope this helps!

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1 month ago

Sunny weekend day so there was a line of cars waiting at 10am when I left. Pretty scenery, trail was dry and easy enough for others to push a stroller. On the easy side of moderate for a hike for sure.

1 month ago

Bit of a wait in line to get into the lot on a busy morning, but well worth it. Great 6 mile out and back, with awesome views of cool rock formations along the way. Cool rocks to climb on at the summit. Nice changes in landscape along the way, with nice shady spots to take a rest. Not too strenuous on the way up for an experienced hiker, and the grade is easy on the knees on the way down. I’ll definitely hit this trail again.

Easy hike for new hikers. Small park so there weren’t a lot of people. Get there early. Only 75 spots in park so you could end up waiting to get in, but it is worth it!

Beautiful, especially in the morning sun. As the snow thaws, you'll see some mud on the trail. But otherwise fun and scenic with views of the red rocks, Denver, and mountains to the west.

There is usually a wait to get into the park which the park rangers on busy days with a $7 entrance fee, but its a small price to pay for the amount of awesomeness you get in this park. It's basically like the Garden of the Gods but WAY LESS crowded and more "peacefulness" compared to the excessive touristy-ness of the GoGs. If I had a choice I'd choose this park over GoGs any day especially since there are so many amazing trails with spectacular views of the Red Rock formations everywhere!

Great simple loop with amazing views of the valley, I highly suggest going clockwise instead of counter clockwise, it felt a lot steeper going counterclockwise and you start off within the forest/shade of the mountains. Going clockwise it had a lot longer switchbacks along the valley so it seemed a lot easier. Though of course either way you go the views are spectacular! The full loop trail is currently closed going across Roxborough Drive so you have to take the Willow Creek Trail in the middle to make it a loop.

1 month ago

Did this as a part of the full Fountain Valley Loop trail - super easy side trail maybe 0.1 miles from the main path, totally worth it for a pretty good view of the entire valley of rock formations and such.

Nice trail. Well kept. Decent amount of traffic. Beware of delays getting into the park on busy days.

The trail up to the lookout was nice and easy and worth it for the view. Would definitely do this hike again.

Love this entire park!

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