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Best done with skis especially for the descent. This can be quite crowded on the weekends. If you have the knowledge and are properly equipped, enjoying a sunset at Camp Muir then skiing back to Paradise before full darkness can be spectacular. Always be aware of the hours posted for the gate at Longmire as they lock it to all traffic both up and down in the winter.

This IS a tough hike if you're not in shape, but if you're a '2-3 hike-a-weeker' you should have no problem. The 8.5 mile roundtrip distance isn't the problem....it's the 1,000ft. per mile elevation gain. You're nearly at a mile up at the onset so drink lots of water the night before you start and bring plenty and sip it often as well as tasty high-carb snacks. If it's a clear day, start early, gob on the sunscreen and apply often.... the Muir snowfield is BRUTAL on a hot summer day. Don't become depressed when your destination seems to keep getting further and further away from you the closer you get. It's the altitude making your boots feel like they're cinder-blocks. Try two little tricks for the 'climbers' use. Pressure breaths...blow out two breaths deeply then inhale one long deep one...about every 5 minutes or so. Also try climbers- step when thighs and calves are fatigued on steep areas: Place leg forward and put weight on the knee joint and step up straight and repeat. Take your time, you're not in a race....just maintain a steady pace. (I'm 65 and this does help me...it's good practice if you're having trouble with altitude and better than most) If you notice nausea or a migraine setting in, TURN AROUND and head back calmly. The mountain will still be there for another day. 9 times out of 10 you'll notice the symptoms disappear once you proceed to a lower altitude. Camp Muir itself is a reward. Congratulate yourself as you sit 2/3 of the way up Rainier taking in tiny Paradise Hotel, Mt. Adams and the valleys beyond. When you make it back down reward yourself with a great meal and brew!! ENJOY!

This hike was completed August 2017

Hiked this today 02/12/2018, on a gorgeous sunny day! Only needed micro spikes and poles, but brought snowshoes just in case. First time up to Camp Muir, ice covered most of the way, making it a bit sketchy on the steepest terrain. It was very rewarding hike, can’t wait to do this during summer, I hear it’s much easier.

Absolutely stunning. Climbed to the summit via DC route from July 15-17 (took a rest day at Camp Muir due to high winds on the upper mountain). Bluebird summit bid, with a few ladder crossings over some deep crevasses. Would love to climb it again! It's definitely a challenge, but if you study the route, are in great physical and mental shape, and are willing to push your limits, there's no doubt you will make it to Columbia Crest!

Did this today, absolutely spectacular views! Totally clear day, could see all the mountains. Snow was good. Went straight up and it was definitely challenging but coming down was easy. Just be careful of sliding.

Beautiful hike. Made it to panorama point when the sun was beginning to set. Amazing photography light coming down off the mountain. Lots of trail erosion due to heavy traffic and hikers not using trail etiquette. Next time Camp Muir

I had an amazing experience hiking this on Tuesday, 10/27. I had a late start and was not off the mountain until after dark but that only added to my experience. Watching the sunset from up on Rainier was amazing. Most people going up are skiers and snowshoers this time of year and I understand why. There was snow and ice right from the Paradise parking lot all the way to Camp Muir. Hiking this climb this time of year is for experienced and prepared hikers/climbers only. I suggest solid boots with spikes, poles, warm clothes, a headlamp, and the ability to track your progress using GPS. I'd also suggest making sure someone knows your exact plan and when you expect to be off the mountain. I normally wouldn't write all these suggestions but I saw several beginner hikers that had to turn around very early on because of not doing the things mentioned above. Of course it was nice to have the trail to myself too! Awesome experience but a serious endeavor for sure with this much snow and ice. PS, lots of falling ice from both sides of the Muir snowfield.

Great mountain to hike and skin up. Enjoyed skiing down the snow face. Great view from up top, experienced the change of altitude and felt sick. It was worth it for the views!

Best views of Mt.Rainier. Moderate hike

I am planning to summit Mount Rainier, anybody interested in joining?

Amaizing experience I will back soon

very strenuous hike. took us almost 5.5 hrs to climb up and 2.5 hrs to come down. But in the end, it was worth the hard work. coming down, we glissade almost all the way. it was really fun glissading.

we hiked this on 9/9/17. we parked between the visitors center and the park rangers cabin and started up the trail at 0740. it was 45 degrees, foggy, and windy. the first 2 miles were pretty straight forward but the last 2.2 were an adventure. 2 hikers on their way down said it was too treacherous to attempt the snowfield but we continued. the visibility was 20 yards max once we hit the snowfield and we had a hard time finding any trail up. we made are own way and over 1.5 miles up the fog would break for a minute or 2 and make it all worth it. we made it to the camp, had a snack, and talked with some of the climbers just getting down from the summit. it took us 3 hours without poles or crampons. the poles would be very helpful for the trek down as it is very slippery. we brought contractor grade trash bags to slide down some of the mountain and that was a blast.

the temp at the camp was mid 30s with a 40mph wind.

all in all a great hike. there is plenty of water along the first 2 miles but nothing but snow once you hit the snowfield so plan accordingly.

The view is amazing!!

Outstanding route

Hiked on Sunday 8/20. Completely clear, beautiful weather in the morning. A little overcast in the afternoon. Rented poles from the gift shop the night before and they proved invaluable on the snow field. Left for the hike at 8:20am from the parking lot - this was nice to leave at this time to avoid the crowds of tourists. Hiked at a very leisurely pace and took a 1.5 hour break at Camp Muir and the hike only took 8.5 hours. Did not need crampons for the snow field, but the poles did help. Try to walk in someone else's footsteps in the snow field going up - makes it much easier. Highly suggest sliding down on the snow on the way back, it is extremely fun and makes the hike much better on the way down.

We went yesterday for the eclipse and it was amazing! The first two miles to the snow fields are beautiful. We saw a black bear in the distance, marmots, and some birds. You don't need micro spikes at the snow fields but some trekking poles came in handy. It was a bit cold on the way up as we left paradise at 7am so bring some gloves or your hands might go numb. The steps are short in the snow field as you shuffle your feet up the mountain. It took 3.5 hours to reach the top but the whole trek was well worth the soreness we faced today. You can hear the mountain talking as the glaciers break loose and crevasses are formed but those are way up the mountain and you are not in harms way. Make sure to bring a trash bag so you can glissade down the snow fields! A lot of laughter was had as we made trash bag pants by sticking out legs through the bottom of the garbage bag. A must do hike!!!

Fantastic Hike!! It was very foggy and wet today! We had to turn around and couldn't make it to Camp Muir due to the weather but I'll be back!!

It's the perfect time of the year to do this!

Round trip about 7 hours with family (Mom, Dad, Me (17), Brother (15), sister (18)). BRING SOMETHING TO SLIDE DOWN ON (garbage bag, plastic disc, ect. Bring crampons. Leave fairly early.

I did it in 5 hours round trip. At 9,000 my heart was pounding out of my chest and I had to stop and get my heartbeat down before walking again. Make sure you're methodical with your approach. Bring water and snacks and a high carb meal for basecamp. Going down is hard on the knees, so bring something to slid on!

Incredible hike, my original goal was the Muir Snowfields, but the weather was perfect, the views were unbelievable, and I found myself pushing on. The views of Paradise and Rainier are stunning, and seeing Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. St Helens in the distance on a clear day just takes it to another level.

The most fun hike I have done! The sliding for two miles down the mountain is awesome! Views are great, and not as hard as I expected. Including lots of stops for images and taking on and off layers of clothes we did it in 6hrs and 45min. I used poles because the snow is slippery some places. My boyfriend hiked in his boots only, and that went just fine. We brought spikes just in case.

Went up there today
Left paradise 10:35am
Pebble creek 11:40am
Camp Muir 2:40pm
Left camp Muir 3:30pm
At paradise around 5:30pm coming down was easy glissading.
after you pass the pebble creek it's mostly snow fields, took some breaks. I had my crampons on and also hiking poles and I did fine. Sunscreen and sun glasses are must and extra water and clothing as well since weather changes really quick. Saw so many hikers there who were getting ready for summit mount Rainer.

Great day trip (lots of people on weekends) and the view and the flowers are incredible! The snow line has moved far up the mountain!

10 months ago

This was a beautiful hike! I love the terrain and views!! The lake pictures is actually at the beginning of the hike and it's worth the venture to the view points!!

nice hike, but the hike doesn't start near paradise inn!! it starts at white river campground near sunrise!

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