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Beautiful and challenging hike with amazing views!! If you aren’t ready to tackle summiting Rainier, Hike to Camp Muir. You will not be disappointed with the views!!!

Good trail, waterfalls, flowers, three view outlooks.

3 days ago

Definitely a hidden gem! This is a beautiful hike. Ranger Falls was poppin’ too. Only thing we weren’t crazy about was the 3 mile hike on the service road. We didn’t have bikes to use but definitely wished we had them to cut down on the time it took to get to the trailhead (and back to the parking lot). Got there at 930 am and made it to the trailhead at 1030, then got up to the lake around 1145ish. We didn’t run into anyone on the way up although there were a couple people up there already. Mostly ran into people on the way down. Definitely recommend this beautiful trail!

Best done with skis especially for the descent. This can be quite crowded on the weekends. If you have the knowledge and are properly equipped, enjoying a sunset at Camp Muir then skiing back to Paradise before full darkness can be spectacular. Always be aware of the hours posted for the gate at Longmire as they lock it to all traffic both up and down in the winter.

Very beautiful hike!

Can't get to comet falls as of 5/18, but can get close! Fantastic trail regardless, worth it even without getting to comet for now.

This IS a tough hike if you're not in shape, but if you're a '2-3 hike-a-weeker' you should have no problem. The 8.5 mile roundtrip distance isn't the problem....it's the 1,000ft. per mile elevation gain. You're nearly at a mile up at the onset so drink lots of water the night before you start and bring plenty and sip it often as well as tasty high-carb snacks. If it's a clear day, start early, gob on the sunscreen and apply often.... the Muir snowfield is BRUTAL on a hot summer day. Don't become depressed when your destination seems to keep getting further and further away from you the closer you get. It's the altitude making your boots feel like they're cinder-blocks. Try two little tricks for the 'climbers' use. Pressure breaths...blow out two breaths deeply then inhale one long deep one...about every 5 minutes or so. Also try climbers- step when thighs and calves are fatigued on steep areas: Place leg forward and put weight on the knee joint and step up straight and repeat. Take your time, you're not in a race....just maintain a steady pace. (I'm 65 and this does help me...it's good practice if you're having trouble with altitude and better than most) If you notice nausea or a migraine setting in, TURN AROUND and head back calmly. The mountain will still be there for another day. 9 times out of 10 you'll notice the symptoms disappear once you proceed to a lower altitude. Camp Muir itself is a reward. Congratulate yourself as you sit 2/3 of the way up Rainier taking in tiny Paradise Hotel, Mt. Adams and the valleys beyond. When you make it back down reward yourself with a great meal and brew!! ENJOY!

The meadow features flowers and glaciers. It’s like another planet, and it smells like laundry detergent. We saw bear and a mountain goat.

Set out early to beat today’s heat: 80-83 degrees and had the whole forest to myself! What a beautiful PNW spring day!! Perfect for a wooded hike - much of it is through beautiful shaded forest! Creek, waterfalls, beautiful greenery, and oh, the views of Rainier and the valley below!! I set out with a mindset of seeing how I would do, and ended up pushing myself for the full 12 miles (6 miles in to Little Ranger peak lookout and 6 out). Tighter switchbacks in the beginning lead to the waterfall...then meander through the forest for awhile...pretty soon opens to great look outs off and on (you THINK are great until they just get better and better the higher up you get!). Toward the end, there were a couple small snow patches on the trail, but super easy to go around. I would call this trail easy to follow, even though the rangers warned there might be debris to clear since they hadn’t been through there yet this year and because of the wild fires. I really saw no trace of fires hitting this area though, until the very end, you could look way across and see a peak in the distance with some burned trees. At the very end, the trail doesn’t QUITE get you up to the peak (thanks to Per, who stated this below so I had the heads up), so I had to off-road a bit, but it was a quick 5 minute jont up. I picniced up there, basking in the sun amidst breathtaking views of our mountain and surroundings. On the way back down, finally passed about 5 other hikers/groups of people but the first few hours was solitude! Took about 5 1/2 hours which included stopping for pictures along the way and lunch. What a great spring hike!!

was a great hike 10 + dangerous because the snow in the end but we was crazy and we made it to the falls be careful the snow

This hike was completed August 2017

13 days ago

We drove up the long grave road yesterday (5/13/18) to the trail head. The grave road is no joke and took us about 30 minutes or so, thank god I rented a SUV. But the road was closed about 5.5 miles before the trail head. We decided to walk up the road anyways to make it to the lake and trail head. A lot of people started to walk but most turned around do the the amount of snow covering the roadway. It was very tough and the snow was deep so come prepared but the lake is beautiful! It is iced over but amazing! We went to the lake and back to the car and it took about 4 1/2/ hours to do about 11 miles out and back.

on Skookum Flats Trail

14 days ago

Loved it. Worth the effort to climb the rock scramble to see the waterfall.

I spent many Saturdays on this hike in the summer of 2017. This is a very peaceful and beautiful hike. We had a range of ages and experience levels with us and will for sure be back!

15 days ago

Nice short hike to some different viewing spots of Narada Falls, quite impressive! Fun to sit on the wall and have someone walk around and take a photo. Crystal clear water is beautiful. Recommend a short stop, it can get crowded.

It is amazing what a month of snowmelt can do. We have done this twice, in July 2005 and again in June 2010, and the whole meadow changes and bursts forth with flowers in July... the snow is really cool to hike on too. Myrtle Falls as a backdrop is the perfect family photo op. I highly recommend the whole Paradise area, as it is breathtaking. Since this is a short trail, you should really do the whole Skyline Loop and go on up to Pebble Creek too. Enjoy!

My favorite trail is very beautiful.

The first 1/3 of the trail was free of snow, and started to be covered by snow and muddy after passing the Christine Fall.

The entire paradise is still snowy, all roads above this point remain closed; trails/signs are buried in snow. Snow shoes are highly recommended (visitor center provides gears rental). Didn’t hike far due to the weather, but the view was already spectacular when the sun came out.

Fun family hike with a few steep steps.

20 days ago

We hiked this on Saturday May 5,2018. Overall great hike. But the 3 mile straight road you have to take before hitting the trail head was a bit boring. We walked it, but saw some biking it. There is a bike rack at the trail head if you did want to bike.
We started at 10:50am, not many people on the trail at all. From the start of the trail head it took us 1 hour and 15 mins to get to the lake. From here there is a casual elevation gain, nothing out of the ordinary.
On the way to the lake it’s pretty much shaded buy the trees. It was like we were hiking in the forest. :) Also before reaching the lake is a beautiful waterfall. We stopped here to view it on the way down.
The lake was a refreshing view. We sat and had lunch on the logs along side of the lake before heading back. On the way down it took us about 45 minutes before getting to the beginning of the trail head. Then the 3 mile straight road again. We arrived to our car around 2:50.
Requires a hiking pass or $25 for the day/parking.

24 days ago

Great hike today! Brought our bikes like a lot of the reviews suggested and that worked out great! The three miles in and three miles out would have greatly elongated the hike without bikes and not sure I would have made it! Ha! Nevertheless, the biking was pretty exhausting on the way in with a small incline the whole way, and it was a breath of fresh air on the way back down - almost coasting the whole way on tired legs! The hiking inbetween (non-road) was beautiful (and the forest moss and trees beautiful on the road too)! Waterfall was gorgeous and the lake just as breathtaking and a perfect spot for a picnic. Even with the late snow this year, we didn’t run into ANY snow issues on May 2, 2018. A tiny patch or two but I would still call it completely clear of snow! Enjoy!

It was my first time doing this trail and it was pretty amazing. I got to the trailhead around 9am today (29April2018) and I never see anyone on the trail. The snow on the ground are easy to hike until you reach almost 1.5 miles out, then it gets deeper and steeper. I turned around due to low visibility (it got foggy). Will definitely going to do it again when some of the snow melts.

Love this trail!

So beautiful! The lake is SO green and the waterfall is perfect. We weren’t expecting all of it, given the long 3 miles of flat road, and were very pleasantly surprised.

1 month ago

So much snow and only made it just over half the way. Unfortunately we were not prepared for how much snow and how deep it was! Or we would have continued on if we had some snow shoes. Definitely going to hike again at some point.

1 month ago

Did this one solo last summer. it was AMAZING! Worth all the the work for certain. It was almost like backpacking through 3-4 different micro climates. One trip I'll never forget.

This trail holds a special place in my heart. It’s a relatively short hike once you’re off the road walk, but the lake is beautifully set with the mountains in the backdrop. Great for a dip on a summer day.

1 month ago

parked at the Buck Creek trail head. NW Forest Pass required. Trailhead clearly marked however it leads to you Ranger Creek Airstrip and then there's no direction. Turn right and walk down the road until you see a sign that says trail for hiking and biking. Snow and ice still on trail. we used microspikes no problem. Trail has recently been cleared of downed trees. if you don't want to climb (where the sign says falls) just go over the bridge and you can get a great view. next time I would take two cars and leave one at each end. beautiful trail.

2 months ago

Very icy. Very very icy. We ran into hikers on there way down and they informed us it was icy all the way up. We kept moving forward but we came to a point where it was just constant ice, we weren’t getting much traction and we weren’t getting very far... so we sadly turned back. We’ll try again in a couple of weeks. It has great potential but the ice was out of control.

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