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2 days ago

Beautiful frozen views

I hiked this in late fall 2018. Hit an awesome weather window and had above normal temps which made it feel I was hiking in the summer! The trail is marked clearly and attendance was low. Beautiful terrain and the views are incredible. The last mile to the 3rd Burrough was quite the push but well worth it! Once you get to the top you have an up close and personal view of the glacier, breath taking. It was making glacier music, moaning and cracking in the mid day sun. The loop back to Sunrise was just as spectacular, deep valley view with beautiful green lakes while hiking along the rim. Perfect ending to an incredible summer!

Very challenging but worth it. Beautiful scenery.

7 days ago

A good day hike, clear skies.

Several large trees cover the trail, some are tricky to get by.

As you go up the valley towards the glacier, there is snow on the ground, not enough to need spikes or snowshoes. Poles are needed as you get closer to the glacier.

10 days ago

One of my favorite hikes ever. The mountain feels so close and the scenery never dulls. Would recommend poles, but it is not a necessity. Will definitely be doing again!!

The highlight of our visit to Mount Rainier. This is a steady climb most of the way up but lots of pauses for photo ops and pika watching. Saw hikers of all ages able to do this trail. Great reward for the time it takes to do this trail.

I’ve done it twice. Great trail.

Family favorite short and very scenic hike in the Mt. Rainier National Park.

14 days ago

Hiked this trail late August; Weather wasn't great - Cloudy all around and did not get a good view from the summit. Nevertheless meadow section was great and was a good hike

15 days ago

Beautiful setting.

16 days ago


From the East Coast (specifically New Jersey) and this was our first West Coast hike. Wow, wow, wow. The views were insane, the flora was gorgeous, and the temperature was perfect in August! This review is written late, but if you can make the trip, DO IT!

16 days ago

Great trail.. Clear and dry when I was there Dec 31.. Once I went past the Falls I was hiking in compacted snow, nothing that my Nikes couldn’t handle all the way to the end.. The lake..

17 days ago

Hiked this trail in early October 2018 on a day with very bad weather conditions. We had no views because there was fog everywhere around us. But we loved it anyways! It wasn’t crowed (due to the time of the year and the weather I guess) and we enjoyed to be alone on the trail. It’s definitely strenuous but totally doable. We even had the chance to spot marmots on our way and the fall colors were amazing. Totally recommend it - if we‘re ever going back to Mt. Rainier, we hope to hike it again in better conditions.

we came in from hwy 12 ..the gate was closed but we decided to hike imto the campground and visitors center.. beautiful hike all the same.. ..there was no snow on the roads up to the gate....there was snow inside the gate but tire tracks left perfect snow free spots to follow all the way in.

This is probably my all time favorite hike I’ve ever done. Make sure to go all the way to the third Burrough and overlook the glacial features. It’s the most stunning view I’ve ever seen. Trail is very doable up until that last push up the hill which feels like that scene where Sam has to carry Frodo up the mountain except it’s me pushing my partner up as they slowly melt into death. No complaints once we made it to the top though. Hike back in a loop and you can see an incredible array of diverse ecosystems. Everything from Rocky Mountain passes to gorgeous pondside flower gardens. Just incredible. Even caught a herd of mountain goats doin their thing.

25 days ago

I’m an avid PNW hiker, and I can honestly say that there’s nothing else quite like this. The first part is paved and I was so disheartened by the mobs of tourists... after a mile or so once the trail gets steeper, things calm down. Despite its busyness and my preference for solitude, I still feel that this was my best hike of 2018. It was worth every single step. I adore this hike!!

Hiked this one with my mom a few years ago, and it was really enjoyable. The trees are absolutely enormous, makes you feel so small!

Nice easy loop trail with amazing views of Mt Rainier! We went in the beginning of October so the fall foliage was spectacular. We saw some deer that were really chill (they sat by the trail and watched us as we started the trail and they were there still at the end of the loop). It was cold and windy however so bundle up! Even the drive to the trail alone made it worth it. We stopped at a cute little restaurant and the base of the mountain that had amazing food.

did this hike the end of May. some snow and the log bridge across the river was not completed either hand rail yet. we took our chances by crossing on our butts. there were only 4 or 5 other people that crossed the log to get to the suspension bridge. this makes my 4th time. it is a beautiful hike once you get off the bikes at ipsuit campground.

Easy family snowshoeing trail with good view.

1 month ago

Easy snowshoeing trail with great reward.

1 month ago

frozen and beautiful

Went up last weekend and it was beautiful. Only my second time snowshoeing. Definitely will do it again!


The snow made this an even better hike

This was our first winter hike and snowshoe and it was simply perfect!! The forest road up was snow covered on the upper half but super driveable in my Honda Pilot. We were surprised to find the trail so easy to follow even though it was covered with snow the whole way. Lake Eleanor was completely frozen and snowed over. We made it about 4 miles in and picnicked up in the amazing meadow although Rainier didn’t uncloak until a few hours later after we were gone - simply gorgeous nonetheless. Passed two backcountry skiers on the way down. Hoping they maybe saw Rainier. Such a wonderful combination of forest, lake, meadow. Cannot wait to contrast this hike in the summertime. I am envisioning the fields of flowers...

The snow is hard packed out to the falls which are iced over and beautiful.

We loved this hike today. I wish we could have finished it, but after the first few miles it got too icy to attempt in just hiking boots, so we didn’t make it to Comet Falls. The part we did was beautiful and we’d like to go back with the proper equipment. The is some snow on the trail but it would be passable if not for the ice toward the top.

Fun short hike for a family or group looking for something easy. Old growth trees are spectacular and there's a fun suspension bridge that crosses over a stream. The old NPS interpretation signs from the 70s are a bit over the top and probably due for removal, but otherwise this is a fun, easy trail if you have a group looking for a relaxed adventure.

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