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It was a fun trail to climb

Awesome route, climbed in July of 2017 and was gorgeous. Exhausting, 15hr summit day, but so worth it. Already planning my next trip back for the Kautz Glacier Route.

06.17.2018 - I hated this trail. It was so boring. We started by the Wonderland Trail side and ended the loop in the Longmire side. I’ve hiked a few trails in the past couple of weeks and this was by far my least favorite and one I won’t hike again. I’m giving it two stars because the viewpoint of the mountain was really nice but to me not worth the hike. Bring some mosquito repellant and long sleeves, maybe even a mosquito head net. The mosquitos on the Wonderland side of the trail were unreal and were feasting on us. They were biting through my leggings even with mosquito repellent! I ended up wearing my sweatshirt even though it was really hot because I was getting bitten so bad.

Amazing and Beautiful went yesterday 17JUN18 a few down trees but well maintained trail.. totally worth it!!

1 day ago

Hiked to the third viewpoint today. Trail was in great shape and the views were phenomenal. loved the diversity of terrain and the Indian Paintbrush at the viewpoints.

1 day ago

A good side hike when you're returning to your car.
Quite steep, nice big trees, but not a lot to see of the mine.

So beautiful, any hike to see falls is amazing.

2 days ago

A nice little side hike.

A good hike. Pretty busy on the trail. The bridge is in, so the trail is open the whole way.

Nice hike for early season conditioning. Ranger Falls is a great stop on the way to the lake.

in early August, the wildflowers are amazing. The mountain is as big as life. Marmots amusing.

3 days ago

June 15- absolutely beautiful hike. Very strenuous but definitely worth the views from the top, even on a partly cloudy day. Once we got to the sign where the trail splits to go off to lake/peak, snow got pretty bad. Completely covered the trail beyond that point and we had to turn around. Definitely a later-summer hike. But definitely worth it, regardless!

This was a good hike and doesn’t take too long if you’re looking for something on the shorter side later in the evening. The ascent will get the blood flowing but found the descent on the easy side. Ground is wet so be careful of slipping especially on roots. There was still a little snow on the upper sections of the path, not very long, nothing that would require special shoes, just slow your steps and be careful. The hike itself I rated a 4 but the waterfalls are gorgeous, would rate those higher. Comet was the best and is great to take video of.

4 days ago

It was cloudy but, still had the opportunity to enjoy its

I wouldn’t go up until late July or the beginning of August. The last mile is snow and steep, leaving it very dangerous. The melting snow has left points where snow bridges have formed over the small run-offs. Beautiful views at the top, I’m just lucky I didn’t break a leg or slide down some steep faces.

Pretty flat trail for the most part. Trail features 2 waterfalls which is nice, walk along some rushing water during some of the hike. Wish you could get closer to the falls, we tried but could only see from a little bit of a distance. Would do this hike again.

It was a little more difficult than I thought it would be but totally worth it. The water falls are beautiful. My 13 and 10 year old sons complained a little but were proud of them selves when they finished.

The trees are impressive.

This shady walk in he woods features a waterfall at the base. We passed only one other party. Very nice.

We parked in lot B as day use visitors, and began the hike near the hot springs.

The Silver Falls are midway through the loop trail. The water was roaring though the pass while we were there (mid June), a result of lots of melting snow and two days of rain just before our hike.

Through much of the hike a layer of moss covered everything, dampening the sounds and bringing peace.

The path was wide and well padded. We saw people near the actual falls, but aside from that the hike was solitary. I highly recommend the Silver Falls Loop.

7 days ago

Once you got to the end of the road, the hike was great. Crossing the (safe) logs and rocks to get to the falls was very fun, but the long service road you take, although beautiful, was not very pleasing the second time around. The falls were amazing to see, and worth the trip.

Beautiful Hike. Hiked from Crystal Mountain Resort, to the PCT then up to Sourdough Gap ( GREAT views of MT. Rainier!! ) then down to Crystal Lake (The upper lake) Beautiful scenery, deer everywhere, great place to backpack.

I think Andreas review below nailed most of the must knows for this hike! There definitely is a suspension bridge out there for those that are saying it’s not there! Quiet trail, some families. A few fairly steep hairy parts and a few spots where you just kind of have to keep going and hope a trail starts again. The in and out of the river bed at the start was different but we crossed the river once on the big tree, then again on a smaller one and headed toward the forest where someone left a decent size orange cone marking the trail. If the cone is gone the only way of knowing the trail starts there is a faded marker hanging in the tree. You can’t see the start of the trail over the rocks! Bring a picnic and camera!

8 days ago

I liked the hike it was just way too crowded in the summer.

We just moved to Washington, and our home goods are still being shipped here so we chose an easier trail that didn’t require much beyond our tennis shoes and workout clothes. We got there at around 9:30, and it was very quiet.
There was an increase in hikers when we were almost back to the parking lot, and there was very little parking there at about 11:30.
I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to get out and do a hike that won’t take up your whole day.
The falls were gorgeous, but I wouldn’t recommend the last scramble to families with little ones or anyone who can’t do a steep climb on rocks.
However, the whole trail until then was so beautiful and I loved the river views and clear forest streams.
Don’t let rain or an early rise stop you from getting out!

This is a short, but charming loop hike. best with small children, as it would offer high interest for them. It's also a nice add on at the end of the day for the rest of us, my daughter calls them desert hikes

This was a beautiful trail to hike. We started off at Silver Falls trail and ended up here. The entire hike we were amazed at nature’s beauty thought the entire way. One thing worth mentioning is that there’s a bridge that you have to cross but only one person at a time. So on our way back across the bridge we had to wait like 10 minutes because people were crossing from the other side and would stop. They would start crossing before other people were off so we just waited patiently for our opportunity. Other than that the trees were amazingly gorgeous. Simply mind blown at the size and beauty of the trees. Definitely a trail I will bring my 6 year old son on next time.

10 days ago

Great hike. The scenery was beautiful the whole way. Trails are clearly marked. I plan on coming back with my 6 year old son because it is easy enough for kids to do. Will definitely be back again.

Made the hike up to Camp Muir on 6/2/18. It was a beautiful sunny day with very little wind. Incredible views of the upper mountain as well as Mt Adams, Hood and St Helens. Saw two avalanches on the upper mountain and heard several more. That was pretty incredible. Glissade chutes were numerous and lots of fun on the way down. This is a long hard hike but well worth the effort. I highly recommend it.

Great trail! Highly recommend hiking it. Still quite a bit of snow up towards comet falls. Use caution folks and enjoy!

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