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The Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains, have a wide range of elevations, making them home to over 400 vertebrate species, 100 tree species, and 5000 plant species. Hiking is the park's main attraction, with over 800 miles (1,300 km) of trails, including 70 miles (110 km) of the Appalachian Trail. Other activities are fishing, horseback riding, and visiting some of nearly 80 historic structures.

Really good hike. Went in about 10 am. Wasn’t too busy. Came out about 2pm and it was very busy. Get there early.

16 hours ago

Love this trail! Beautiful views and so rewarding when you get to the falls.

good trail, work the hike

Because the trail is not difficult it made for a lot of people on the trail.

20 hours ago

This hike seems to be on every “Top 10 Hikes of the Smokies” list and with that kind of recognition comes the crowds. Abrams Falls trail is moderate in length and elevation gain which also contributes to its popularity. It’s a “roller coaster” type hike with a lot of ups and downs, but mostly trending down to the falls with all of the elevation gain coming on the way back. As a rule, I do not generally love hikes that are uphill on the way back. That combined with the crowds, noise and unfulfilled high expectations left me disappointed. It is a pretty trail and a pretty waterfall, but with so many beautiful waterfall trails in GSMNP, I definitely wouldn’t do this one again.

22 hours ago

This wide, well-maintained gravel trail is quite easy due to the gentle grade and offers outstanding views of the Middle Prong of the Little River. You will find a nice bench and awesome waterfall photo-ops at both mile 0.4 and 0.75. We continued on to the Indian Flats Falls turn-off, which is approximately 4 miles from the trailhead, shortly after the footbridge. While the Middle Prong Trail is wide and easy, the spur trail to the falls is narrow, a little tougher and in some places a bit of a scramble. Overall we really enjoyed this scenic hike; there are countless spots along the way where the side of river easily and safely accessible so you can take pics of the various cascades, fish, or just relax with your feet in the water.

1 day ago

Due to the proximity to Gatlinburg and reasonable distance, this is one of my favorite hikes in GSMNP. Plus it’s fun and absolutely beautiful! There are four bridges that cross the river and have spectacular cascade views & photo ops. This trail is rated as hard and it really is, despite the shorter length. This is mainly due to the elevation gain during the second mile. The elevation gain is thanks to eight - that’s right, EIGHT sets of stairs starting at mile 1.45! Every time I thought we were done climbing stairs, we were surprised with another set, but they’re evenly spaced well-maintained steps, not the weirdly shaped & spaced steps one often sees on trails (i.e. Sharp Top). Again despite the shorter distance, hiking boots and water are a must on this one. If you have any knee issues at all, some kind of knee elastic or KT tape (I prefer the latter) and trekking poles are super helpful on this trail (up and down) because of the steps. It’s true that the area around the pinnacles is closed, but it may never reopen to hikers as the fire has left it unstable and therefore unsafe. There’s a manmade observation point one-quarter of a mile below the former end of the trail; this observation point provides great views of the Chimney Tops pinnacles and Mount LeConte. Highly recommend!

Definitely hard.

Lovely mostly flat very easy trail to a small waterfall. Perfect for seniors and little kids. Cross the creek and keep goi g and the trail behinds a slow incline leading g to another small waterfall that cascades from the top of mountain all the way down. This part is good for running.

Wonderful self guided drive through the Cade’s Cove area of park. No “ hiking” necessary so this is good for seniors or mobility impaired. The midpoint offers an excellent place to stop and learn the history of the area. Don’t miss the sawmill and a chance to buy authentic stone ground cornmeal and sorghum. Behind the buildings, a small riverside trail leads left to where you might see a family of river otters! Traffic is steady, so allow 2-3 hours for the11 miles if you want to stop along the way

Great trail to get kids outside.

1 day ago

id give this hike a 4/10 for difficulty. there isnt too much to look at on the way but the falls are beautiful.
on a side note: you have to take a one way road to get to the trail and you cant pass so you are at the mercy of the cars in front of you to keep going. there were lots of deer and turkeys in the meadows and people would stop in the middle of the street, halting traffic for their pictures. it took 30 minutes to go 3 miles and its the only way to get there

it's a two if you were looking to extend hike to road prong trail and on two chimney tops. from trail head it goes down whole way, so does road prong. if you don't have a ride at chimney tops trail head then you have to walk up for miles to get back. forest is ok. in summer water falls would be cool hangouts to swim and hike rating would go up to 3.5. I won't do it again.

love the forest. deep dense, fog brought out the green color in Moss. we waited at top and had lunch. the sky opened for some pics and a good view. three good viewing spots, first has a protective big Rock for those who don't want the edge, the another nice opening , finally a rock for the edge lovers, dangle your feet over a few thousand feet.

nice hike, a few views on the way up. we started early in morning in heavy fog. it opened up by the time we reached the bunion. the forest was great in the fog, lots of good pics. if it's a clear day do the jump off for a added bonus.

long uphill with no payoff, the actual top is closed. wait to do this when the top peak opens.

Love this trail! The fir trees are gorgeous!

on Andrews Bald Trail

2 days ago

one of my favorite hikes. very whimsical and magical forrest scenes

on Laurel Falls Trail

2 days ago

nice hike. busy

first mile is easy last mile is STAIRS!! no joke.....one mile of mostly stairs
nice view at the end but like most people have reported the last .2 is closed off with a giant gate blocking the path and no way around it. the "new" view was still beautiful.

2 days ago

i called this the grandpa and baby trail. around every bend was either an old couple "hiking" in slacks and polos or a family pushing a stroller. its hard to take pics of the waterfall because people feel the need to walk up to the waterfall and touch it, regardless of who is taking pics. felt more like a guided nature walk than a hike

on Newfound Gap Road Drive

scenic driving
2 days ago

As always, beautiful views and tons of stopping points along the way.

on Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail

2 days ago

Great little trail right past the visitor’s center right before you come into Cherokee. There are plenty of areas along the trail that you can go off through the woods and get to the river. I would definitely stop off to visit this again on my way through.

I have hiked this trail many times. It is considered moderately difficult... many rocky and rooty areas. As you walk in ..3 hills and as you walk out 3 hills.
Beautiful waterfall but swimming near the falls is very dangerous.., several deaths here.
If hiking in warm/hot weather, take water.

The view would have been amazing if it wasn’t cloudy!! Overall a good hike. Mostly through woods but there are a few spots along this 4 mile hike with very nice views. Be careful at the bunions, they are literally a straight drop down on both sides.

Nice easy stroll along the stream. It wasn’t strenuous and the scenery was beautiful!

A well balanced trail, with a beautiful hike along a creek at the base, really awesome rock features along the way, and amazing views at the top. A hiking stick does help as it's pretty slick on the inclines/declines. As well, wear some layers given the elevation change as it can cool down quite a bit at the top if the sun is covered by the clouds. And, do yourself a favor and hike the extra .7-1 mile to Myrtles Point. The view there are unbridled. One of my favorite trails I've done even next to some great trails in RMNP and Zion!

Beautiful walk. Rivers at the bottom are picture perfect. Watch out for slippery rocks!!
Great for kids.

Nice trail. If consider it close to moderate. Good for kids.

Very rewarding hike. The way down is easy for the most part, although you will cross a few creeks where you have to be skillful to not get wet. The waterfalls are worth the whole thing, including the most difficult part, the walk back up. I wouldn't consider this a difficult hike just as long as you are in decent shape.

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