Bledsoe Creek State Park is a 164-acre site located on the Bledsoe Creek embayment of the Old Hickory Reservoir near the old 1780s settlement of Cairo.

1 month ago

We tried out this trail last weekend and loved it. The ridge trail is pretty challenging. It was very shady though and would be a nice hike even in the heat of summer. The lakeside trail is much easier and still shady. This is going on our repeat hiking list for sure.

nice shady wooded trail. super easy. if you want go swimming then this isn't the place for you. if you want adventure then again this isn't the right place. campgrounds and bathrooms super clean though. playground as well.

Really well maintained but heavily trafficked park. The trails are extremely slippery and the shoreline path can be downright soggy. Very pretty with a lot of deer and waterfowl.

3 months ago

4 months ago

My wife and I really like this trail! We have done the trail loop in both directions and we love it for a short quick hike with the dog! The only negative about this trail is that if it rains its slick. The part of the trail where you hike down the 'wooden stairs' is dangerous! We hiked down it after a recent rain (maybe 2 days later, seemed barely damp) but the 'stairs' were so slippery I fell HARD and almost IMPALED myself on a railroad stake that had eroded away from stairs. Really great hike except for that spot!