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A paradise of more than 20,000 acres sprawled across the eastern top of the rugged Cumberland Plateau, Fall Creek Falls State Park is one of the most scenic and spectacular outdoor recreation areas in America. Laced with cascades, gorges, waterfalls, streams, and lush stands of virgin hardwood timber, the park beckons those who enjoy nature at her finest. While Fall Creek Falls, at 256 feet, is the highest waterfall in the eastern United States, other waterfalls in the park are Piney and Cane Creek Falls and Cane Creek Cascades. The oak and hickory forest that covers most of the park gives way to tulip poplar and hemlock forest in the gorges. The plants and animals of the moist, protected gorges are not unlike the species found in southern Canada. Mountain laurel and rhododendron are abundant throughout the park, as are other plants and animals. With its many amenities and panoramic natural setting, it is little wonder that Southern Living magazine readers voted Fall Creek Falls the best state park in the Southeastern United States. The park is located in Bledsoe and Van Buren counties, 11 miles east of Spencer and 18 miles west of Pikeville. It may be entered from Highway 111 or Highway 30.

Man this hike was pretty! Pretty easy trail, wear good hiking shoes though.

Beautiful trail! Did it in the middle of the week in February and it was actually very trafficked. The falls was very pretty!

Went over the Easter weekend. Quite busy and had to wait to get across the suspension bridge. Great views of the waterfall. Like that you can go right down to the water.

13 days ago

This is a great day hike spot. The top does appear to be a challenge but you quickly discover great large footholds that make it rather simple to climb. It is a lot of fun and the view is so worth it!

24 days ago

Trail can be a little intimidating but the view is totally worth it.

24 days ago

I have hiked this trail many times and I love it. The trail is mostly comprised of steps that are cut out of the ground and there are hand rails. I don't like the steps and I always walk beside the steps to avoid constantly stepping down which can cause you to roll your ankles. At about the half way mark, there is a cut out in rock that really cold air passes through. It's a great place to stop for a break especially in the hotter months. Unfortunately, a large rock slide blocks the trail before you can get all the way to the bottom. However, I've seen a lot of elderly people climb the pile. It seems like the rock slide gets bigger each year. I suggest that you wear a good pair of boots. If you don't have boots, you need to have some kind of ankle support like high top tennis shoes or wrap your ankles with sports tape. If hiking in the summer, wear light breathable clothing. During the colder months, wear layers in case you need to take off some of the clothing nearer to the bottom. It can get very hot once you are out of the cover of the trees. Carry enough water for each person. You will need the same amount you'd carry if walking two miles in the heat. Consider the extra stress and heat associated with climbing up the trail. I forgot my inhaler on a hike last May. On my way up, I realized I had not planned for it to be 98 degrees and I didn't have the right amount of water. I had an asthma attack on the way up. Thankfully, we ran into another hiker who had one. I say all of this to make sure you know to BE PREPARED.
BUT, once you're at the bottom, you'll find it is worth your time. The water fall is breathtakingly beautiful. I love standing under it. You can take a dip in the pool below the falls. If you are not unaccustomed to hiking or physical activity, take your time. I would recommend this trail. It's always a lot of fun.

27 days ago

I’ve been hiking here since I was a child. Great day hike and plenty of other activities to do in the park.

easy hike, trail well marked.

We did this for a half marathon. It was tough, but fun.


Great hike! It is challenging, especially when you hike down to the bottom of the falls because the hike back up is a rough one. I love this state park and it holds so many different waterfalls so I would highly recommend that you try all of the falls out! Also, if you can get a chance to see these falls in the winter, I would highly recommend it!

Great, challenging trail well worth the hike.

Best trail at this great park! This trail provides awesome lookouts of Cane Creek Gorge, Cane Creek Falls, and of course Fall Creek Falls, and it really isn’t that long of a trail. I recommend doing this hike early in the morning and catching a sunrise at one of the overlooks!

1 month ago

Definitely a difficult trail, but it is completely worth it for the view of Cane Creek Falls at the bottom. This view is far better than the other two overlooks.

2 months ago

A little short and pretty sure I could do it barefoot.. but it’s beautiful

Stayed overnight on the trail. Got in to the park Friday came out of the woods Sunday. Nice hike hard and steady or it will take you 3 days. Trail wasn't blazed well.

excellent short hike. beautiful snow and ice formations at all the falls last week.

stunning in winter with the ice and snow..beautiful area

Had a lot of fun in the park with the family. Looking forward to going back. ; )

This trail if full of amazing views and makes for a great weekend trip.

2 months ago

My son and I have went to the bottom several times and I have to say it never gets old. He loves swimming and standing under the falls.

Pretty cool place. Been wanting to check it out for a while. Was not disappointed. Took my 6 year old. Short walk from the parking area. Waterfall was really nice. The cave was closed d/t the bats hibernating. Will definitely go back when I can go all the way thru!

True, it isn’t very long...but it is TOUGH. I hike regularly on all types of trails and terrain, and as the review states, this is for experienced hikers. I feel like most of these reviews don’t accurately prepare first timer for the vertical decent and how it’s essentially scaling a rock wall in one area. Not for dogs and I personally would not attempt to bring children on this one. The falls at the bottom are BREATHTAKING though!

Steep trail. Great workout!

A quick hike for two hiking fans who don’t hike often! I was a little nervous about the moderate rating, but it was definitely manageable! We went down to the gorge so there were a lot of downhill steps which was the hardest part for me as someone with bad knees. Beautiful sight to see the bottom of the gorge and the base of the waterfalls this winter with icicles all about!

Don't be fooled, this is an intense steep hike. Be prepared.

3 months ago

Great trail that got me hooked on backpacking. Amazing views of the falls, great campsites with plenty of water available along the way. I love the suspension bridges. Great two day backpacking/camping adventure. Definitely some tough elevation changes.

Would have given I️t a 4 Star if this trail had better marking. The trail is beautiful and the overlooks are great. You can see at least two different waterfalls in the winter. The signage is confusing but we managed to make the loop. Once you park in the parking lot, then follow the trail that crosses the road, keep going until the trail splits. There are signs at the split but I️t does not mention a loop. Go to the left towards the outlooks and follow the purple blazes and I️t will loop you back around to that same split.

Short trail with spectacular views.

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