Loved Machine falls ! Easy hike to the falls. Stopped in at Route 55 BBQ for some great food afterwards.

This is a stunning little gem tucked away in Tullahoma. Hiked it during a brief rain storm so the falls were flowing beautifully. Quite large in size, the trek back there can be a little buggy but it is worth the drive and would definitely recommend.

Great trail. Arrived around 10:45am on Sunday with 2 cars in the parking lot. When we left an hour later, the entire lot, and then some, was full. Come early.

I'm not sure if the trails could be more clearly marked, or if I just wasn't paying close enough attention, but I never did see the Machine Falls that there are so many photos of on this app. Not only that, but I accidentally found myself off the marked trails pretty early on in my hike. I followed a creek bed, which led me to a couple of lovely waterfalls, but I knew they weren't THE Machine Falls, so I figured I should retrace my steps and try to find the main path again. Once I did, I set out on the trail marked Machine Falls Loop, but it just took me for a hike through the woods. *sigh* At least it was a beautiful day and the hike itself was pleasant. I'm not sure why I couldn't find those falls, but I wouldn't be opposed to giving it another shot sometime.

Great hike. The steps down were kinda difficult for my 5 y'o and had to carry the 2 y'o. Falls were beautiful and not to slick to climb on. Water is COLD but great for a TN July afternoon. Will recommend and be back out for the other two trails.

Did the machine falls today with a four year old and a three year old. It's a great hike for kids the falls are pretty and the pools are shallow enough for the kids to stand in. Great quick hike

20 days ago

Pretty easy. Beautiful hike. Gorgeous falls. With dwf and steve.

Waterfall was absolutely beautiful! Pretty easy hike. Be advised: seriously buggy this time of year! Was still being attacked even with copious amounts of bug spray. But the waterfall was worth it!

Exelente place to relax and hiking, my husband and I we really enjoyed!

Nice hike, beautiful falls

This is a great hike for the weekend! It's full of wildflowers in spring and summer. I've seen a ton of cool mushrooms and fungi as well. Bobo Creek is nice for a dip in hot weather, as well as Machine Falls. It's crowded on warm weather weekends though, so if you're looking for peace and quiet, go on a weekday.

one of the best! the waterfall on a hot summer afternoon was amazing!

Loved this trail and its beauty. It was the perfect hike for my dog, as well.

Great trails and beautiful falls! Loved that most of the hike was under the shady canopy of the trees. Only downfall was NO BATHROOMS ANYWHERE so you if you have to go, be prepared to water a tree.