Absolutely amazing hike. I went counter clockwise at the trail entrance and did the stairs first down to the waterfall and was happy someone suggested this. I was glad I took my trekking pole to assist me on the slippery rocks when walking in the water and climbing up into the waterfall. Wear waterproof shoes and bring extra socks! I picnicked up right next to the waterfall, it was beautiful. Be sure to follow the white paint on the trees to stay on the trail to the waterfall, anything with two colors together; means it’s a joining trail and not necessarily headed towards the waterfall.

Great short hike! You do have to cross water at times, so wear water proof shoes or bring extra socks!

15 days ago

Had an amazing time hiking the machine trail. it was absolutely beautiful, we will be headed back soon.

The falls are beautiful!

super fun pretty and easy hike. had to cross over the river and some places to stay on the trail because it was so high but that made the hike even better!

One of my favorites. I have been many times. I do the trail down to Machine and then I go to the wildflower loop and take it to lower Busby falls which few people really get to see. Lots of dead-fall and trail finding but the payoff is awesome. You can come back the way you came or climb up on the right side making your way up to the bridge that is at the top of Busby. If you go that way it is steep and tricky in spots. It is especially tricky when you get to the large rock slab that is taking up a large chunk of the area you need to be. I climbed up the side and over the top of it. Just go slow and you should be fine.

Fantastic winter hike with Boy Scout Troops 489 & 357 working on our Hiking Merit Badge. Short Springs makes a perfect 5 mile loop. Only wished we could have gotten closer to Machine Falls (too cold to rock hop and wade and deal with a scout inevitably falling into the creek with 2+ miles to go). Will have to come back when its warmer.

Love the trail even at one point it got spooky, there was an area that looked like the trees and grass either had died or got burnt, by other than that waterfall was also refreshing

Great day hike around machine falls. The falls are beautiful and its a nice walk in the park kind of hike. very easy and very short.

This hike is a must do if you’re in the area. The water fall is awesome to see up close. There’s a rock ledge on the right you can traverse that will keep your feet out of the water. The falls are well worth all the stairs going down. We chose to go back up them as well.

The trails and scenery were great. I combined 4 trail into 1. The Machine Falls, Amber Falls, Bugsby Falls, and Wild Flower Loop all together.

You'll most likely need to get a little wet to see this one. Not as wet as Cummins, but you still need to plan for stepping through a shallow stream. The bulk of the trail is a fairly flat walk through the woods. I'd suggest counterclockwise. I like to tackle the steep part (without steps) going up as opposed to going down. It's a great fall to see. If you have smaller kids it would probably be a nice fall to play in, since the stream below is fairly shallow.

3 months ago

Beautiful waterfall!!!!

Excellent, beautiful, wild hydrangeas, wild azaleas or rhododendrons couldn't tell. This will be a regular place for me. Totally forget about the world here.

Very intense hike for someone carrying a toddler in a carrier. Nice leg workout. Took our dog and he did just great. Several places where Trail led straight up or straight down; sometimes having steps for easier navigation. Lots of people at waterfall which is in the middle of the trail loop. One negative was that people were smoking around the waterfall and the smoke filled the falls.

6 months ago

Nice waterfall. Worth the drive if you include Short Springs hike also

6 months ago

I really like this hike. I've driven from Nashville twice to do this hike (after the jack daniels tour LOL) and the waterfall is amazing. the hike is short but going down (& up) the "stairs" is super treacherous. the first time I went it was clean and well maintained, but when I last went (mid July) it was trashed with litter! I picked up a bags worth on the way up, all I could carry, but there was more! It's really a shame to see! The drive and the stairs are worth it, amazing wide and heavy flowing waterfall and a cold stream for a dip! Perfect!

Really enjoyable hike. The waterfall and vegetation is amazing when the water is flowing. I seen an abundance of mushrooms as well! Just an amazing little spot.

Loved Machine falls ! Easy hike to the falls. Stopped in at Route 55 BBQ for some great food afterwards.

This is a stunning little gem tucked away in Tullahoma. Hiked it during a brief rain storm so the falls were flowing beautifully. Quite large in size, the trek back there can be a little buggy but it is worth the drive and would definitely recommend.

Great trail. Arrived around 10:45am on Sunday with 2 cars in the parking lot. When we left an hour later, the entire lot, and then some, was full. Come early.

I'm not sure if the trails could be more clearly marked, or if I just wasn't paying close enough attention, but I never did see the Machine Falls that there are so many photos of on this app. Not only that, but I accidentally found myself off the marked trails pretty early on in my hike. I followed a creek bed, which led me to a couple of lovely waterfalls, but I knew they weren't THE Machine Falls, so I figured I should retrace my steps and try to find the main path again. Once I did, I set out on the trail marked Machine Falls Loop, but it just took me for a hike through the woods. *sigh* At least it was a beautiful day and the hike itself was pleasant. I'm not sure why I couldn't find those falls, but I wouldn't be opposed to giving it another shot sometime.

Great hike. The steps down were kinda difficult for my 5 y'o and had to carry the 2 y'o. Falls were beautiful and not to slick to climb on. Water is COLD but great for a TN July afternoon. Will recommend and be back out for the other two trails.

Did the machine falls today with a four year old and a three year old. It's a great hike for kids the falls are pretty and the pools are shallow enough for the kids to stand in. Great quick hike

7 months ago

Pretty easy. Beautiful hike. Gorgeous falls. With dwf and steve.

7 months ago

Waterfall was absolutely beautiful! Pretty easy hike. Be advised: seriously buggy this time of year! Was still being attacked even with copious amounts of bug spray. But the waterfall was worth it!

Exelente place to relax and hiking, my husband and I we really enjoyed!

Nice hike, beautiful falls

This is a great hike for the weekend! It's full of wildflowers in spring and summer. I've seen a ton of cool mushrooms and fungi as well. Bobo Creek is nice for a dip in hot weather, as well as Machine Falls. It's crowded on warm weather weekends though, so if you're looking for peace and quiet, go on a weekday.

one of the best! the waterfall on a hot summer afternoon was amazing!

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