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9 hours ago

id give this hike a 4/10 for difficulty. there isnt too much to look at on the way but the falls are beautiful.
on a side note: you have to take a one way road to get to the trail and you cant pass so you are at the mercy of the cars in front of you to keep going. there were lots of deer and turkeys in the meadows and people would stop in the middle of the street, halting traffic for their pictures. it took 30 minutes to go 3 miles and its the only way to get there

it's a two if you were looking to extend hike to road prong trail and on two chimney tops. from trail head it goes down whole way, so does road prong. if you don't have a ride at chimney tops trail head then you have to walk up for miles to get back. forest is ok. in summer water falls would be cool hangouts to swim and hike rating would go up to 3.5. I won't do it again.

love the forest. deep dense, fog brought out the green color in Moss. we waited at top and had lunch. the sky opened for some pics and a good view. three good viewing spots, first has a protective big Rock for those who don't want the edge, the another nice opening , finally a rock for the edge lovers, dangle your feet over a few thousand feet.

nice hike, a few views on the way up. we started early in morning in heavy fog. it opened up by the time we reached the bunion. the forest was great in the fog, lots of good pics. if it's a clear day do the jump off for a added bonus.

long uphill with no payoff, the actual top is closed. wait to do this when the top peak opens.

Love this trail! The fir trees are gorgeous!

on Andrews Bald Trail

23 hours ago

one of my favorite hikes. very whimsical and magical forrest scenes

on Laurel Falls Trail

23 hours ago

nice hike. busy

first mile is easy last mile is STAIRS!! no joke.....one mile of mostly stairs
nice view at the end but like most people have reported the last .2 is closed off with a giant gate blocking the path and no way around it. the "new" view was still beautiful.

23 hours ago

i called this the grandpa and baby trail. around every bend was either an old couple "hiking" in slacks and polos or a family pushing a stroller. its hard to take pics of the waterfall because people feel the need to walk up to the waterfall and touch it, regardless of who is taking pics. felt more like a guided nature walk than a hike

on Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail

23 hours ago

Great little trail right past the visitor’s center right before you come into Cherokee. There are plenty of areas along the trail that you can go off through the woods and get to the river. I would definitely stop off to visit this again on my way through.

23 hours ago

I have hiked this trail many times. It is considered moderately difficult... many rocky and rooty areas. As you walk in ..3 hills and as you walk out 3 hills.
Beautiful waterfall but swimming near the falls is very dangerous.., several deaths here.
If hiking in warm/hot weather, take water.

The view would have been amazing if it wasn’t cloudy!! Overall a good hike. Mostly through woods but there are a few spots along this 4 mile hike with very nice views. Be careful at the bunions, they are literally a straight drop down on both sides.

Nice easy stroll along the stream. It wasn’t strenuous and the scenery was beautiful!

A well balanced trail, with a beautiful hike along a creek at the base, really awesome rock features along the way, and amazing views at the top. A hiking stick does help as it's pretty slick on the inclines/declines. As well, wear some layers given the elevation change as it can cool down quite a bit at the top if the sun is covered by the clouds. And, do yourself a favor and hike the extra .7-1 mile to Myrtles Point. The view there are unbridled. One of my favorite trails I've done even next to some great trails in RMNP and Zion!

Nice trail. If consider it close to moderate. Good for kids.

Very rewarding hike. The way down is easy for the most part, although you will cross a few creeks where you have to be skillful to not get wet. The waterfalls are worth the whole thing, including the most difficult part, the walk back up. I wouldn't consider this a difficult hike just as long as you are in decent shape.

Beautiful hike with amazing views. We only went to bluffs due to some of the hikers in our group.

Recommend this hike because it is family friendly hike. It runs along the river and you get to hear the water all along the hike. You cross the river several times on log bridges.

2 days ago

it's a tough elevation climb. We camped at 36 and did the whole mountain on our second day. definitely feeling it for the next 2 days. countless stream Crossings, creeks and waterfalls

Excellent hike,
great views well worth it, hike listed as hard due to the elevation gain and some steep steps (but still steps).
alum cave is a good little hike many were not prepared even saw some with strollers lol... not a stroller event at all you should have sturdy hiking boots or shoes we passed someone who slipped and broke her arm on the way up she was being escorted by park rangers back down the path. we went all the way to to the top stopped for rest as frequently as we felt without being rushed had half gallon insulated hot tea and sandwhiches and plenty of snacks to last an entire day. at a lesurely pace with three major stops to rest and eat on the way as well as exploring around the summit and it took us 8 hours or so.. lots of stopping for pictures as well. i would layer like an onion wind chill factor on top of temparature change specially around dusk was significant... on our way down we helped escort a family of 3 girls and both parents that weren't prepared for the dark and the length - one small flashlight and the night was getting chiller (we both had day packs lights and enough food water for an entire day trip)

Go! Take the kids you won’t regret it! Take loads of pictures! I hope it’s not crowded so you can enjoy the solitude and enjoy the calm the area can offer!

Another SMNP must! Take the kids take the parents! It’s an easy walk but will work your lungs do the grade incline! I’ve been suggesting an escalator since I was a kid lol I’d rather hike tough terrain than steep graded paved paths!

A Gburg must! Exploring the homesteads and nature watching a must! Loads of hiking opps! One of my favorite things to do every visit, weather permitting! Take the kids let them see how America use to live!

This is a great hike. Trails are good, lots of creeks to cross, but easy, not many mountain views, maybe in winter. River crossing at Middle Prong/Panther Creek. 2800 feet of elevation, but spread out so not bad.

on Metcalf Bottoms Trail

2 days ago

Very neat old log schoolhouse and very very old grave yard. Drive down a dirt road that is a little rough for a short couple of minutes and reach the old school house parking area. The schoolhouse is right there along with the graveyard, the trail of Metcalf Bottom’s is after the school and is gravel for the majority of the trail besides the parts of the trail that is beside the large creek and streams. About halfway along the gravel part of the trail after you pass a fenced in water reserve I believe it is, is an old homestead to your right with the stone walls left standing and if you go just a tad up in the woods you can see the remains of probably the chimney to the house. It is uphill a good bit, but not bad. The school is worth the visit at least. Make sure you read the sign about “Bob”!

3 days ago

Nicely paved pathway! Have encountered snakes about the trail before. Beautiful location worth the stop completely! Get out of Gburg and see the park!

scenic driving
3 days ago

This where my heart lies at rest! I fell in love as a little girl and return as often as I can! Kid friendly take them teach them show them! Enjoy and respect! Please

on Chimney Tops Trail

3 days ago

I went with some friends in the first week of August...we went early in the morning and were thankful the fog lifted by the time we got to the top. Too bad we couldn’t go to the final part of the trail as it was closed off. We also almost ran into a bear (it crossed right around the corner from us in front of two other people)!

Awesome trail! Good views, not too difficult.

Amazing Views after a challenging hike, streams the kids could play in. We loved it!

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