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Long Hunter State Park is situated along the shore of J. Percy Priest Lake. It consists of four units: Couchville, Baker's Grove, Bryant Grove and Sellars Farm. Picnicking, swimming, hiking, backpacking, boating, fishing, nature photography and wildlife observation are among the activities available to park visitors. Planned activities include interpretive and recreation programs for the general public and environmental education programs for school and other interested groups.

1 day ago

The Volunteer Trail is littered in trash. If you hike this, please take a trash bag and help clean up the trash from boaters and a few inconsiderate campers. The campground appears to have been trashed by boaters as well: abandoned backpack, roller bag, inflatables, hammock, sleeping bags, bottles, steel cans, beer cans and plastic bins far to large to carry 5.5 miles. I carried out what I could. I'll notify the parks service about the camps.

7 days ago

A lot of trash- literally and figuratively. The beautiful lake views are tarnished by the sounds of loud and obnoxious humanity coming from the lake, and- to a lesser extent- the bottles and other trash that's been washed ashore. This will be a nice hike after the plague.

11 days ago

Nice spot for a morning walk with a kid, quick trail and it's paved all the way through.

Paved, easy trail. Shade throughout the length of the trail. Best for kids, and people that want to just stroll.

15 days ago

on Volunteer Trail

17 days ago

fun lots of views

18 days ago

Long Hunter State Park is my go to park. I enjoy this hike through Cedar Barrens, avoid it on the weekends since it IS Mountain Bike Trail. I have NEVER seen bikers there during the week.

For what this trail is intended to be, it works. It's a kids trail, and introduction into nature and hiking for kids. I happened to be lucky enough to startle a fawn while walking it and reading the cute little nature story put there for the youngins. I'll probably contribute some thought to helping out with their next story for the next years changes. This trail gets a 5 star strictly on the strength of what I think we need more of in this world.

20 days ago

Trail is adequately named. Not 20 paces into a counter-clockwise loop I was face to face with a doe and her fawn. Promptly turned around and went the other way where I saw even more baby deerlets. They were a bit more jumpy as they were alone. Trail is a bit overgrown in places, but I was happy to finish it as my fifth trail of the day. Fwiw I was walking it around 5 pm on a 90 degree day in late July.

20 days ago

For this one I'm just going to shut up and tell you to read Jeff's review. I can't put it better, and I think he nailed it in his review.

Did this trail directly after doing 10.1 miles back and forth on Bryant Grove. At this point my feet are hurting a bit and I was disappointed after my prior boring there and back. I have to say, this trail I think is way more indicative of my home state than Bryant Grove. You need no markers, as it's a paved path, but along the trail there are markers that give you info on the plant life, which I thought were kinda cool. I took a leisurely pace on tbis one as much for my feet as for the informationals. Watch out for the ladies who look like they know that path by heart. You just might find those old birds lapping you while you take in scenery, like I did. :)

Easy hike, good for experiencing nature without going too far out of the way. The cliffs overlooking the lake allow for some nice vantage points; however, there are long stretches of flat, wooded trail where there's not much to see. Overall, okay, but wouldn't call it a must-do.

21 days ago