Incline all the way to the falls but worth the hike.

This trail merges with the much shorter Grotto Falls trail. If you do not want the extra 5 miles or so of forest hiking then just use the shorter trail directly there. This trail is well demarcated varying width with multiple stretches of root and rock path. Well shaded. Several navigable muddy areas. Several stream crossings. Unfortunately it runs along a road however the road noise was only intermittently intrusive. Limited distant views. The views coming back down to the trailhead seemed much more interesting than the way up.

Awesome hike with multiple water crossings. Great places to stop and rest, soak your feet and snap some pics. Kids played on the rocks. Had an awesome time!

bridge out
5 hours ago

Bridge is out as of 5/31/2020 at 2 miles. 3 miles if you count the extra mile you have to hike where the road at the entrance to the trailhead is out. pictures attached.

Wish that the bushes was trimmed down more cause once you make it up there aren’t any places to sit and take in the views and/or eat lunch! Very steep too.

8 hours ago

An easy walk on a wide flat mostly shaded, mostly gravel path with nice scenery of trees by following along a river. However this is all overshadowed by the intrusive road noise from following along the road as well.

9 hours ago

The trail is well maintained and provides nice ground for hiking. All the streams were crossable on 31 May. The old forest surrounds the pathway and is lovely though with the leaves it’s difficult to see into the distance. The trail ends at the Appalachian trail and is a good spot for a rest. There was ample parking at the campground and from where I started it took 5 hours for 15.5 miles round trip.

Pretty hike beside the river - well maintained trails

13 hours ago

1.8 miles to the gap of which was a grassy beautiful trail intersection. From that pint we walked down 2.8 miles to Newfound Gap rd. May 31, 2020 and still saw beautiful wildflowers such as Vasey Trillium, Bowman’s Root, Blue Cohosh, Indian Cucumber and in higher elevations Bellwort.

13 hours ago

Perfect trail for an easy hike. We brought our 5 yr old. We went around 845am and there was very minimal traffic. We parked at Sugarland Visitors center and the lot was packed one the way back to our truck around 1130am.

Nice trail - but the overlook is overgrown so it blocks out most of the view. This trail has two rivers that you have to cross - the second bridge is a little sketchy (we just crossed the water). Overall nice, very little traffic

14 hours ago

Really nice easy trail - follows the river the whole way. Lots of great views! Only trail that allows dogs

14 hours ago

Good trail not far from Cades Cove. A hefty incline the first 2 miles, more than 1000-foot elevation gain. Good workout! Beautiful views from the top through some trees at other mountains nearby. Watch your steps coming back because going downhill over rocks and roots with tired legs is always a challenge. :-) A couple of stream crossings but lots of rocks and very easy to navigate. Also, fellow hikers, always be on the lookout for bees before you put your pack down on a stump to relax. I set my pack down on a stump on the very top of the trail which intersects Bote Mountain trail, and very quickly, bees swarmed around me. Just keep your eyes open.

The first quarter or so you are next to a boulder river. The rest isn't as pretty hiking. Gota watch every step for most of it to make sure you're not tripping. Big waterfall at the end.

The trail was very nice. It was my first time up it, but my girlfriend has hiked it several times. It is a tough trail in some spots, but a easy walk in others. It is also a good trail to view birds. I didn’t bring my camera and I regret that. It was honestly like walking into a Disney film at some times. Birds and squirrels would be within feet of us doing their thing. I would recommend packing a light jacket. Once you get to higher elevations, it can get quite cool. It was a cloudy day for the most part once we got to the top. However, it cleared up once we got to the top. So, I would also recommend hanging around for a while if it is cloudy. It was a bit muddy and there were a few blow downs, but nothing too serious.

We hiked this trail yesterday afternoon. We loved it! The majority of the trail follows alongside a gorgeous creek. The views are postcard worthy. There are several areas where you could stop and put your feet in and a swimming hole that has clear blue (ice cold) water. I love waterfalls and this one is nice, however, the hike is definitely worth it just for the water views along the way. The trail was all in the shade for us, and the path was easy to walk with a slight elevation all the way up. We parked in the lot labeled “hikers parking” and walked about 0.6 miles to the trailhead. We also walked a little ways past the waterfall where we went over a bridge that crossed a wide part of the creek. Probably the best view of all! Totaled about 6 miles but it was very enjoyable!

You will be ascending for 90% of the trail, but views of the river and rocky outcroppings are beautiful.

1 day ago

Excellent hike. Wide canopied easier-end-of-moderate trail with predominantly stone base that many have noted. Did not find this to be an issue. It winds away and back to the river many times. Sound of the river is with you almost throughout. Some muddy areas but easily navigable. Used by horses but trail almost completely clean of droppings today. Midnight hole was a great beautiful spot early morning but an overcrowded pool party just a short while later. Mouse falls has a couple very nice spots to descend to and rest on a rock to enjoy the rushing river water and crashing of the falls. A bit further up is a wonderful bridge for with fantastic views up and down stream. Most of the crowds today stopped at Midnight hole and a few made it to Mouse falls. Even for a weekend, traffic was light beyond there.

Great day hike option. It was a drizzly, foggy day when we did it so we missed out on the views but it was still a good time. It was quite muddy in some areas - I would recommend waterproof hiking boots or trail runners.

Absolutely beautiful and definitely doable for about anyone. Some people might take longer than others, but a good trail.

5/30 Easy walking trail with a few little paths to beautiful, rocky rapids, rewarded by a nice swim at the end, if you plan on swimming bring water shoes/sandals

Great hike. Very rocky with lots of roots and muddy, but well worth the hike.

Easy trail with pretty creek and wood views. We kept going to the Sister’s Cabin and back. Going to the cabin there is a bridge crossing and slow incline. It was neat to explore the historic buildings.

over grown
1 day ago

Straight up for <2 miles, but the views up the last mile are so worth it. Lots of trees down and overgrown. Gorgeous views and only ran into people on the way down. We started at 8am.

Great trail, a little confusing the first time through, so download the map and record.

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