exelente please, love it

This was a strenuous hike down to the falls. We had to go through water ( literally walking through water across the way) and we even crawled across a log. It was a fun time but tiring in the end.

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6 days ago

Amazing falls but only go on a weekday. I went on a Sunday and it was too crowded to enjoy. There are rangers directing people on the weekends. They said few people are there on weekdays.

Moderate hike to the falls, try to wear appropriate shoes for both hiking and wading through the river/ rock hopping. The falls itself is gorgeous and grand, however it does tend to get very busy very quickly here.

Love it. Had lots of great times hanging out here!!

This is a very beautiful trail


20 days ago

Started @8a. Already quite a few in the parking lot. We actually took the service road down because we didn't feel up to a true hike. We made it to the overlook and took a less traveled trail to play in the water above the falls - it is the black trail on the park map. Had a lot of fun playing in the water.
We made it back to the parking lot @12 and it was packed.

21 days ago

on Cummins Falls Trail

22 days ago

Somewhat difficult hike closer to base of hill. Water gorgeous. Falls gorgeous. Great day. Family Day in July 2016.

Amazing hike! However we did see three snakes swimming in the water so be careful!

27 days ago

This was great!! We spent 5 hours there!! Very much worth the hike!!

28 days ago

Crowded on the weekend but still worth it. Great hike, falls, and swimming!

29 days ago

30 days ago

Quite a hike to get to the waterfall, but so worth it. Also it's a great trail!

love this place . if it suppose to rain stay away. becarefull of swimming near the falls during high water flow. can pull you under and trap you.