Burgess Falls State Natural Area, located in Middle Tennessee, lies on the eastern edge of Tennessee's Highland Rim adjacent to the Cumberland Plateau and is noted for its natural beauty. Sheer bluffs, narrow ridges, rolling water and abundant mixed forest, characterize this area. The Falling Water River drops approximately 250 feet, providing numerous waterfalls, breathtaking scenery and overlooks. The park is home to over 300 species trees and plants and an abundance of wildlife. Park visitors can visit the large Native Butterfly Garden located adjacent to the upper parking lot.

I like that it gives you options to get to the main falls straightaway without a "hike". The actual hike however isn't too bad. Lots of steps. Pretty well maintained trail. The middle falls overlook was closed... but still a place to see them. We didn't take the "very strenuous" trail down to the falls itself.

Easy hike with 10yr old. The falls are BEAUTIFUL! There is several with lookouts and Burgess is amazing. Complete with a tiny rainbow. You can walk on top of it as well.
Just FYI- No area to swim. Construction happening at bathrooms and trails but not inconvenient.

Amazing falls!!!! Beautiful area with great trails.

17 days ago

I loved this hike!

1. The park does not open till 8 am. I got lucky and the ranger was opening the gate at 730 as I arrived.

2. There is plenty of parking. A restroom is under construction but they have outhouses currently.

3. The views are spectacular ! Three sets of falls, small, medium and large. Take the walk. See them all. It is so worth it. The inclines aren't too bad. Just take your time.

4. Leashed dogs are allowed.

5. There is a butterfly garden as well. Didny see any while I was there but it could have been the time of year / day as well.

It was beautiful. I sat and just listened to the water and the sounds of mother nature. Go!

So much more than I expected... pleasantly surprised with this hike. We took my fiancee's 8 and 11 y.o. boys, so I was hoping for a hike that wasn't too difficult to induce uncontrollable moans from them, yet enough that they'd be entertained. It was quite perfect! Even with signage directing to stay on the trail, it was next to impossible to keep the boys from exploring some of the areas immediately off the trail. Yes, the stairs to the bottom of the falls are closed with no reopening currently projected, but don't let that discourage you from checking these falls out.

There are two smaller falls along the way, one which you can walk/climb through. With a little additional effort, from the main falls lookout area, you can trek down to the top of the falls for some great views. The sign for that last portion says "very strenuous", but I think it borders between moderate-hard.

Short hike but the views are very nice!

We made the terrible decision to bring my sons stroller. Never again will that happen. Aside from our stupidity it was a beautiful trip.

Easy hike since the metal stairs to the base of the falls were closed due to flood damage. Multiple overlooks to some very pretty falls.

Some of the mode beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen. The trail is relatively easy to navigate. Unfortunately, the staircase at the end of the trail was closed after some severe storm damage a few years ago and has still yet to be repaired, therefore you cannot joke all the way down to the base of the falls. Looking down from the overlook, however, still makes the trip worth it! Magnificent views!!

Great short hike. 3 big waterfalls. Pretty easy even with a small section of stairs. Just wish there were longer trails around there.

1 month ago

yes the staircase to the bottom of the big falls is still close, but oh my goodness this place is awesome. well maintained, easy to figure out where to go. it's not a long hike but so worth going to see. hope they fix the stairs someday,that would make it even better. loved it

1 month ago

My favorite place! Good short hike with multiple falls to see

Great short trail. Beautiful waterfall views! Some of the viewings were closed due to flood damage today, but it was still worth visiting. Trail maintenance was excellent.


Parts of the trail are currently closed.

Very well maintained hiking/walking trail that offers spectacular views of waterfalls. We like it because it is a quick walk in very pretty setting.

3 months ago

My family had a great time. Hopefully they fix the couple destroyed viewing points. We want to go back when the water is down so we can swim at the bottom of the big fall!

3 months ago

This place was awesome. Almost didn’t go since the staircase to the bottom is closed but it was worth the drive out anyways. The water level was extra high and very impressive. I took my dog along and he seemed to enjoy the trail as well, we’ll be back!

3 months ago

It has been really rainy and the trail was rather slick, but we really enjoyed the view. It was a little strenuous for my out of shape self and still managed to walk the trail in about an hour.

3 months ago

The trail itself is short but the falls are worth the trip. I was in awe. The Ranger gave me pointers on an even better hike nearby, said it’s all better come April. (It was rainy).

Nice little hike with some great views. Right now though the main overlook and the stairs to get down to the bottom of the main falls are closed. The hike is still worth it.

Fun 1hr hike

Beautiful short easy trail along the river. Take your camera!

Was a really nice short hike this morning. Wouldn't consider it as moderate in my opinion. However, for some I'm sure it is because of the stairs and such. Very pretty scenery. Wonderful falls.

Great trail! Quick hike in with some stairs. Walked both the trail by the river and the ridge trail which both end at the big falls. My knees aren’t the greatest and I was able to navigate both trails easily.

5 months ago

We didn’t realize just how much rain the area had received and the water was at flood stage. It was wild how noisy the water was and how you could hear large boulders tumbling beneath the current like thunder. One overlook was closed due to being heavily damaged. We took the hike to the base of the big falls for another stunning view. This was a short hike but there was a lot to see along the way.

Very short easy trail. My girl friend and I trekked this when two of the main observation points were down with no access. We managed to find our way down to each fall tho. If you enjoy waterfalls this place is beautiful. If staircase is still out to main falls you will have to climb down as we did. Beautiful and worth it.

Short and easy walk with a huge payoff! I wouldn't call this a hike but it's definitely worth going to just for the views. I'd say this place is pretty busy in the warm months. I was there in the winter and there were still quite a few people there.

6 months ago

Cool hike, lots of old power plant parts

Very fun short hike. Had a great couple hours exploring

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