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I always love the falls, but it’s also always busy!!

over grown
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One of the best trails I’ve been on in the Smokies! If you are coming from Sugarlands, it is the third pull off on the right and you’re on the trail. Totally off the beaten path, saw some bear and deer tracks along the way. Amazing rock formations I’d love to know more about the history of this trail. The fall was wonderful! Blooming rhododendron tunnels. Views were breathtaking. Don’t stray too far from the trail especially around the rocks at the top, there are some rattlesnakes there! While it is an ascent I think moderate rating is fair for this trail! Loved it and will definitely hike again.

Hiked this trail 5/30/20. Incredible experience! It begins with a fairly flat and easy walk beside a river until you reach Arch Rock. The ascent really begins from Arch Rock to the Bluffs. The bluffs offer a great place to stop for a snack and take in the views. From there, you’ll do more climbing, a lot on some smooth-surface rocks that can be slick when wet so you’ll definitely want boots. There was a nice flat section that fooled us before we hit the toughest bit of climbing before the top! Some of the most incredible views come in that last 1-2 miles. There are sections, especially closer to the top, where the trail is narrow and the drop off is steep on your other side. The trail was very wet so it was slightly nervewracking navigating those sections on slick rock, but there is a handrail bolted into the mountain to help. I definitely recommend boots (I prefer over the ankle boots on this trail) and poles. Also dress in layers! It was chilly at the top, especially being walled in by clouds which prevented any views from the lodge. We began our hike at 6am with a half-empty parking lot, took 5 hours to ascend (I’m a slow hiker), spent 1.5 hours at the lodge, then took 2.5 hours descending for an amazing 9 hour day.

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Perfect trail for an easy hike. We brought our 5 yr old. We went around 845am and there was very minimal traffic. We parked at Sugarland Visitors center and the lot was packed one the way back to our truck around 1130am.

Nice trail - but the overlook is overgrown so it blocks out most of the view. This trail has two rivers that you have to cross - the second bridge is a little sketchy (we just crossed the water). Overall nice, very little traffic

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Really nice easy trail - follows the river the whole way. Lots of great views! Only trail that allows dogs

The trail was very nice. It was my first time up it, but my girlfriend has hiked it several times. It is a tough trail in some spots, but a easy walk in others. It is also a good trail to view birds. I didn’t bring my camera and I regret that. It was honestly like walking into a Disney film at some times. Birds and squirrels would be within feet of us doing their thing. I would recommend packing a light jacket. Once you get to higher elevations, it can get quite cool. It was a cloudy day for the most part once we got to the top. However, it cleared up once we got to the top. So, I would also recommend hanging around for a while if it is cloudy. It was a bit muddy and there were a few blow downs, but nothing too serious.

We hiked this trail yesterday afternoon. We loved it! The majority of the trail follows alongside a gorgeous creek. The views are postcard worthy. There are several areas where you could stop and put your feet in and a swimming hole that has clear blue (ice cold) water. I love waterfalls and this one is nice, however, the hike is definitely worth it just for the water views along the way. The trail was all in the shade for us, and the path was easy to walk with a slight elevation all the way up. We parked in the lot labeled “hikers parking” and walked about 0.6 miles to the trailhead. We also walked a little ways past the waterfall where we went over a bridge that crossed a wide part of the creek. Probably the best view of all! Totaled about 6 miles but it was very enjoyable!

The trail to the falls is very crowded, however, if you continue on past the falls for 30 minutes approximately, you will see some of the largest virgin timber in the area. We saw a tree that had a circumference of (I'm guestimating) about 10 feet. And the Mountain Laurel is everywhere and beautiful.

You will be ascending for 90% of the trail, but views of the river and rocky outcroppings are beautiful.

21 hours ago

Excellent hike. Wide canopied easier-end-of-moderate trail with predominantly stone base that many have noted. Did not find this to be an issue. It winds away and back to the river many times. Sound of the river is with you almost throughout. Some muddy areas but easily navigable. Used by horses but trail almost completely clean of droppings today. Midnight hole was a great beautiful spot early morning but an overcrowded pool party just a short while later. Mouse falls has a couple very nice spots to descend to and rest on a rock to enjoy the rushing river water and crashing of the falls. A bit further up is a wonderful bridge for with fantastic views up and down stream. Most of the crowds today stopped at Midnight hole and a few made it to Mouse falls. Even for a weekend, traffic was light beyond there.

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Great trail! It was moderately inclined coming back out but not to bad. The views were amazing. Perfect day trip hike!!

23 hours ago

Great trail but longer than you would think. It’s not very technical and the waterfall midway is a great place to stop. It’s hot so bring plenty of water as there is nowhere to fill up.

Great day hike option. It was a drizzly, foggy day when we did it so we missed out on the views but it was still a good time. It was quite muddy in some areas - I would recommend waterproof hiking boots or trail runners.

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The kids loved the stream crossings. The mountain laurel is still in abundance and beautiful. Look for the flame azalea. There’s several nice displays of it. Can’t wait for Gregory Bald in a few weeks.

Awesome views

Absolutely beautiful and definitely doable for about anyone. Some people might take longer than others, but a good trail.

I am new to hiking, however, I am athletic so I knew I could do this, but have a challenge. It was definitely challenging. I recorded 12.2 miles at 7 hours 42 minutes with 6 hours and 23 minutes moving time. The view was definitely worth the steep trails. The lower gap trail was definitely more challenging than the Appalachian Trail. Overall I had a great time.

5/30 Easy walking trail with a few little paths to beautiful, rocky rapids, rewarded by a nice swim at the end, if you plan on swimming bring water shoes/sandals

mountain biking
1 day ago

Weather perfect day! As always, it is car- heavy, but beautiful and fun nonetheless!

Great hike. Very rocky with lots of roots and muddy, but well worth the hike.

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Wonderful trail and a beautiful hike. Go early before the crowds show up, especially if you are a photographer and want to get good photos without people in them.

Easy trail with pretty creek and wood views. We kept going to the Sister’s Cabin and back. Going to the cabin there is a bridge crossing and slow incline. It was neat to explore the historic buildings.

A very nice and easy trail. I would have given it five stars if it wasn’t so crowded! There was hardly anywhere to park and the trail was packed. Also, the paved path is crumbling and eroding away so I would not recommend using a stroller just because of the narrow pavement and volume of people. Good views and good destination of seeing the waterfall!

scenic driving
1 day ago

Our last day in TN after looking for bears all week not spotting any, we ventured to this scenic drive. We got stuck in traffic we didn’t understand for a good hour in the same spot in the woods. We creep along and realize the issue, a one year old cute bear was visiting cars on the road. We took our time the same as everyone else and got some great video and pictures (uploaded here). We loved it! It’s a highlight of our trip. Be patient and don’t feed the wildlife! Also, we saw people get out of their car when the bear was feet away. Please don’t do that!

loved this hike. note that this hike is about 3 hrs each way, so about 5-7 hours total depending on breaks and your speed. definitely go to each of the points for different perspectives. hike is challenging from a fitness perspective but the trail is well maintained so we found it easier for ourselves (we love this level of hike).

Amazing view! Definitely worth the hike!

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