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Zion National Park in Utah is a popular destination in the Southwestern United states with beautiful views. It was the first national park in Utah and the best way to experience it is hiking among the high cliffs and through the narrow canyons. It is home to some very unique hikes, such as the Narrows where you walk for miles up a river with sheer canyon walls on either side of you, or hike the Angels Landing Trail with 21 switchbacks to the top for a great lookout. This geologically unique area has colorful sandstone canyons, high plateaus, and rock towers. Natural arches and exposed formations of the Colorado Plateau make up a large wilderness of diverse ecosystems. Route 9, which traverses the park from east to west, is open year-round to private vehicles. Be prepared for hazardous driving conditions during and immediately following storms. Icy spots remain through the winter.

6 hours ago

Varsity hike! Soooo worth it. Hide your snacks because the squirrels will raid your bag when you stop to take pictures!

8 hours ago

Nice hike with great views of the canyon. Be on the lookout for desert big horn sheep

Do NOT bring poles. Not necessary & difficult to deal with using chains. Not for the faint of heart but start early to avoid crowds & intense sun.

2nd best trail in Zion (1st being angels landing) a must visit ,no trip to the park is complete without a view of at least the first set of narrows ,farther up u go the more spectacular and exciting your adventure will be ..recommend a walking stick but totally doable without ..awesome hike thru and thru ,but treat it with respect ,beauty can be deadly ...get out there and enjoy it bring a pal ,but be safe !!

Great hike! It was a pretty easy hike too. The obstacles were not bad at all.

10 hours ago

Good fun steep hike ,but pools aren't that impressive ..I recommend going all the way to the top though good spot for lunch in the shade and the surrounding rock is spectacular...

11 hours ago

First of all, I forgot to turn off the recording when we got to the trailhead after the hike proper. So the milage was off and I just deleted it to avoid confusion. It was about 4 miles total for us.
We started the hike too late - 7:30pm. We drove from Grand Junction, through both Arches and Canyonlands NPs, even hiking up to Delicate Arch at Arches. We had an amazing day but did arrive at Zion much later than we planned.
On our way up we were told by everyone we saw that they had little faith in our ascent. But against all odds we made it to Scout's Lookout. We ascended the first set 2 sets of chains up the side just past Scout's Lookout. But with dropoffs on both sides, winds picking up, and the sun completely set, we turned back at this point. We made it up to that point, just about .3 miles from Angel's Landing proper in just about an hour - we were booking it. My fiancé and I spent the summer in Colorado Springs and so the altitude had little to no effect on us, and we were trying to beat the sunset so hiked with serious focus. It was an amazing hike up despite not making it to the landing. We will be back, no doubt!
The way down was in complete darkness and we could not believe how terrifying the beautiful hike became. I cannot dissuade strongly enough from doing this hike at night. We ran from more spiders than we had ever seen in our lives. We saw wildlife on the trail that almost made us miss the last bus. We could not wait to be at the trailhead again. DO NOT DO THIS HIKE THIS LATE. Leave at least 4 hours before sunset.
No doubt, Angel's Landing is a world class hike - it's difficulty is less in strain and more in danger, it's beauty is vast and diverse, and it's legend gives you that extra sense of accomplishment. I cannot wait to go back and start this hike early!

13 hours ago

Nice little hike to compliment a day out in Zion. If you're pressed for time, I recommend hiking only to the fist pool, as the higher pools aren't that impressive.

13 hours ago

14 hours ago

I ended up Rollerblading this trail only from the south campgrounds to the top canton Junction. Fun little trail would be easy for kids not a whole of shade, however lost of access points to the river. Very refreshing river! Does allow dogs and you can bike it... or rollerblade!

14 hours ago

Amazing view! This is a strenuous hike and should not be taken lightly. Going Early in the morning is the best decision you will ever make. For one it gets very hot and two there is less traffic! Definitely worth the view.

19 hours ago

I hiked "bottom-up," which is essentially an up and back hike from the Left Fork Trailhead to the Subway, and then back. If you choose this option, you do not need any special gear (i.e. ropes or harness). Our group ( 4 guys ages 27-33) took six hours to complete, which included a 15 minute stop at the Subway. Our group was moving relatively fast, so I would expect the normal hike take about 8 hours.

Some specifics:
You do need a permit to hike this trail. Our entire group submitted lottery applications, and 1 of us "won" a spot (which is enough to get the whole group in). The downside is you have to obtain the permit from the visitor's center, and the closet one is in the main entrance of Zion. From there, you have to backtrack 20 minutes to the trailhead. Our group drove from Vegas the morning of, and because we needed the permit, we didn't actually stark hiking until noon. If you're able to obtain the permit the day before your anticipated hike, do that.

Weather for mid-August was low 90's. We applied sunscreen about 4 times throughout the trails. It is mostly canyon-like hiking, with the vast majority of the hike being exposed. The beginning portion of the hike is a decent into the canyon with a fair bit of loose rock. Once in the canyon, you simply follow the creek upstream. The "trail" was seemingly on both sides of the creek, as plenty of people have traveled either side. The subway itself is gorgeous, but portions are super slick. I brought my DSLR camera in a dry bag, and it was worth it because I got close to slipping in the subway a few times. If you plan to swim back into the waterfalls behind the Subway, you'll have to stash your bags somewhere in the Subway and swim in cold water about 50 yards.
On the way back, the most difficult part is the assent out of the canyon. I took about 2 small breaks to let my legs un-cramp, and I saw a few other groups stopped as well. Once you get out of the steep area, be vigilant for where the trail returns to the Left Fork Trailhead parking lot. I've heard stories of people walking past this route and continue past it. Frankly, it's pretty obvious where to go as there is some signage, a spray white arrow, and some cairns to guide you back to the parking lot. If you want to be super cautions, you can turn on your GPS and use the Alltrails App to be super sure (cell coverage existed during a lot of the hike).

Small stuff:
Clip your toenails. This goes without saying for a lot of hikers, but it's worth mentioning especially for this hike. The amount of forward movement your foot has into the shoe (from descending, jumping on rocks, etc...) is more noticeable.
Bring a change of socks, but don't change immediately after you get our of the Subway. I made the mistake of bringing dry socks, but i changed into them right after getting out of the Subway. Since my shoes didn't have the proper amount of time to dry, the new socks got wet as well. In retrospect, it would have been better to change into my dry socks about a mile away back from the Subway.\

Overall, the hike was great. I would definitely do it again.

very very challenging but absolutely breathtaking! We parked at the Left Fork Trailhead on Kolob Terrace Road. It took us 9+ hours in and back. Don't do this hike if you aren't planning to do the whole thing because the best part is the end!

Bring a camalbak and extra socks because you will get wet!