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Zion National Park, located in Southern Utah, is a popular destination in the Southwestern United states with beautiful views and a unique landscape. It was the first national park in Utah and and is best experienced hiking among the high cliffs and through the narrow canyons. The park is home to some very popular hikes and sights - it is truly a hiker's park. On the Narrows you walk for miles up a river with sheer canyon walls on either side of you. The Angels Landing Trail has 21 switchbacks to the top of Angels Landing which boasts a spectacular canyon overlook. The East Rim Trail takes you to Observation Point, the highest point in the park. The Subway Trail is a unique slot canyon trail that traverses through the left fork of North Creek. The Kayenta Trail is a great option for families with canyon views and provides access to other trails in park. The Emerald Pools trail is a paved trail that starts from the Zion Lodge and takes you to Lower Emerald Pool and from there a sandy and rocky trail to the Upper Emerald Pool at the base of a cliff. West Rim Trail is a two night backpacking trail takes you to from the Grotto trailhead to Lava Point and offers spectacular views of the park. You can also rent bikes and ride the Pa’rus trail within the park to observe the main canyon of the park in a short amount of time. The lesser known area of Kolob Canyon, located on Kolob Terrace Road, contains trails such as the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek Trail and the Kolob Arch Trail. Many people access the Kolob Canyon area from the scenic drive located off I-15 exit #40. Many of the zion hikes require permits, which you can pick up from the visitor center prior to heading out on your hike. Aside in addition to the excellent hiking trails, this geologically unique area has colorful sandstone canyons, high plateaus, and rock towers. Natural arches and exposed formations of the Colorado Plateau make up a large wilderness of diverse ecosystems. Route 9, which traverses the park from east to west, is open year-round to private vehicles. This area is prone to flash floods so be prepared for hazardous driving conditions during and immediately following storms. Icy spots remain through the winter.

Rocky with no side trails at first, but then the side trails come. I needed my walking sticks but some with good balance didn't. Just go! Too many awesome views to show them all on here!

Very nice walk

Unforgettable hike up the river. Went in May and the water wasn't too high or too cold. Rent the waiters, they are worth it. Be careful with your footing, you can't see where you are stepping. Some great opportunities to get some amazing photos.

Most memorable hike to date, though I can't say I would recommend it during peak tourist season.

So they say it takes 5 hours to hike up and back down, but me and my cousin got up in 1h27 and down in 45m

Great walk, but very busy on weekends!
Recommend to visit on weekdays with less people!!

2 days ago

I just got back from backpacking through (top to bottom) of the Narrows. It was gorgeous. We camped overnight to enjoy the peaceful views and to allow more time to relax in the refreshing river. I would suggest renting neoprene socks and boots that drain from a place in Springdale. They really came in handy and were comfortable. This 16 Mile hike includes climbing over or between large fallen rocks, swimming with your pack in deep water areas, switchbacks through the river and every step takes navigating since it is very rocky. I have to say that I was ready for a break when we got to camp 10 miles in due to the extras (listed above) that you navigate through. About 6 miles in there is a waterfall and was a good place to take a lunch break. Overall, this was a wonderful experience that I’m so fortunate I was able to do! Permits are required and check the weather. If there is any sign of rain or flash flood warnings do not go. In Wall St. there is no place to climb for higher ground! Happy hiking!!

Shuttle bus!!!! Not sure why I didn’t see the bus mentioned in any of the other reviews. Most might ‘ass’ume it’s a known fact, for me it was a huge surprise. For any, I say again ANY of the trails in Zion you must take the free shuttle bus. You can either park in Springdale or if lucky inside the park but you still must take the shuttle. The Narrows is stop 9, you walk a mile then enter the water. It is very, very rocky. Easy to walk, just slow. We used our water shoes and the sole was not thick enough to accommodate the rocks. Very pretty, crowded. Totally worth it. Again - shuttle!!!

Not a hard hike but definitely some sections with steep drop offs and narrow paths. Beautiful views at the end for such a short hike. A must-do while at Zion

Extremely afraid of heights but I decided to give it a go. You have wonderful views pretty much the entire hike. Steep in some sections but definitely do able. Once I reached the section with chains I continued on for about fifteen minutes until I freaked myself out and had to turn around. Lots of people on the chains and sometimes your stuck in line waiting for people to move. Glad I made it as far as I did and got plenty of views of the park on the way up.

2 days ago

Great hike but crowded!!!! The first part is easily doable without interference from others but up to the landing be prepared. We had people who shouldn’t have been there, people frozen on the lower chains that you had to go around, even a guy trying to carry a baby in a front sling thing. This isn’t a bad hike if you are in shape if not it will take you a bit but stop to enjoy the views too. Bring water if can get warm. Also good god wear good shoes!! We saw everything from flops to toms and girls wearing those crap flat shoes. You are walking on rock. People have fallen and died on this hike so don’t be a statistic. Enjoy the hike and remember trail etiquette.

2 days ago

Amazing views! Too dangerous for kids.

Crowd was thick (think hundreds) at the beginning of the narrows. Check weather and water levels with info centre due to flash flooding risk. The further you walk, the less people. Once we had passed the crowds it was absolutely incredible and I just wanted to keep going! River forks after a while. Both left and right forks are worth exploring if you have time. Didn’t use sticks and wore our own steady hiking boots.

Just do it!! Leave early and you will be in shade for a lot of it (leave late and you will get roasted!!) The hike itself is very scenic (you even walk through a slot canyon for a little bit). Views from the top are absolutely sensational. Look out over the whole canyon and look down on Angels Landing! Took 4.5 hours including 40min on top and lots of little breaks. Gradual incline but lots of switchbacks. Trail in pretty good condition but there is quite a lot of buckling in the pavement so you still need to be steady in your feet. Steep drop offs but enough room to pass people etc.

If you want an ‘adventure’ experience with a great view and don’t mind a crowd, definitely do this hike. If you want a decent hike where you can experience the grand scale and serenity of the park with 100th of the crowds, consider doing Observation Peak. If you have a couple of days, do both!

As for Angels Landing - Fantastic, fantastic experience but it is a strenuous hike and not for the faint hearted. Saw one person slip and can see how easy it would be to fall if you weren’t being careful with foot placement. The chains are there for a reason - use them. It is very crowded (4.5 hours with trail traffic). If you were amongst the first up, in my opinion it would be both safer and way faster due to no traffic coming from opposite direction. Take your time and communicate with people on the trail so that they know if you want to pass or want them to pass etc. One of my all time favourite hiking experiences!! Will remember it forever :-)

So all the hype about this trail is legit. Truly one of the best hikes that I have been on. It is very challenging but very doable for those with a reasonable fitness level. Individuals who are not experienced or not fit can expect a grueling, painful experience. Try the Pa’rous or Emerald Pool trail instead. For all others, to enjoy this trail, I echo the advice of others to get out as early as possible. First shuttle if you can. If you are lucky enough to be staying in the park at the lodge, you can actually go before the shuttle starts. The trailhead for Angel’s landing is 0.5 miles from the lodge. An easy walk. It may be a little dark when you start your hike but the first part is paved and easy. By the time you get to the challenging parts, there will be more daylight. I had the top for myself for at least 30 minutes. The landing is not very spacious so I’m sure that it can be very harrowing with all of those crowds and the chain part is definitely not made for two way traffic. Either way, it’s a must-do hike if you make it out to Zion. Enjoy!

4 days ago


Go early to avoid the crowds! We were in the first tram out this morning and by the time we were headed back the river was teeming with people. Amazing hike, probably the most spectacular hike I've ever done, but keep going past the congested areas and you'll be rewarded with great views. We hiked 3 hours in.

This is a nice hike to do. Wasn't to hard we did it with our 3 kids 5,7,10. They had no irritable doing it. We hiked all the way back to see the arch. It was pretty cool. You have to hike about 700 feet past the last sign that says end of trail turn back. I think it was worth the hike. Go early if you want to beat the crowd.

Awesome hike!!

Amazing! Difficult climb but worth it. Recommend starting early in the morning so you are in the shade for the first switchbacks and the temp isn’t too high yet.

Amazing experience! But the listing for this trail is misleading. We ended up don’t by over 17 miles there and back— very worth it! Do it early to skip some of the heat and crowds. Started with mid weight layers on top and bottom at 6:30am, plus neoprene socks and was pretty comfortable.

nice easy hike with green Meadows and ends with incredible views.

Spectacular!! I had done this hike over ten years ago, and wanted to bring three of my favorite ladies to experience it. This time I used a downloaded map on this app, which was of fantastic help, as the hike is very subtly marked with cairns, and it is easy to miss a trail entry. The rappels were just as I remember them, if maybe in slightly different places, and the swims were just as fun (and challenging in some cases). It is definitely a challenging hike, and the ladies were pretty trashed by the time we had to start the hike up and out; I had to buy the first round of drinks that night... Definitely prepare physically for this trip, and it wouldn’t hurt to get your brain ready for this one as well, as it is not a gimme. But you just cannot beat the adventure and beauty of this hike.

We did this trail pretty early to avoid the crowds and heat. The first pool was the prettiest in my opinion. The other two were pretty dry and not worth the time and effort to get to them. The hike was still a nice hike

Walking sticks are a must-along with sturdy closed-toe shoes-beautiful!

For how many reviews of this trail I read that said it was a very easy little jaunt, I was not expecting the many narrow areas with drop offs. I have a moderate fear of heights that’s amplified when hiking with my kids (13 and 9). So while it’s definitely not a strenuous hike, it’s not the simplest paved pathway either, and it’s not for everyone. If you have a fear of heights, consider your limits. Keep a close eye and sometimes a hand on children.

Scary but good.

Did this trail with 2 kids (7 & 10) on a sunny March 2- not difficult, not long, just right for a morning hike with plenty of time to do other things in the afternoon after taking some time to enjoy the wonderful views at the top. Could not imagine doing it midday in summer with the heat and sun exposure- sunscreen, water, snacks are all necessary any time of year.

Did this trail on March 1st, with 2 kids who really loved it. Easy, fun to walk behind the waterfall. Go all the way up to really make it worth it.

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