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Zion National Park in Utah is a popular destination in the Southwestern United states with beautiful views. It was the first national park in Utah and the best way to experience it is hiking among the high cliffs and through the narrow canyons. It is home to some very unique hikes, such as the Narrows where you walk for miles up a river with sheer canyon walls on either side of you, or hike the Angels Landing Trail with 21 switchbacks to the top for a great lookout. This geologically unique area has colorful sandstone canyons, high plateaus, and rock towers. Natural arches and exposed formations of the Colorado Plateau make up a large wilderness of diverse ecosystems. Route 9, which traverses the park from east to west, is open year-round to private vehicles. Be prepared for hazardous driving conditions during and immediately following storms. Icy spots remain through the winter.

Amazing trail. I did this one with my cousin around 530pm. Probably a bad idea as we were heading up, people were going down. Sunset was due for 837pm and the last shuttle comes at 927pm. It took determination and a will of fire hotter than the sun to make it to the top. It was a glorious day seeing the sunset on angels landing. Even more glorious (and relieved) that we made it back down in time for the last bus. Unforgettable.

10 hours ago

this hike was amazing.. hike it around 7, because the colors are the most vibrant and then you'll catch the sun setting on the way back, which makes the colors change again. ran into a skunk, so be careful. I had music playing, so that provided plenty warning and still saw wild life. this hike is was awesome and plan on doing it lots more, especially w friends who visit.

note: you have to park in the parking lot to the right, walk across the street to towards the canyon and that's where the unmarked path is.

amazing trail full of challenge. Definitely rent water hiking boots in Springdale and carry a WOOD hiking stick. we saw people breaking their nice telescoping ones. Don't wear sandals or tennis shoes if you want to get further than a mile in the water. This isn't for anyone who isn't ready for a great challenge. We did from Temple of Sinawava to Big Spring on the first bus at 6am (get in line no later than 5:30). our hike was 10 miles round trip and took about 6 hours and we were BEAT after. The boots SAVED our hike for sure, highly recommend. #happyhiking!

Challenging hike but so worth it!

19 hours ago

Did this hike in early May. Despite 7:45am start, the trail was mobbed -- with fairly happy, cooperative people. On the way up, on the way down, at the top, views to die for. Ummm, seriously, be careful on the chain/spine section. Walters Wiggles was fun. Icebox was cool. Saw a pair of resident condors soaring near their rocky nest. Amazing! Loved this park & hike.

Relatively flat the first 2.5 miles then a steeper descent for the last mile until you get close to the point. Makes for a moderate hike back. The view at the end is amazing and a great reward for the amount of effort that goes into the hike. Also the access is away from the crowds down a dirt road, just follow the signs. We took an Elantra and it did fine.

This trail can get hot and crowded - go early! The pools are very pretty - the upper was our favorite!

Was a great hike! Must go before the sun comes up, early in the morning. If you don't, you pay the consequences of hiking in that desert heat and sun. We started early 6:30 in the morning to the park (keep in mind there is a lot of people planning big hikes like this in the park and the line for the shuttle is VERY long and it will probably take you 30-45 minutes before you actually get on a shuttle out there and the shuttle doesn't start coming until 6am.) We actually started our hike around 7:30am and finished around 2-3pm. It was easy in the beginning because we had a cool breeze and no direct sunlight and so we covered a lot of ground o those switchbacks heading up the mountain. There are so many beautiful views on the way that we did take our time enjoying them, taking photos and waiting for everyone in our group to catch their breath.
It is the heat and the sun that makes this hike very difficult, not so much the trail itself (don't get me wrong it is a steadily steep incline 75% of the time which takes a lot of energy). It is family friendly; our group was my parents, myself, sister and early teenage brothers. The cliffs are steep but the paths are wide enough to not feel panicked with younger kids. I would recommend bringing walking sticks for the hike down because it is really hard on the knees going downhill.
Make sure you bring at least 2-3 liters of water as you will most certainly need it. Go to the Walmart and buy one of those thermal bags like we did that will keep your drinks nice and cool in your backpack for the hike so your not stuck drinking hot water in the hot heat. Keep refreshed and take your time hiking. You definitely don't want to kill yourself climbing up because you do have to climb those 4 miles that back down.
The view at the top was spectacular and there are a lot of those cute little chipmunks around waiting for scraps. They are a fun distraction to watch while you cool off before hiking back down. There are some shady spots but depends on what time you get there.
It's really nice that the last mile before you reach the end is level and you don't have an more inclines because by then you really need that break. Going up took us about 4hrs and going down about 2hrs. And our family is not fit. My older brothers joined us later after first hiking Angels Landing that morning and they did this hike in about 4 hours total.

I loved this hike ! It got a little tough towards the end for me but the view at the top was 110% worth it!