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Zion National Park in Utah is a popular destination in the Southwestern United states with beautiful views. It was the first national park in Utah and the best way to experience it is hiking among the high cliffs and through the narrow canyons. It is home to some very unique hikes, such as the Narrows where you walk for miles up a river with sheer canyon walls on either side of you, or hike the Angels Landing Trail with 21 switchbacks to the top for a great lookout. This geologically unique area has colorful sandstone canyons, high plateaus, and rock towers. Natural arches and exposed formations of the Colorado Plateau make up a large wilderness of diverse ecosystems. Route 9, which traverses the park from east to west, is open year-round to private vehicles. Be prepared for hazardous driving conditions during and immediately following storms. Icy spots remain through the winter.

Breathtaking views. The hike itself isn't very physically demanding, however, this hike isn't for the faint of heart. You have to walk on the edge of some very high and very sheer cliffs in order to get to the top. The chains help for sure, but it's still scary. We went in the afternoon, and the chains took about 90 minutes round trip because so many people were on them and there was some major clogging. That being said, this hike provides tremendous views and an exhilarating experience in a hike that any level of hiker can appreciate.

it's really short and more of a "right off the road" viewpoint than a hike. there are lots of people, but it's still neat. if you need to cool down, it's a great choice of a "hike." pretty view though.

such a fine hike! the canyon is colder, it's a lovely change after the switchbacks. it gets steep in some areas but there are chains to hold on to if you need them. as for the canyon itself, there is a lot of neat boulders to climb and scramble across if you are willing and able. wear shoes that have traction, since the sand makes the stone pretty slick most of the time. enjoy the beautiful hike.

Great hike! Not too long, easy to find, great parking, and quite beautiful! The only downside was how cold the water was in March when I stopped in. 78 degrees outside and freezing water on my feet!

Great hike! Recommend!

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Awesome hike.

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Stunning views! A must for your bucket list!
You have to have lottery permits for this hike and the park rangers do monitor it heavily. Don't think you can just sneak in :/

Love love love this hike. Lots of amazing views
Lots of bouldering, trails on the cliff face with chains to hold on to, and a slot canyon the last mile of the hike.

I absolutely loved this hike. Get up early, otherwise you will run into a lot of people on the chains. That can make it a bit discouraging.
If you stick to the trail and chains, it is as safe as any hike.