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mountain biking
21 hours ago

It's awesome! Not really a hike, but great views

Love this trail and a great payoff at the end!

It’s a relatively easy hike and very well-marked. It’s a beautiful view of the valley if the sky is clear. If it’s hazy or smoky, you can’t see much!

Awesomeness but certainly needs re-evaluated in the easy rating.

Hit the Elephant Head spur after doing the Split Rock loop. It’s a short additional distance and has outstanding views of the GSL. Definitely recommend.

scenic driving
4 days ago

This was a neat little scenic drive loop on a Sunday afternoon. There were several hunters out but still a mostly peaceful excursion through the marshlands. Saw a few sandhill cranes and some other birds as well.

Pretty moderate 9ish mile hike with great views at the top. We saw a few bison roaming and they were closer than I expected. The terrain is pretty flat for the majority of the miles and we made great time, about an hour and 50 mins up and an hour 40 mins down. Had 2L of water but didn’t need that much since it’s the second week of November. It was COLD make sure to bring gloves, hats, etc because it’s windy up top too. We only saw three other hikers the whole time but we saw around ten people horseback riding the trails. It costs $10/car to drive onto the island and they will take cash or cards. Highly recommend this trail! I’ll definitely be going back.

Nice short trail with an amazing view of SLC at the peek.

it took us two hours and fifteen minutes up to the peak and one and a half hours to get back to the car. we probably could have gotten down faster if it wasn't dark. plan accordingly.

I loved this hike. It’s almost deserted on a Sunday morning while the trails nearer the White Rocks area got crowded. A real gem and not to strenuous despite the distance you’ll put in.

It is short but pretty steep almost the entire time. But worth it if you take it slow it’s a great hike for anyone. At the top you see the entire valley so very worth it

6 days ago

Check in with the staff at the Visitor Center for a map. I went up the trail marked Canyon Overlook and followed that trail as it turned into a Forest Service trail heading off into the hills. I backtracked and followed the signs for Hidden Secrets ridge and that took me down through the Court of Ceremonies. There are many petroglyphs here and there. You are right above the highway much of the time, but it is still a nice area and the park itself is full of interesting stuff, as well as a small museum.

6 days ago

Interesting archeological/historical site, but not much of a hike. You are along the highway. The woman in the Visitor Center was very helpful and informative.

Worth it for the view, short, and nice

6 days ago

Such amazing scenery. Few steep stretches but not too long. Probably a butt kicker in the summer but it’s a pretty mild fall hike. Definitely will do this one again.

Worth doing once for the view of the city. Easy to follow. Well maintained.

9 days ago

pretty little park and very easy walk. either paved or a trail. short and takes less than an hour. most people use this as a dog park

10 days ago

The trail, where it diverges from the Rock Canyon trail, is not marked. Use the map in this app to make sure that you make the left turn at the y in the trail. It is steep, but winds through aspen and other deciduous forest. There were flocks of robins, other small birds, and deer in the woods. Wish I had been here a few weeks earlier when the aspen were bright yellow.

The upper part of the trail is steep and was very muddy from snow melt. The view from the peak is worth the effort.

I loved the trail. It was lightly trafficked mostly with hikers and a couple of mountain bikers. Got some amazing views from the top and also experienced the snowfall on my way up.

10 days ago

Fun Little Trail! Easy enough for everyone and very quaint with apple orchards, historic venues, and various stunning vegetation; not to mention the stream the trail follows for a bit. My little 10 week pup had a blast! Trash receptacles + Dog Waste Bags available. Definitely recommend for families and small dogs!

Looked at this hike for years as a possible hike. Finally decided to give it a try. Glad I did. The last little bit of the hike was a little to close to a neighborhood for my liking. Had a great view from the mouth of the cave. Even if the cave was small in depth but large in size.

Loved this hike! At the end we received a real cool surprise. Sitting on a rock near the little pond just talking with my wife when a strange sound from above broke the silence. A long rope came flying down from the top of the canyon and landed in the pond. The end of the rope was measured almost exactly as only the last two feet hit the water. A few minutes later a young lady repelled down the canyon wall from above. We took pictures and videos for her and then sent them to her email. Then her male companion threw a heavy bag down. I’m sure glad I didn’t try to catch it, it would have broken my body into pieces. All in all very entertaining and a fun learning experience. Don’t miss this hike!!

Loved this shorty hike. A must if you’ve never been in a slot canyon. Great for kids or older adults in just a few minutes you can get the slot canyon experience.

Hike was short but the weather couldn’t have been better. The first lava tube was more for the caving type, steep decent. I wouldn’t recommend for younger kids. Or an older person like me (60). The second tube on your right had an easier decent that almost anyone can navigate. It doesn’t go very deep but it will be fun for the younger kids and us old folks. Really hard to get lost in this cave. Sign at the entrance is good to follow. Perfect hike on a hot day. I’ve enjoyed this fun little hike for over 44 years. If your in them at dusk I’m guessing the bat population exiting will start your heart a pumping. Saw bat guano in both lava tubes.

11 days ago

Awesome Trail.

12 days ago

Beautiful trail that goes up and up and up and up. I finally made it to the rocky observation point out of the woods and turned back there.

I love this trail. I love that dogs can use the trail too. Today, however, there were three young men on dirt bikes. That was not pleasant for so many reasons. This is the first time I’ve encountered dirt bikes and I hope it’s the last.

Easy nice morning climb to watch sun rise.

Definitely a favorite for my pup. She loves to swim at the pond/lake area at the end. One of my favorite places to explore!

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