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Hiked Zebra today (4.20.18) and the slot is currently bone dry. This is after the rain passed through the area earlier in the day. We did hear reports from others that Tunnel had waist deep water so opted out of that one for today. If you take a pack, make sure its compact, otherwise you can leave at the opening, as it gets extremely narrow. The slot itself is maybe 0.1 mile, but well worth the trek!

Went all the way to the summit...about 1.5 feet of snow at the top...it slowed me down a decent bit but it was still doable with out an extra gear...just keep that in mind. Again, I’d like to reiterate that the second half of the trail is soooo much better than the first half...it’s got a whole different energy to it.

trail running
1 day ago

Decent trail for hiking. Somewhat of a rough trail as you come to the top. I actually did some trail running on this trail. Great for hill training. Awesome views of Snow Canyon.

1 day ago

I hiked this trail with my husband and our friend Erin on April 15.

This trail is moderately steep, but very short, so it didn't take long to reach the top. The views at the top were beautiful.... the reddish-orange boulders were fun to climb on and allowed us to get a better view of the lake.

We spent at least as much time exploring the top area as we did hiking to get there. Great views of the lake and mountains. Only drawbacks were that the sun didn't come out for us, and it was a bit crowded.

I love this hike!

4 days ago

I completed this hike with my husband and our friend Erin on April 15.

This was a fun, beautiful hike. It was moderately steep much of the way, but since the trail was short, it wasn't too draining. For the second half of the hike, you can see both sides of the salt lake, which is nice. There are also grassy, rocky, little knolls that you can explore. Parts of it looked like scenes from The Lord of the Rings!

We wish the sun would've peeped out on us, but overall still a pleasant hike and a fun time!

5 days ago

Great hike! The views are stunning from the time you start the hike until the summit! I even got the chance to see a buffalo that was grazing on the train! I made a mistake and didn’t reapply sunscreen and am definitely paying the price, so make sure to bring something to cover you from the sun!

5 days ago

Great trail for beginners, young children, pets or a scenic stroll. Bugs are annoying at times and there is no shade but overall made for a pleasant afternoon walk.

Short, easy hike with great views at the top!

My favorite trail. It’s like constant step ups. Wear hiking boots though.

mountain biking
6 days ago

First mountain bike ride, it was beautiful. The ascent was a bit challenging heading left/east after the first fork but once you get to the top, the rest of the ride is absolutely worth the climb. Loved it and will be back.

Even though it says only 203 feet elevation gain, I felt it! :) I don't prefer to walk on this trail because of the fact that it's paved. I guess there is a grassy/dirt/forest trail on the other side of the creek which I will try next time. There are also a few waterfalls along the creek which are nice to see!

7 days ago

Beautiful trail with lots of sandstone to climb on. We started here and then headed toward Butterfly trail and got to experience so many different kinds of terrain from sand to volcano tubes there was not one bad place for a picture; just stunning.

7 days ago

Fun trail with some trail finding to do. Cool ruins and scenery. We did see some bear scat, but nothing to be alarmed about. A little bit tough to get out the Fish Creek side. There was a rope there when we did it and it was helpful. Some fore thought and planning and this can be a great over night hike. My GPS tracks with all side trips was right at 20 miles.

Had a blast !! Great trail! Sunny day!

I pulled into the Tanner Park lot right as a woman discovered her car window had been smashed and a backpack taken. It was a stark reminder that this place is in the middle of the city. I was nervous to leave my car there, but I made sure it was obvious I didn't have anything of value in it and took to the trail.

Despite that dubious introduction, I love this park. There are several trail options so you can decide whether you want long or short, paved or dirt, shaded or exposed. It is close to I-80, so there is constant road noise. There are also many, many unleashed dogs. I was greeted by several, so if you don't like dogs, maybe steer clear. Despite the amount of dogs I encountered, I didn't notice many piles of excrement left on or near the trails, so most people do their duty. There are signs of homeless living, but again, it is a park in the middle of the city, so what can you expect?

Quite possibly the worst trail I’ve ever visited. It is literally some kind of dump. Before hiking I stopped at the picnic tables for lunch. There were construction trucks- the kind that haul rocks- driving in every 2-3 min the whole time I was there. They would drive in, turn around, and drive back out. No idea what they were doing. If there didn’t happen to be one passing through, there was still the noise of the idling caterpillar, which I also did not see do any work in the time I was there.

The trail is not obvious and not marked at all. I wasn’t able to complete the full loop because I lost the path after only 1/4 mile. This is not the sort of country where you want to get lost. The worst part? This is a paid park. I paid $5 for this crap. Terrible.

12 days ago

Great short hike with some inclines, beautiful views! Recommend doing sunset

Nice little walk with paved and dirt trails, along with a sweet view overlooking the city. All of the trees right now are pretty bare, but I imagine when spring has sprung this place is lush!

Pretty but the end of the trail is kind of a let down visually. Overall a good hike, but i wouldn’t do it again

Steep trail that’s challenging and gorgeous. We watched some brave Jeeps coming down the trail and heard some more bicyclists from across the highway. Great hike !

13 days ago

The hike itself was okay, but the lava tube was AMAZING! We will definitely be back again—next time with headlamps!
When you get to the T in the trail, the lava tube is 100 meters down the left fork of the Lava Tube Trail.

The kids absolutely loved hiking around and playing in the sand. My senior parents were able to make the short trek with us, and sat watching the grandkids play. We will definitely be back!

We love this hike. It’s a regular for us. It’s beautiful. But it’s really popular so arrive early. We got in at 7:30 am and had the whole trail to ourselves. By the time we left the little parking lot was full.

14 days ago

My kids love this trail! I have a five year old and a One year old and they both hiked it really well. The view of the lake is also breathtaking. Very happy with this hike ❤️

15 days ago

I didn't go on any trails. Started at the North entrance and hiked through all the rocks and everything to the South entrance. Loved it.

Perfect length for the kidos!

Fun short hike with a great view of the city at the end!

horseback riding
17 days ago

We experienced this trail via horseback. The trail was nice. The views were phenomenal. We would definitely do it again but by foot next time. The horseback riding company people were super friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. We were able to see all the highlights of the trail from a different view since were up a bit higher while ridding the horses at a nice slow pace. We didn’t see anyone on the trail while we rode the horse.

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