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This landscape was eroded into canyons, buttes, and mesas by the Colorado River, Green River, and their tributaries. The park is divided into four districts by the rivers. There are rock pinnacles and other naturally sculpted rock, as well as artifacts from Ancient Pueblo Peoples.

5 hours ago

Easy trail. EVERYONE should see this view once. Breathtaking.

Long hike along ridge atop a plateau peninsula. Heavily trafficed but spectacular views.

This hike is longer than what is posted, or we got lost. But worth it! Nice views, not too many people, the cowboy stuff was neat and the trail was mostly wrk marked.

Pot holes were dry (as expected) and the views were about the same as what you can see driving around. I didn't think it was worth a stop

I was conflicted on the rating for this hike. The views are spectacular, and you have the trail mostly to yourself. We saw a total of 6 other people the three hours we were out there. However, getting off the loop that takes you to the scenic overlooks was super confusing. The signage was incorrect, there were wayward cairns that led nowhere. The rangers said they've had a few complaints about the social cairns and would try to get out there to clear them.

off road driving
1 day ago

Took the Jeep from canyon lands Shafer trail entrance down potash rd to Moab. It was an amazing drive! Must have 4x4 and some ground clearance to get through a couple spots.

5 days ago

This is a lovely hike. My four star review is due to the monotonous terrain prior to getting to the arch. It’s a ton of sand, and it’s likely you’ll be emptying out your shoes quite a bit. It’s pretty flat, but long. If you’re looking for a more strenuous hike with changing views, you may want to look for another trail.
The arch is definitely worth it at the end.

6 days ago

Wow - it does say some scrambling on the description. Sadly I don’t do well with heights and it was crazy windy today. We did the majority of the high, I just couldn’t do the last bit. Views were great.

6 days ago

It was great, very heavily trafficked. Loved the view thru the arch!! Easy to walk!!

Nice canyonlands. Lovely terrain. Great views.

7 days ago

Awesome hike with breathtaking canyon views! We've hiked in Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, and Arches, and this hike tops them all. The final scramble up loose rocks is challenging but worth it. We relaxed in the alcove and took in the views.

8 days ago

A short little hike that takes you over a ridge to see the arch. The elevation was not too hard for us, but a bit more than expected for "Easy" trail. Once you get there, really easy to see the overlook and arch.

One of the best ways to see the overlooks at Canyonlands. The hike was not hard, but sometimes the carins are hard to see and follow. We did this one time at sunset and another time with kids and it was wonderful.

Good short hike that goes up a bit more than expected, but hey - you are going up over a crater, so it takes some time. Took our kids and we really liked it.

I loved Canyonlands and highly recommended this hike. I would say it's pretty easy but still bring water and the proper hiking shoes. Enjoy!

off road driving
11 days ago

Drove from MOAB to the NP with a 4x2 Nissan Rouge.
No problem if you drive with care and slow down were there are rocks to cross.

We did the hike in early June. It was pretty hot. We did the wash first and came back hogback. The wash is really boring. I think the next time we do the hike we just make it an out and back using hogback only. The White Rim Road is okay to hike on, but also not that exciting. The Syncline trail is much better.

Holy Ghost panel alone is worth the hike

on Upheaval Canyon Trail

13 days ago

amazing and secluded

13 days ago

SO worth doing while you're in the Island in the Sky District. Sure, it can be busy, but that's because it's an easy, spectacular trail! It is at the south end of the mesa, so it's a different perspective than all of the other trails which give you views to the east or west.

I thought this was spectacular! The breeze at the top was nice and made it really enjoyable to sit and stare for awhile.

on Alcove Spring Trail

17 days ago

I would rate as difficult as you must climb out the canyon. Absolutely gorgeous hike , didn't see anyone at all on the Saturday over Memorial Day weekend. A surprising amount of life! Amazing views.

Easy trail with beautiful views.

Glad to have been wearing gripping shoes -- lots of scrambles up rocks. Beautiful views from the top and the graneries were cool to see.

18 days ago

Prefer potash plant up. You don’t really want a long wheelbase, with the switchbacks. I heard a semi up on 313 was following his GPS and started down it. Needless to say, it didn’t go well......

Great trail. Canyonlands calls it a 5.8 mile. Is a steep climb out on slick rock about 1/2 way through. Took about 4 hours. Stopped, taking a lot of photos and for a snack break or two.

This trail is great. The crowd thins out once you get past the first overlook. It is Definitely worth it to continue to the second overlook. The path is well-marked with cairns. The Canyonlands newspaper said that you're not supposed to make any new cairns, just follow the existing ones. Bring lots of water, obviously.

Beautiful views of the canyon!

Trail was tough but rewarding and challenging

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