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This landscape was eroded into canyons, buttes, and mesas by the Colorado River, Green River, and their tributaries. The park is divided into four districts by the rivers. There are rock pinnacles and other naturally sculpted rock, as well as artifacts from Ancient Pueblo Peoples.

1 day ago

Wow that was awesome!! Going clockwise along the rock, down a long section of steep switchbacks and stairs, through scree and sand along the bottom, scrambling up and down rocks before making its way back to the top. Weather was perfect, and I had time for two other short hikes and lots of gawking at views to boot. =)

Definitely 8.2 miles. There are signs clearly stating this at the trailhead. Plenty of cairns marked the way very clearly.

off road driving
3 days ago

Very scenic, trail requires decent clearance in some spots. Recommend 4 wheel drive. Several lookout points over the Colorado River. We started at the top of
Shafer and went down to Potash and back into
Moab. Took roughly 2.5 hours to get to Moab from the top of Shafer Trail, but we stopped a few times to check out the views and for photos. Bring some snacks and some Cokes and enjoy the drive!

4 days ago

Wow what a hike.The Wild West meets Alice in Wonderland.

Great hike!

Tricky to find but a short little jewel once you do

Wonderful! We loved the red rock formations. And the Joint Trail section with its narrow tunnels was so fun. The Park is a true hidden gem: a large green valley in the middle of a desert.
If you want to go counter-clockwise then pay close attention to the map and take the right exit. We missed it and ended up going clockwise. FWIW clockwise was fine too and we had no problems crossing the final rocky part as the overall elevation gain of the trail is quite forgiving.

An easy walk. A great overview of what the park is about and I loved the end of the trail with its stunning views and the silence.

11 days ago

An easy walk. The second most beautiful arch in Utah and very few people! It was interesting to read about all the desert flora too.

If you're into geology then this is a must see I guess. Otherwise, I'd do something else.

14 days ago


Great views and photo ops

15 days ago

Great for the kids. Nice views. My 8 year old loved it.

16 days ago

Started the hike late in the day, so only went to the "split" and then turned back (The Devil you know is better when you are chasing sunlight hours). Will definately complete this hike on my next trip to Canyonlands. Was fantastic. Started clockwise, as others have stated. Well marked with cairns and footpaths.

Great hike - steep with steps at the start, and then some scrambling to get to the end. Nice view. Can see parts of the Syncline Trail below, which is also pretty neat.

16 days ago

Totally fun for the kids.
Great first starter for scrambling for kids or adults.
I enjoyed the view, but there were so many kids on this particular trail (whale rock seemed to get the families here), that it was not quiet and peaceful. I saw many families with their Junior Ranger packets, so perhaps this is on the tour book for them.

16 days ago

Great views and lots of fun scrambling on this hike! starts off in thick sand, so my hiking gaiters kept my feet sand-free, and then had to scramble up the slickrock to get to the top. Tons of fun. I would do this hike again, just for the scrambling fun :) The trail was pretty deserted, too, which is always a nice thing. Saw some people having a picnic ontop of the Mesa, which is a great idea!