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awesome, just a bit crowded.

I was proposed to at the observation point. such an amazing view!

Loved it!! Get there early!!!

Best hike that I've ever done. Definitely difficult at times, but it is 100% worth it.

1 day ago

Amazing views. Steep grade, but well worth the effort.

We were here in the off season and it snowed. The hike was very pretty and offered some good views, but the pools were rather anticlimactic. I think the trail would be better enjoyed in the spring when everything is in bloom or in the fall (just not winter). I would also recommend going after a good rain - the water running off all the falls would be an amazing sight I'm sure and that would make this hike much better.

Please, don’t feed the rock squirrels - it makes them fat and gives them a strange flavor.

wooooooohoooooo! don't be scared! go all the way up! your chances of falling off the cliff

3 days ago

If you’re a beginner hiker than it’s a decent trail. Definitely a tourist trap, lots of people! The high foot traffic takes away from any of the fun. The pools are more like puddles which is a little disappointing. If you want to do something easy and to go for a nice walk than it’s fine. If you’re looking for something more challenging I would choose a different trail.

The trail is a gradual up-climb for the majority of the hike so be prepared. It gets flat for the last half mile or so which is a nice breather. All in all it’s a challenging hike but very doable and the view is worth it. Incredible!

Great trail! Beautiful vistas. I didn't do the final chain section - wet, sandy rocks and a phobia of heights.

Superb views along the way. Challenging elevation changes with heavy pack but so worth the hike since the views are spectacular along the way. Map distances are inaccurate when using GPS. Bring water!

Great vistas throughout the hike. Be prepared for multiple river crossings and ready to hike in miles of sand! Elevation changes vary and super fun and challenging when packing all of your gear. Bring bug repellent! No water sources until Beauty springs.

We did this trail last week. The trail is very sandy so expect to get a good workout. It is relatively flat until you reach the descent into the valley to the campsite. The valley itself has stunning views especially during sunrise. Expect to get your feet wet in the valley as you are going to cross the creek about a dozen times until you reach the hop valley campsite. The portion of the trail from the campsite to the Kolob arch does contain some steep hills but the view of the arch itself is worth it once you arrive. The arch is off in the distance and is easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention to the signs. Relatively few people were walking this trail so it was a great way to get great scenery in without the crowds.

Great starter hike for Zion National Park.

GO AS EARLY AS YOU CAN STAND! Views from angels landing can’t be beat, and the half mile trail at the end is scary but fun. However, after 9 am it’s going to be crowded on 1 way climbing sections to the point it can be dangerous.

One of the best hikes! Tons of beautiful scenery with lots of variety!!! The climb is more gradual than expected with lots of switchback in the beginning. The trail is paved most of the way too. There are lots of steep, cliff drop offs but the trail is wide enough so it’s not scary unless you are really afraid of heights. Definitely a must do hike!!!

Easy trails, nice views but as you get higher you see the road and parking lots.

Done it three times. Excellent hiking adventure. Not for the faint of heart but those who respect the majesty, grandeur and power of these rockreffic experiences.

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Easy walk

My son and I did this hike last week. Definitely get to the park early to get in line for the first shuttle. It is tough hike to get to Scouts Landing and then another 1.1 miles out and back to the top of Angels Landing. I’m 55 and in okay shape. I wish I had done some training on a stair master or squats before the hike. My thighs were hurting the next day!

Gorgeous hike! The switchbacks are killer, but paved. Then after that its a pretty skinny trail with sheer cliffs, sometimes on both sides. Its an adrenaline rush, and the views at the top are amazing! I dont know if I could stomach it with snow or even rain though. Always be aware of your footing and bring plenty of water.

Amazing trail! One of the best in the state of Utah, and that's saying something.

Breathtaking hike! Highly recommend

Loved this hike. View back down Zion is awesome. Fun to look down on Angels Landing. If you want a thrill, take a peek just off the trail over the drop off to the right, before you get to the end, but be careful! Otherwise, nothing hairy to deal with.

Need to get there early to beat the crowds at parking lot.

The best hike of my life, exhausting like hell.
hike has two parts, one which is a long walk of 3.5 miles steep slope with a well built trail.

after that comes the part were you have to climb a strenuous mountain all the way till top.

the hike is a experience in itself. take lots of water and good food to keep you going.

Oitstanding view at the end. A must do if you visit Zion.

So much fun hiking up and down this trail. Beatufu view on the top!

Simply amazing. Did this in August of last year. Get on the first bus that will take you to the trailhead. That way you beat the crowds AND the afternoon heat. We finished in about 6 hours - that included photo stops along the way.

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