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Stroll along the Rim Walk, towering 2,000 feet directly above the Colorado River. The mesa that is Dead Horse Point provides breathtaking views of the canyon country of southeastern Utah and the pinnacles and buttes of Canyonlands National Park. The Legend of Dead Horse Point: Cowboys corralled wild mustangs on the Point, then chose the horses they wanted. One time, for some unknown reason, horses were left corralled on the waterless point where they died of thirst.

6 days ago

Difficult start. Steep. But glad that it is dog friendly. Have only done the first mile twice. Next time I'd like to go farther. Beautiful views and what a workout. View of Colorado river behind you going up is stunning. View of Moab at top of first mile is lovely. I don't know how those vehicles make it! Was alone on trail both times except 2 other hikers.

Dirt biking- this is my favorite trail in Moab! It's challenging, but exceptionally scenic. You get steep rock step ups (2 that my husband had to do for me- although I tried!), slick rock, sand, etc. the trail is very well marked and the scenic route at the top is beautiful! Plus there are sections at the top where you can go really fast. The beginning of the trail is the hardest so don't give up too early! We saw a stock jeep at the top, though I'm not sure how he got up there?
This is an epic ride! Mind you- if my husband wasn't there I probably couldn't have got up some of the obstacles in the beginning.

Beautiful desert trail. East Rim has a well-defined, easy-to-follow trail, whereas on the West Rim you hike on slick rock and follow the rock cairns. West Rim had almost no people on a Saturday morning in June.

Just drove this in a 2WD Xterra; no problems but the clearance was appreciated. We drove down from Canyonlands on a lark in the afternoon and it was stunning. Strongly recommend doing it in the afternoon and towards Moab. Fantastic views the whole way.

Was a little busy, mostly with guys biking, but for a lot of the trail we were alone. It's very long and pretty simple :) loved it

26 days ago

Very pretty area! Interesting history as well. Looking forward to returning with my kids and camping there.

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1 month ago

Incredible views. Didn't expect such a difference between the West Rim Trail and East Rim Trail.

off road driving
1 month ago