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Stroll along the Rim Walk, towering 2,000 feet directly above the Colorado River. The mesa that is Dead Horse Point provides breathtaking views of the canyon country of southeastern Utah and the pinnacles and buttes of Canyonlands National Park. The Legend of Dead Horse Point: Cowboys corralled wild mustangs on the Point, then chose the horses they wanted. One time, for some unknown reason, horses were left corralled on the waterless point where they died of thirst.

Mostly flat. Nice way to stretch your legs and enjoy the amazing views.

Awesome views and challenging hiking! Highly recommended.

Icy and snow packed in some areas, but still beautiful!

I would agree this is an easy trail with few difficult inclines. The east rim has a clearly marked path in most places and you will quickly reach dead horse point. The west rim is less well marked, although there are copious cairns which were our rock buddies helping us navigate. The canyon views are stunning on both sides of the rim.

Though it wasn't geographically challenging, this was an amazing hike with stellar views of the canyons the whole way around. Make sure you pop off the trail to see the overlooks-- some of the most fun we had on detours! We also took the extra few miles to the Bighorn Overlook which was way more than worth it. Absolutely stunning views! A must see in Deadhorse.

Not what I expected. I wouldn't rate this as moderate. More like easy. This may be impressive to someone who has never been to Moab or perhaps someone who is older. There are plenty of good hikes you can get to with these views without having to pay a $15 entry. I wouldn't do it again. You can easily see the same views from your car and honestly the hike was boring and went parallel to vehicle traffic.

5 months ago

Hiked this trail in the spring. I continued on through and hiked down out by way of the hidden valley trail. It totaled around 9 miles. Beautiful scenery. Will hike this again. Although I would suggest if you are going to continue and hike the hidden valley trail I would start at the hidden valley trail and go up coming down it is grueling.

After several strenuous days hiking in the mountains in SLC, this was a wonderfully chill little hike with beautiful vistas. I went into the park around 5:00 p.m. Sunday evening. Temperature was warm, but not too hot - low '80s, pack plenty of water still - it's the desert, folks. It's $15 to get into the park and they do take cards. I asked if there was anything I should know, and he suggested I try the Big Horn Lookout trail first as it would be less crowded while everyone was hiking the two main trails. When I reached Big Horn Lookout it literally took my breath away. I was able to hit a few more lookout points - Rim was one of them, and a little wandering on the West Rim Trail. The hiking is easy, the park rangers do a fantastic job with the stacked rock markers to make it easy to get around, it's a pretty stress-free hike! Birds, beetles and tiny lizards who pose for photos. I wandered around for about 2.5 hours pushing the limits of sunset, and ended up driving in the pitch black through the unlit canyons on the way out and back to Moab.

Awesome state park and awesome loop trail. We barely saw anyone on it. If you visit Dead Horse Point and don't do this hike you should punch yourself in the face.

One of the best hikes you will ever go on. Go early, take your dogs for a morning of solitude and beauty.

Beautiful views of the canyon. Spectacular colors. Quick easy walk at the end of you don't want to hike. It is very hot during the day.

This is one of my favourite walks. Combining the East Rim and West Rim trails results in a hike that is over 5 miles but there are options to cut it short, if necessary. It's pretty hot out there in July but the views are stunning, 2000 feet above the Colorado River. A tip: if you see a man made brick wall then get closer as the wall has been erected to protect people from a sheer drop: so there will be a good view. It's not too busy on the trails, until nearing the coach drop off points, at which point the well-malled trail begins to lose its marker cairns. An amazing place and a camera cannot do it justice, though I have tried. I will be back to try again!

Beautiful views on this hike! However, parts of the trail, especially East Rim, were a little hard to follow.

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7 months ago

Just excellent, from a well experienced driver. All my other moderately experienced jeep buddies stopped and turned around due to off camber at the entrance.

absolutely breath taking

Watched the sunset here and absolutely loved it.

off road driving
7 months ago

Such a cool off road trail! With incredible views the entire journey.

Absolutely breathtaking views!

8 months ago

Difficult start. Steep. But glad that it is dog friendly. Have only done the first mile twice. Next time I'd like to go farther. Beautiful views and what a workout. View of Colorado river behind you going up is stunning. View of Moab at top of first mile is lovely. I don't know how those vehicles make it! Was alone on trail both times except 2 other hikers.

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