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This is truly unique experience and a must-do on a trip to Zion. We tried to “go early”, but should have gone even earlier. We walked to the park from Springdale and were in line for the shuttle by 7:00. We waited for the Zion shuttle for an hour and reached the trail head by 8:30. The water level was low (27 cfs) - it was mostly at ankle deep but the water came to waist level at the highest points. The low water meant the hike was not too challenging, though it took 7.5 hours for the 10 mile return trip to the Springs. The brutal sun and crowds made the last part of the return slow and tiring. The hiking stick, shoes, and neoprene socks were lifesavers (multiple times)! Sun protection, lots of water, and the right gear is a must.

Great scenic walk on the trail and beyond the trail as we walked up river in the narrows. My wife and I went about 2 miles in and had a blast enjoying the river and the amazing scenery. Only negative was 1+ hour wait to board the shuttle at the Visitor Center to get transported to the hike area.

20 hours ago

Dreadfully full of tourist families, this trail is crowded at any time but very early in the morning. There are more scenic trails elsewhere in the park, but this would be a good one for families with small children or the elderly.

21 hours ago

Did this in June 2011 in +40C. Most exhausting hike ive ever done solely because of the heat. Plan your days to hike out of the sun and heat; hiking early mornings, 2hr breaks in the shade near water if possible at noon, resume in the evening and hike later in the day. Not a lot water sources. Be familiar with symptoms of heat exhaustion and treat early. Otherwise a magnificent and and challenging hike.

Super hard! After the first set of switchbacks, you get a nice break for about half a mile. Another set of switchbacks start up again, but after that, you’ve made it to Scout’s Lookout. It’s about another 0.5 miles to Angel’s Landing. The last 0.5 miles easily felt like 10! The whole hike is pretty much all uphill at a pretty steep incline - BUT! once you get to the top, the view made it all worth it. It took us about 3hr round trip. It gets really busy and congested on the trail, so make sure you go early!

Extremely sandy. Make sure to go through the wheat field pasture after the first gate, going left will give you an extra 3-4 miles of sand dune hiking round trip to backtrack to the gate. The majesty of the La Verkin Creek is incredible and worth it!

Loved this hike! Great for hikers who love a challenge but are afraid of heights (I couldn’t do Angel’s Landing). I got to the top in 1h40, taking many breathers on the way there. View on top is great!!

Crucial recommendation: start as early as possible. I ran into people climbing at 11am and they were hating the heat. Do yourself a favor and make this hike enjoyable by starting early!

Great view! Would definitley try and get there as early as possible

Go early, beat the crowds, and go just past big spring to see the huge rockside that recently happened.

Great night hike, although night hiking is not allowed! At the top there is a great clearing for stargazing.

Start early to get as much shade as you can. The view is worth it.

The last half mile makes the hike. The rest is just switchbacks.

Great short hike to a beautiful waterfall. one area on the trail is pretty hard to get past. have to wade in the water to the others bank and climb up to a shelf that is about 15 feet above the creek. you will most likely have the place to yourself after this point. the trail is easy after that. Had the place to our selves for three hours.

on Many Pools Trail

2 days ago

This is a great easy little-used trail outside of the shuttle-only canyon. But finding the trailhead is tricky. You park on the south side of road and follow the trail down, it then goes under the road to head north of the road. Lots of space for kids to climb and roam off trail.

My review for this trail is start early early morning. The crowds are thick and make it in unenjoyable later in the day. It was by far the most stunning hike I ever done. Around every corner I was awe struck by the natural beauty of this area!!!! It’s breathtaking!

Definitely do this hike. You can go as far as you want since it’s an out and back. Went about 3 miles and the further you go the less crowded it is. Start early!

Great hike that’s easy. Nice pay off with an amazing view over the canyon

Good first hike in Zion. Isn’t too bad and nice view looking over Springdale. There are other better hikes though

Have to do it if you’re visiting Zion. Catch the early bus (6am) in the morning. Earlier you go the less packed it is

Absolutely amazing hike! We took first shuttle and started our hike about 6:45, we didn’t have to worry about sharing chains going up but coming down it was starting to get congested. We didn’t mind though we just would take in the views when we had to stop and wait. Hike took us 3 hrs total. Not an easy trail so not for everyone, but that’s ok there are a lot of great hikes in Zion.

This is a great trail to take, and if you want a good full day of hiking, you can do Weeping Rock, Hidden Canyon, and Observation Point all in one day. Hidden Canyon has some spots with good shade, so it's a good one to do on a hot day. There are a couple places where you have to shimmy along a cliff face holding onto chains - it can be nerve-racking and there isn't enough room to deal with traffic.

This is part of the trail that branches off to go to Hidden Canyon and Observation Point. This is a good, very short trail that you can use as a warmup before you take on either HC or OP (or both). It's not worth taking the ride out purely for this trail, though.

We hiked this when it was about 75 degrees out, and we were very hot the whole way up and back. There are very few shade spots. The trail goes on and on with innumerable switchbacks, but the views from the end are just phenomenal. Be certain to bring plenty of water for this one - it is pretty draining, but absolutely worth it. If you want to take on two trails in a day, hit the Hidden Canyon trail in the morning, and do this after an early lunch.

2 days ago

If your legs are sore after more strenuous hikes, this is a great trail to take. There's little to no elevation gain and you're always close to a shuttle. You can wander along close to the Virgin River, or take the trail up to another shuttle stop.

This was the first trail that we did in Zion and it was a bit of a let-down. If you have a half-day to explore after arriving late, it's not a bad trail to take, but I don't think you should go out of your way to walk it.

Rocky with no side trails at first, but then the side trails come. I needed my walking sticks but some with good balance didn't. Just go! Too many awesome views to show them all on here!

Unforgettable hike up the river. Went in May and the water wasn't too high or too cold. Rent the waiters, they are worth it. Be careful with your footing, you can't see where you are stepping. Some great opportunities to get some amazing photos.

Most memorable hike to date, though I can't say I would recommend it during peak tourist season.

So they say it takes 5 hours to hike up and back down, but me and my cousin got up in 1h27 and down in 45m

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