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Year-round adventure awaits - golf, hike, bike, camp, horseback ride, snowmobile, cross-country ski, and snowshoe at Wasatch Mountain. During warmer months, reserve a tee time at the popular Lake and Mountain golf courses. In winter, ski or snowmobile through the alpine terrain.

5 days ago

This is a beautiful quick climb to have mountain top views. The snow along the ridge, this time of year, offers a fun edge to the moderate skill level hike.

Nice area, easy exploring on paved trails and wooden pathways.

I would not describe this as a hike, it's definitely more of a stroll good for families. I went on a Sunday around 5pm in light rain, and even then it was really busy. On a nice Saturday afternoon, it is probably unpleasantly crowded.

However, the surroundings are beautiful! I can see it being magical on an early morning when the weather is nice and there is no one around.

If you are coming from SLC, I would highly recommend approaching along the Alpine Scenic Route as opposed to through Midway, especially if you want to avoid a very long, rocky dirt road full of ATVs and dirt bikes speeding all around you. I drive a Honda Civic and was afraid I'd get stuck in the dirt or run over a thrill-seeker. Plus, the Alpine route is absolutely stunning, definitely my favorite drive in the area!

12 days ago

Not sure why it's rated moderate. It's an easy hike. The trail is pretty and the first part runs along a neighborhood. There are a couple of places where the trail splits but it isn't marked to tell you which direction you're supposed to take. I don't know if it all loops back together but it seems like it might be easy to get lost if you don't have a good sense of direction.

14 days ago

Nice lush environs to relax in.

Went today (6-1-17) with my nephew. We were pretty much the only people there. It was so beautiful and peaceful. But I bet it gets pretty crowded on the weekends.

mountain biking
21 days ago

The majority of the trail parallels the main road so it's not the best hike if you're wanting to get away from traffic noise.

Short walk. All paved. Great for kids, and leashed dogs. It's getting hot though because there's not a ton of shade up there. I'd do this in the morning.

Absolutely beautiful place to see water cascading over rocks. The place just opened up so there was still a lot of wildlife (deer, moose, butterflies, birds of every kind, etc). Fair warning, even on opening weekend, there were quite a few people here even a couple taking wedding pictures. Make the trip...well worth it.

This trail is closed due to snow on the roads. I was told on May 14th that it likely will be open around Memorial Day.